Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's not Times Square.....

Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to be in Times Square for New Years Eve. Being among the crowd as the ball drops and confetti litters the air, and it has to be cold and snowing, at least in my version of the evening.

Every year I host a NYE party for a small group of family and friends, nothing extravagant. This year will be no different. Only a party of 7 will ring in the new year here in our new home.

Nicks younger brother Joe and his lady friend Linda will be our NYE guest this year. Since they have yet to see our new house, this holiday is a perfect time for them to visit and celebrate. We also have friends, Gennie and Eric, from Columbia SC flying in Sunday morning. They made a surprise NYE appearance a few years ago and we all had a blast. They'll be leaving on Tuesday, just enough time to catch up and celebrate. And of course my best friend and Christopher's Godfather, Eddy will be in attendance. We've never missed a New Years Eve celebration together since 1982.

The menu will have a holiday favorite I made famous several NYE's ago, sausage roll. Never heard of it? Well you must try it some time it's real easy to make and it'll become a favorite around your house too. All you need is a 1 pound roll of Bob Evans sausage, American cheese and two packages of Betty Crocker pizza crust mix. Fry the sausage and drain the grease. Mix the dough and flatten on a greased rectangle cookie sheet. Put the sausage in the middle of the dough and top with 4 or 5 slices of cheese. Fold the ends of the dough in and then the sides. Bake for 30 minutes or until the bottom is brown and the dough is cooked. Slice and serve, it is YUMMY! I'll take pictures so you can see the finished product.

I'm also baking a half a ham, ranch potato salad and whipped sweet potatoes. I made an extra tray of lasagna when I assembled our Christmas Eve dinner so I'll bake that as well. A vegetable tray with dip. Cheese, crackers, pepperoni and sliced summer sausage will round out the snacking food. Everyone should be fat and happy come midnight.

I'll post pictures of the cast of characters and the spread before it's devoured. With the fire blazing and our Christmas lights all aglow, I'm sure our slipper clad guests will enjoy themselves, just like Times Square.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yuletide celebration

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday.

Nick and I spent Christmas Eve together at home. He had to work and I had to make an emergency trip to Cleveland, nothing major. Sunday evening I broke my dental bridge and the post tooth was exposed. I called my childhood friend, Doctor Elmer, and he was able to see me at 10am Monday morning. He was supposed to be on vacation this week, but he made an exception and opened the office to make me a new bridge for the holiday.

The roads were clear and at 8:15 in the morning, I was practically alone in my travels. I made great time and arrived at the office at 10:00. An hour and 45 minutes, not bad. The trip home was even better. A cruising speed between 80 and 85 MPH got me home in record time, and hour and 38 minutes. Seven minutes may not seem like much, but when you make this trip monthly, every minute counts.

Anywho, we planned to spend Christmas Eve watching movies, after dinner, while munching on Christmas cookies. Before I left for the dentist, I put my lasagna sauce on to simmer so all I had to do upon my return was fry the ground beef, let that simmer a while and assemble the layers and bake. I fried the pork butt and put that in before I left. I normally take it out after a few hours but it had begun to shred in the sauce so I left it in and used it in the layers. It was quite tasty.

Nick got home around 6:00, and I was just starting to assemble the lasagna. We ended up eating at 7:30 and because of the massive kitchen clean-up, we missed the first 30 minutes of It's a Wonderful Life. But we soon caught up and settled in for a relaxing evening in our nammies.

Christmas morning brought a us both a bit of sadness. Christopher worked Christmas Eve and planned to visit my parents when he got off work at 7:30 Christmas morning. Nick dropped all his presents off at my moms on Saturday when he traveled to Mayfield Heights to see his mom and dad. The 2 big boxes of gifts were opened when Christopher got to his apartment while we listened on speaker phone. As you can imagine, it just wasn't the same. After he got a few hours of sleep he planned to spend Christmas evening with my brothers family.

I prepared a turkey breast with all the fixing's and my best friend, Christopher's Godfather, Eddy was our guest. He brought his dog Marcus along so he could spend the night and not worry about getting a dog sitter. Hershey and Marcus are old friends and were well behaved. We ate around 3:00 and again, after the massive kitchen clean-up, we settled in to watch movies and munch on Christmas cookies.

We did a little after Christmas shopping Wednesday afternoon. The 20% off sale at Half Price Books saved me $17.49 on the 18 books I purchased! My birthday is on the 8th, so this was an early gift. We picked up some take-out and watched The Wedding Crashers and Munich. Eddy and Marcus left about 10:00 and he called me when he got home.

I almost forgot, Nick got me a Tim Horton's coffee mug and coffee, a $100.00 Victoria's Secret gift card and a Bluetooth for my cell phone. Eddy (and Marcus) got me a picture for my dinning room and something else that he forgot at home in his rush to leave. Nick got some Meguiar's Liquid Wax, an Armor All Gift Pack, a few sweaters and a Columbus Blue Jackets jersey.

Even though we missed our son greatly, we truly enjoyed our holiday.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

From our house to yours,
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Christmas. And maybe one of those gifts you receive will be something you really want.

As we gather with family and friends to celebrate our Saviors birth, remember our service men who can't be with their loved ones this holiday season.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Canadian honor killing is now called domestic violence

Following the murderous attack of Aqsa Parvez, CAIR Canada is urging a zero tolerance for domestic violence.

Why is news worthy you ask? It seems to be virtuous endorsement, right? It would be if the underlying details weren't so appalling.

Muhammad Parvez, 57, was arrested after the teen was found unresponsive. Friends of the victim say Aqsa had been arguing with her father over her refusal to wear a hajib. Her brother has also been arrested.

CAIR Canada came out with a statement, "Muslims and Canadians of all faiths need to reflect on the realities of domestic abuse and take concrete steps to eliminate violence against women," said CAIR-CAN Board Member Selma Djukic.

The Islamic Social Services Association also opined, "There should be zero tolerance for violence of any kind against women or girls," said ISSA President Shahina Siddiqui. "The strangulation death of Ms. Parvez was the result of domestic violence, a problem that cuts across Canadian society and is blind to colour or creed."

I wish someone would be brave enough to call this what it is, an islamic honor killing. To equate this 7th century practice with domestic violence does a disservice to the victims of honor killings. The refusal to separate the two eliminates the reality that exists only in the muslim world. Simply renaming this practice performed by the humiliated muslim males does nothing to save future victims. An islamic reformation is needed now.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ready for Christmas, almost!

Do you remember this? That sunny June day when I returned to find our new puppy had a taste for living room sofa. Well, after much procrastination over whether to have it fixed or purchase new living room furniture, we decided to have it restored.

The upholsters picked it up last Tuesday, made the repairs and had it back to us on Wednesday. They were able to save the cushions from which the material came for the repairs. So, if you're in the central Ohio area and need upholstery work, Begley Upholstering is the company to call.

On to the Christmas decorations now that I have a complete living room.

This is the nativity set that was handed down to me from my paternal grandmother. You can also see some of the nicely wrapped gifts. All of them are Christopher's, the others are up stairs under the family room tree.

Here's a look at our new gas fireplace and the real 9 ft tree. Let me tell you, it was no small feat in bringing it home. We recently traded in our Jeep Grand Cherokee for a Dodge Caliber. It would have been wise to wait until we brought the tree home to make the purchase.

After picking the tallest tree in the nursery we proceeded to the rear of the building to have it loaded. I won't go into details, but the movie Christmas Vacation came to mind as we drove home, slowly.

This is our fake, family room tree with the colored lights and homey decorations. Next year we're going to have only one tree. It's a bit to much work.

While we waited for the "fresh cut" on our tree, I spotted this lighted wreath above the check out counter. I really liked it, but not for $39.99. Once the cashier told us it was only $20 I loved it and took it home!

The lighted garland used to be around the family room ledge of our Cleveland house. I think it works well hanging from the banister.
All I have to do it arrange the furniture and put out a few more nik-naks and I'm finished. I'll post pictures of the other nativity sets with better decoration photos once the sun comes up and we get a little more natural light in the house.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Decorations; Part One

I made it home Wednesday, despite the seasons first snow storm and "newbie" drivers on the road the same time I planned to make my way south. Lake effect snow fall is common for the Cleveland area. It's what every kid goes to bed hoping to see in the morning, that and your schools name scrolling across the bottom of the TV. A January birthday ensured my ability to navigate the salt trucks and 4 inches of snowfall on the pavement. I must say, I'm a great foul weather driver even in a rear wheel drive car.

At 9:30 Wednesday morning I left the doctors office and entered 271 south. Certain the traffic would be light and the further south I drove the better the driving conditions. It turns out I would have to drive to Covington Kentucky to find clear pavement that morning.

Unaware my destination was under a level 2 storm warning, I continued to travel 60 to 65 MPH waiting for the flurries to cease. They didn't. The closer I got to Columbus, local forecasters informed me of road conditions, temperature and (lack of) visibility for the route I was taking. Overnight the city received 4 inches of snow, and it was still snowing, with more south and east, which is where I was headed (I-270 south, exit 49).

All in all I still made great time, only adding 45 minutes to the normal 2 hour drive. It was nice to see snow and it made the pictures of the decorated house even more beautiful.

I told Nick we need more lights!
Maybe 3 or 4 hundred more. I'm going to purchase them at the after Christmas sale when they're at least 50% off.

We had enough to trace the garage and circle the post on the porch. Next year I'd like to decorate the maple tree and I hope the 2 pines we planted will be big enough to put a string of lights on them as well.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

CAIR opposes NYFD & DHS anti-terror partnership

For many years now, CAIR has been very outspoken in their claims of patriotism. They can be seen and heard touting the concerns of the muslim community on every social issue. The latest crisis for the unindicted co-conspirator just so happens to involve New York city firefighters and the department of homeland security.

Since 9/11, mailmen, meter readers and cable installers have been asked to report anything suspicious. It's the unofficial post 9/11 edict "if you see some thing, say some thing". Well this too could be hampered by law suits if CAIR believes a "John Doe" fireman insulted islam because he reported seeing bags of ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel in the living room of a Brooklyn apartment.

CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper agreed firefighters should report on anything they encounter that's clearly illegal. "But you don't want firefighters as spies, so to speak, who are using almost warrantless searches to enter homes and to look for things that they're not really supposed to be looking for," and "You have to be able to trust firefighters, that they're not coming there to do you harm, to spy on you. They're coming there to save you. And this policy could break down that link."

Who, in the islamic community, will be afraid to call the fire department after this policy is fully operational? Law abiding citizens, be them Jew, Christian or muslim, have nothing to fear if you're playing by the rules. We already have laws in place to punish those who discriminate or bring false charges. CAIR peddles the victim-hood mentality, Jesse Jackson style. What CAIR and Hoop seem to forget is America's a nation of laws, unlike the tyrannical muslim states in the middle east.

I hope the Michael Savage lawsuit against this terror front group can put a dent in their ability to terrorize our efforts to safeguard this great nation.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas old and new!

This is a little something to hold you, my loyal readers, until I return. I'm off to Cleveland for my monthly orthopedic/pain management doctor. As a special bonus, I have a dentist appointment with my childhood friend, Dr. Elmer. Upon my return I will write my 400th post which will include Christmas pictures of the house all decorated for the holiday. For now I'll leave you with a Christmas photo from 1972.

Here we have a 6 year old Janice and my 5 year old brother Steve, whom I've often refereed to as "Happy" and from the look on his face you can tell why. I believe he was concerned about my untied shoe when this picture was taken.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

CAIR responds to the Sudanese teddy bear

The religion of peace? CAIR believes the west needs to be educated about islam!

I'm sure you've all heard the news story about Gillian Gibbons. Miss Gibbons is being held in a Sudanese jail after her students voted to name the class teddy bear, Mohamed. The punishment for "insulting" the prophet of islam, (yawn) as Miss Gibbons did, is 40 lashes. World attention played a big part in commuting her sentence to 15 days in jail and deportation, to which Miss Gibbons is grateful.

I ask all of you who believe in God, do you ever leave Saturday or Sunday services, with sword in hand, and take to the streets looking to avenge your religion? I know me and my fellow Catholics don't. Never once has our Priest worked the congregation into such a frenzy. But I digress. Following Friday prayers muslims converged on Khartoum's "martyrs square", near the presidential palace, and began calling for Gibbons' execution.

Again, I find myself looking for even one women's group to speak out on Gibbons behalf. None are to be found. Not a shock there.

CAIR however has weighed in with an op-ed by Ibrahim Hooper. The 691 word article dedicates a meager 40 words to Gibbons plight. Stating an "inappropriate use of Sudan’s legal system" to settle a "disagreement between parents and a teacher". Compassionately, Hooper ends his op-ed with this non-condemnation, "Ms. Gibbons should never have been charged. She should be released immediately". That's it! Where's the outrage Hoop? Where's the condemnation for the Sudanese government and the Sudanese muslims themselves? Hooper's op-ed is fraught with koran and hadith quotes. Educating us on the prophet's "restraint" when dealing with insults and abuse. Well I'm sorry Hoop, the koran and hadiths are full of examples of the prophets vengeful savage manner when dealing with those who offended him.

The Sudanese, Dutch, French and Palestinian muslims are only acting the way their prophet has, they learn this from the imams who preach it in the mosques.

Ibrahim Hooper and CAIR are on a crusade to educate the wrong people. All the publications CAIR has made available to the American public need to be sent overseas. Every time a muslim uprising occurs, ship a pallet of books and pamphlets to those rioting in the name of islam, let them know "What Mohamed Would Do". Those of us living in the 21st century know what to do, and it's a bit different than what those rioting muslims are doing!

Friday, November 30, 2007

25 Christmas Questions

I got this from Skyepuppy who got it from Bekah. The questions are fun and I wanted to play along.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
Wrapping paper with curling ribbon and little presents attached. I love making the gifts look beautiful.

2. Real tree or artificial?
I love real trees and I usually have one of each. The real one in the living room and the fake tree in the family room.

3. When do you put up the tree?
The weekend after Thanksgiving.

4. When do you take the tree down?
January 2nd

5. Do you like eggnog?
I love it, but it has to Land O Lakes Brand. That's the best!

6. Favorite gift received as a child?
A cassette tape recorder. I was 12 and I also got a Barry Manilow and a K-Tel Greatest Hits tape. Yes, I was cool!

7. Do you have a Nativity scene?
Yes, I have a few of them. The old traditional one handed down from my Polish grandmother goes under the real tree in the living room. When we were little my brother and I got to set it up, placing the Holy family in the manger with all the animals scattered about. Every day we would move the 3 wise men closer to the manger until they arrived on Christmas Eve. Nice memories.

8. Hardest person to buy for?
My sister-in-law

9. Easiest person to buy for?
My husband, he loves every thing I give him.

10. Worst Christmas Gift you ever received?
A work gift exchange w/ a $25 limit. I received a handmade Santa Claus ornament. Cheapo!

11. Mail or email Christmas cards?
I still mail Christmas cards. I would never email someone Christmas greetings.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie?
A Christmas Story and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the old one)

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?
January 2nd! I buy stuff all year. I offically start the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm one of those nuts.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
My mothers kolachkies (I think I spelled that right), the pineapple and raspberry ones are mine!

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree?
The real tree has red and green lights with red, green and gold glass ornaments. The fake tree has colored lights with all types of ornaments.

17. Favorite Christmas song?
I love all Christmas music and don't really have a favorite. If I have to pick it would have to be Elvis Presley's "Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me" and Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree".

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?
Stay at home.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?

20. Angel on the tree top or a star?
Angel and a star.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
We open presents at my in-laws Christmas Eve. When Christopher was little he wore me down and we let him open one at home Christmas Eve. Most everything else Christmas morning.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
Hearing "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer". I seriously don't like that song.

23. What is the 'corniest' family tradition you do, or miss doing?
It's not corny but I miss it. Going to Christmas Eve mass when Christopher was an alter boy.

24. Ugliest Christmas Decoration ever invented?
Those lighted wire reindeer people put in their yard.

25. Which looks best theme trees or homey trees?

Israel cares for Gaza terrorists!

I was reading a news piece from Israeli National News. It seems the Annapolis peace summit did nothing to stop the kassams from flying out of northern Gaza. But that’s not what I found surprising. The IDF is planning an anti-terror offensive inside Gaza. In the past the State of Israel would shut off electricity and water in an effort to break the terrorist.

Now it seems, just like America, the politicians have stepped in to dictate the rules of engagement. After a month of debate, the Supreme Court has ruled fuel supplies to Gaza may be cut back. However, “the Court wishes to ensure that cutting back electricity and fuel will not lead to a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.”

Well it seems the second most powerful military in the world has been rendered ineffective by its own leaders.

I want to know what the Israeli Supreme Court thinks about the “humanitarian crisis” in Sderot as residents prepare for Chanukah.

Like the liberal bleeding-hearts in America, it appears Israel is more concern about the welfare of terrorist than their own people.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

CAIR target; The Savage Nation!

Many of you know I’m a big fan of talk radio. The Salem Radio Network has a great lineup from morning to late night. The Columbus area lacks a SRN station and I have to change channels or listen online to hear my favorites throughout the day. Lately I’ve been listening to the Savage Nation. I’m not a fan of Michael Savage but I believe he’s smart enough to know when he’s crossed the line between liable and offensiveness. And I’m sure the advertisers knew the essence of the program when they signed the contract.

"Action Alert 522"

Last week CAIR launched a campaign asking the “offended” faithful to contact Savage Nation sponsors. The usual form letter and contact information was provided in the whine-o-gram in addition to a list of program sponsors. Basically CAIR instructed whine-o-gram recipients to contact his advertisers and complain about his “hate” speech. I find this rather amusing since these offended muslims don’t listen to the Savage Nation radio program. Companies that have buckled to the pressure are AutoZone, TrustedID, OfficeMax, Citrix Systems Inc., and JCPenny.

It’s also amusing that this vigorous talk show monitoring comes on heels of releasing a new initiative for those in the media, “American Muslims: A Journalist's Guide to Understanding Islam and Muslims".

I’ve alerted you to the many implied offenses where CAIR cries foul, holds a press conference and the offender ends up begging for mercy just to get CAIR and the muslims they represent off their back. The offender is then indoctrinated by muslim sensitivity training. Intimidation is an effective way to promote the islamic agenda. CAIR is engaged in an all out campaign to limit free speech by using intimidation.

Unlike the legions of past CAIR victims, Michael Savage is going to respond to this degradation crusade. Last night, Savage announced he’s fighting back. Savage will be doing exactly what CAIR would do, he going to sue them in court.

It's going to be interesting to see how long the court battle lasts. When Andrew Whitehead (anti-CAIR) turned the tables on CAIR, refused to bow to their threats and went to court. The fear of having to disclose documents during discovery caused CAIR to settle out of court. Even though the settlement terms were sealed, Whitehead contends he didn't pay a dime to CAIR and his site remains unchanged.

The bully on the American playground needs to be punched in the nose. I think Michael Savage is just the one to do it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Peace In Our Time" is a waste!

For the first time ever, I find myself agreeing with hamas. The Annapolis Peace Summit will be a waste of time.

The "democratically elected government" now ruling Gaza has boycotted the summit. They claim abu Mazen doesn't represent them and has no authority to negotiate with the Zionist on behalf of the palestinian people. They will continue to bomb Israel.

News reports from Gaza show terrorists demonstrators in the streets vowing allegiance to hamas' henchmen. Yes, these folks really want peace. Not.

Israel will be no closer to peace (and safety) after this meeting. Evacuating the West Bank and possibly the Golan Heights for a peace promise. The leaders in Annapolis will haggle (like arabs do) over land and rights, leaving Olmert with nothing but assurances. Israelis will be no safer tomorrow.

The participants are an extension of their people, and the people of Gaza don't care what happens in Annapolis.

If we see all the middle east envoys shake hands with Olmert in front of the Citadel, do you think the mindset of the people they represent will change? It didn't change when Arafat and Rabin shook hands. It's going to take a lot more than a round of hand shakes, even if Israel gives them the moon.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we gather with family and friends to give thanks for the blessings we each enjoy, please remember those serving in a far away land. When you sit down to give thanks remember those families who have an empty chair around the table. They also deserve our thanks.
God Bless America and our Military, Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Peace is in Israeli hands?

It never ceases to amaze me how the islamic agenda twist reality to an uneducated populous, mostly those ignorant of history and current events.

Announced in a Tuesday “whine-o-gram” the un-indicted terror co-conspirator felt the need to opine on the upcoming Annapolis summit.

CAIR spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, stated "Unless the Israelis are serious about promoting justice for the Palestinian people and about freedom from occupation, I don't see much coming out of the conference,” Hooper continued to say, Israel's government uses demonstrations by a handful of anti-Palestinian radicals as an excuse to continue its abuse of Palestinians. What? Does anyone else find this distorted? Then again it is a view from the muslim spin-master.

The article titled “CAIR: Peace Burden on Israel at Annapolis Conference” on their website comes from Hometown Annapolis. It's clear Hooper doesn’t see much coming from the conference, then again, if the palestinians wanted a state and peace with Israel they could have accomplished it long ago.

How many times have Israel been down this road? How long will they have to travel to achieve peace?

Gaza really proved to the world how serious the palestinians were about living in harmony with Israel. The world watched as those palestinian terrorists beat their swords, guns, and kasam rocket launchers into plowshares, springing to action to forge a palestinian state thus joining the civilized world. To busy governing themselves, setting up public services, utilizing the greenhouses left behind to plan attacks on its neighbor, Israel. Of course I'm being sacastic here.

All the lack of progress in Gaza certainly has galvanized the global community that Israel is not doing enough to bring about peace. Israeli leaders approach every "middle east peace talk" with hand extended only to discover the palestinians have cut it off. Demands without concessions.

If the rockets stop falling on Israel and a real self-governing state comes into existence, what excuse will OBL, CAIR the Iranian "nutter in chief" and many others who take up arms in solidarity with their oppressed brothers in palestine. Will they too beat their swords into plowshares and join the civilized world? I think not. This about a much larger goal. The people living in the "occupied territories" are nothing but a pawn, used to justify the anti-Zionist violence perpetrated by islamic thugs throughout the world.

Like other attempts to bring about peace, Israel will give them the moon with nothing in return. Promises to stop murdering Jews won't last because Israel has not been pushed into the sea. When are we going to understand, these maniacs don't want peace, the want Israel obliterated, that'll give them peace.

Remember, when they're finished destroying the Jews, they'll be coming after the Christians. Sorry Hooper, peace is in the palestinian hands. Always has been.

Monday, November 19, 2007

November Book Review

Protect and Defend

As a service to my loyal readers I'm taking this time to opine on the two books I just finished.

First was the much anticipated, Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn.

Protect And Defend was devoured in 4 days. It’s an amazing storyline likened to the “24” series. Picking up where Acts of Treason left us, wondering if Stu Garret will ever be brought to justice.

In the first chapter, Garret is living the high life on his boat off the coast of Puerto Golfito. Rapps team has kept Garret under tight surveillance for the last year, noting his patterns, waiting for the perfect moment to present itself to the patient executioner.
Yes, justice was served, Mitch Rapp style.

This book focuses on the kidnapping of Irene Kennedy after a meeting in Iraq with an Iranian counsel member. When an Israeli agent prematurely destroyed one of their nuclear facilities, Iran seizes an opportunity to execute a series of self-destructive acts. This forces Rapp to race against the clock in order to rescue Irene for the torturous captors.

A gripping episode and a quick read for any fan. I can’t wait for the next October release, there’re loose ends that need to be tied up. Flynn is sure to deliver a tenth book in the Mitch Rapp novel series.

Lone Survivor; The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of Seal Team 10

Marcus Luttrell is that Lone Surivior.

Like many of you, I remember the news “blip”, in the summer of 2005, reporting 16 Marine Special Forces and Seals were killed when the Chinook carrying them was shot down by Taliban terrorists. We all saw the footage from arab television, reveling their victory in the mountains of Afghanistan. The largest loss of life in Seal history. What we didn’t hear was the story of the men aboard that chopper and the men they were going to assist. Marcus Luttrell tells us that story.

Luttrell takes the reader from his childhood in Texas, his Seal training in Coronado California and ultimately to the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan.

We wouldn’t have heard about the Chinook downing and Luttrell wouldn’t have written this book save the fear of being prosecuted by a civilian court.

Their mission was to capture or kill a top al Qaeda leader known to be embedded with the Taliban. While covertly pursuing the terrorist 3 goat herders crossed their path. During the interrogation, hate emanated from the herders. Although they were unarmed their support for the Taliban was clear. Under “normal” conditions the correct military decision would be to kill them, without further discussion. One could not know their intentions and ultimately they let them go. A move that proved deadly.

As suspected, Taliban forces arrived within the hour. Gallantly the Seals fought against a 35 to 1 ratio, killing a third of the Taliban militia.
Luttrell chronicles the firefight and how Danny Dietz, Matthew Axelson (aka Axe) and Michael “Mikey” Murphy fought to the death. With critical wounds, these men continued to believe they could beat this ragtag band of murderers. As the battle raged on and one man dead, Mikey Murphy needed to call for assistance and sacrificed himself by entering the openness of a ravine to request air support. This too proved fatal.

With a shot to the chest, Murphy connected to HQ and made his request, “My men are taking heavy fire…. We’re getting picked apart here. My guys are dying out here… we need help.” Right then Mikey took a bullet in the back, slumping forward and dropped the phone and his rifle. Bracing himself, Murphy picked them both up, sat straight and once again spoke to HQ saying “Roger that, sir. Thank you.”.

The support troops, the 16 Seals and Special Forces who perished, immediately sprung into action. They knew going out in daylight was a risk, again, proving fatal.

Alone on the side of a mountain, Luttrell found himself badly wounded, (3 shattered vertebrae and a torn rotator cuff) and vulnerable. He needed to put some distance between him and the taliban, who were now scampering towards the burning Chinook. This gave Luttrell time to move.

Luttrell recounts his protection from al Qeada and taliban forces after being rescued by afghan tribesmen. Historic tribal law called “lokhay warkawal”, (meaning giving a pot) saved Marcus Luttrell from being the star in a taliban snuff film. This afghan clan vowed to fight to the death and defend Luttrell from those searching for him.

Four days later American Special Forces rescued Marcus Luttrell.

Throughout the book Luttrell tells us, from a military standpoint, how the media and liberals back home who tie their hands by dictating the rules of engagement. Forgetting the enemy isn’t fighting by the same rules.

This was the best book I’ve read in a long time. I cannot emphasize enough the need for this story to be told. If this was made into a movie, it’d be a blockbuster. Get it, you won’t be sorry.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

CAIR guides the media in islamic reporting.....

A late day whine-o-gram, “Action Alert #527”, informed me of a newly launched initiative, from the terror front group, CAIR.

At a press conference held yesterday, CAIR introduced the centerpiece of its "Beyond Stereotypes" campaign and announced their plan to distribute the newly-published "American Muslims: A Journalist's Guide to Understanding Islam and Muslims" to some 40,000 media professionals nationwide.

I don't know about you but it’s been my experience, when perusing the national news sources, that the MSM is over-the-top PC. One would never know they’re American journalist.

CAIR has taken the liberty to help reporters by creating an entire guide to facilitate the regurgitation of media to the masses, under the guise of education and understanding. CAIR says the new guide will offer journalists the tools needed to gain a better understanding of islam and to write accurate and balanced stories about muslims. The guide also offers background information on issues related to islam and muslims, best practices for reporting on the American muslim community and definitions of terminology often used in news stories or editorials. In challenging common misconceptions about islam and muslims, the guide provides an islamic perspective on hot-button issues such as islam and democracy, freedom of religion, women's rights, and interfaith relations.

The media already acts in a treasonous manner, revealing national secrets that put American soldiers in danger. Just when you think it can't get any worse they receive the Pulitzer Prize for bravery in journalism instead of serving time in Leavenworth. Thank you Dana Priest.

As a pseudo-journalist, I'm tempted to request a copy because the sample pages are vague. The table of contents page seems to indicate they cover everything from basic islamic beliefs and misused terms to interaction with muslims and the perpetual lie that Jews and Christians worship the same God.

Is this really necessary? Is it just another tool used to soften up the American psyche leading to a type of Stockholm Syndrome?

Thank goodness for conservative talk radio and the Fox News Network!

Monday, November 12, 2007

CAIR comes out against protecting muslims

CAIR, in addition to the ACLU, has come out against the LA police department after announcing a program designed to gather information on muslims living in the city. It's been called mapping. Deputy Chief Michael P. Downing said this on Thursday,
“The LAPD's counterterrorism bureau plans to identify Muslim enclaves in order to determine which might be likely to become isolated and susceptible to "violent, ideologically based extremism…we want to know where the Pakistanis, Iranians and Chechens are so we can reach out to those communities.”

Our law enforcement officials are the first line of defense and need every tool available to do their job. The department plans to collect information with the goal of determining which muslim communities may be susceptible to the call of terrorism. Now tell me, what community wants to have terrorists living next door? Your race or religion shouldn't matter when it comes to national security.

We could get the same information from a national census if we could wait ten years for old information, but we can't. Every bit of intel is time sensitive.

In the end, I have a feeling the LAPD will come out and cancel the program so go ahead and chalk one up for the radicals.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

CAIR has a problem with waterboarding terrorist!

The un-indicted terror co-conspirator, CAIR, has weighed in with their objection to Judge Michael Mukasey President Bush’s attorney general nomination. They are urging senators to oppose confirmation of this man because of his unwillingness to answer questions to which he has no knowledge.

The issue is waterboarding…..

In a whine-o-gram to RoP faithful, CAIR’s “National Legislative Director” Corey P. Saylor advises us to the ineffectiveness of the procedure. Citing a report in The Independent of London "…waterboarding has been considered torture for over a century and the US military is banned from using it…"

I have a few problems here. First, what does a CAIR legislative director do exactly? Comb over old case files looking for loopholes to further erode our culture? How to cause a scene in an airport without really crossing the legal line?

The second thing I take issue with is this statement made by Saylor, "Waterboarding is torture, and the use of such brutal techniques erodes America's moral leadership in the world," and "Torture is not a legacy we want to pass on to our children." This statement made me laugh. Surely this guy is aware of the brutality of the enemy we’re facing. However, believing the ACLU should be on the case of every battlefield terrorist we pick up prior to making a statement to interrogators, as not to infringe on rights afford to Americans, is not the way to prevent more bloodshed.

As much as the islamic community (to which CAIR represent) wants you to think they’re patriotic Americans, their open defense of terrorists abroad make that a hard pill to swallow. Making sure Ahmed and Mohamad have a koran, prayer rug and halal meals served to them is not a dilemma that keeps me up at night. These “freedom fighters” have spit on, thrown urine and feces at our military personal who, if the rolls were reversed, would have their heads sawed off to the melodramatic cries of allah akbar while being filmed.

No, the privilege of life, let alone a lawyer, wasn't given to many of our murdered countrymen at the hands of these 7th century savages. A cold room with Britney Spears blaring all night is not torture. Sitting, standing or chained to the floor is not torture. When the lives of Americans are on the line, do what has to be done, even waterboarding.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Are you ready for some Mitch Rapp!

The wait is just about over. Today, according to USPS, I will be receiving my brand new copy of Vince Flynn’s latest Mitch Rapp novel, Protect and Defend. I also ordered Lone Survivor; The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, by Marcus Luttrell.

I plan to read Flynns book first. The wait between Act of Treason and Protect and Defend has been the normal 1 year wait for the Mitch Rapp series. But since I can usually read a book that size in a week or two, this is the first time since the series started I didn’t reread the previous book prior to the new edition arrives.

A quick look at the titles available by Vince Flynn will show a scant few. So if you have them in your personal library, keep them. The older titles in hardcover are nonexistent. Or, you can list them on Amazon and fetch a nice chunk of change. They’re literally nowhere to be found. Just a tip if you’re lookin’ to become “debt free”. It's easy to set yourself up to sell one book or hundreds, and it's less of a hassle than eBay. Books are shipped via USPS (the US mail service) using "media mail" which is way cheaper.

I'm sure I'll be reviewing these two books for my newly installed monthly book review for November. I hope all you Mitch Rapp Fans enjoy the book and if you haven't made your purchase yet, may I suggest using Amazon instead of B&N or Borders. You'll pay much less and if you spend $25 (from Amazon, not one of their marketplace sellers) or more, which is usually 2 NEW books, you get free shipping and NO SALES TAX! How great is that? I paid $30.35 for both these books!

At least check it out.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our nemesis belonged to Israel first!

Does anyone believe Israel will see peace after the summit in Annapolis?

I don't.....

Today Israeli National News is reporting an interesting little nugget of news from those "who only want to live in peace". The death cult known as hamas declares him ( Mahmoud Abbas, aka abu Mazen) a "traitor" to his people and all but placed a fatwa of death on his head.

Why you ask? It's the peace agreement he's about to sign, and will never enforce while being on vacation at tax payers expense, in Maryland.

The INN had a link to the al qassam brigades website where the quote from official spokesman Abu Obieda as saying, "Abbas is an enemy of the Palestinian nation." These "democratically elected murderers are turning on their own. Not surprising and not the real point to my post.

I looked around the hamas site. The pure evil made me wince.

Proudly touting their accomplishments and noting the monthly number of mortars, RPG's and bombs hurled into Israel. The number of ambushes are also recorded.

We're told the plight of these poor palestinians is so grave because of the evil Israeli occupiers. This organization does not represent the view of all palestinians.

I beg to differ. This is not the first site used by the jihadist I've perused. One I came across a few years ago after the Beslan school massacre. It's the kavkaz center, (The Caucasus Center) operating in eastern Europe, Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. I received an email with their link shortly before the attack on the Russian school. I dismissed it and hit the delete button. After the attack I received another email detailing the martyrs in the school, again, pure evil.

This new technology has become a tool for the enemy to spread their message. I hope the people who protect us are also monitoring their communications via the net. And I'm sure the arabic and english translations don't quite line up.

No, the impending charade in Annapolis won't yield any fruit. The masses in Gaza and the West Bank will emerge from their mosques after Friday prayers with their weekly dose of hate ready to murder and be killed. They don't want a two state solution. They don't want a nation, if they did the streets wouldn't be full of trash, children go uneducated and hungry, while they purchase arms to murder Israelis. But the people voted them into power and "Jimmah Carter" (the tower of incompetency) validated the elections. If ya can't trust the anti-Semite to over-see islamic democracy who can ya trust!

The issues plagueing the State of Israel are at our shores. Do we have to wait until we're hit by RPG's from Islamberg before we wake up?

Our leaders need to understand, just because we play by the rules the enemy will play by those same rules. We need to adapt to the new environment of this war on islamofascism. Our nemesis belonged to Israel first!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween in our new house, our new town. This is the 5th holiday we’ll spend here, if you call Halloween a holiday and if you celebrate. I like Halloween, not like I love the Thanksgiving to New Years Eve season. I don’t decorate like I do for the November through December holidays. I did purchase a small pumpkin this year for the porch, un-carved of course. The last couple years I'd use a battery operated Jack-O-Lantern, blinking from within the poly-resin sphere.

When Christopher was little, I would take him to a farm and let him pick a pumpkin. By the power of a knife and little hands (to scoop out the seeds) the former pumpkin would become a “Jack-o-Lantern”. Usually a week before Halloween on a Sunday after church we would head down to the canal in Valley View and see who had pumpkins for sale. One or two Jack-O-Lanterns would be the extent of my decorations.

Our first house was on a hill with 20+ steps leading to the front door which was a deterrent to most Trick-Or-Treaters. Only the heartiest candy grabbers would make the trek to the house on the hill. If we got little ones it was because the evening was warm and the parent carried them. If it was cold or rainy I could plan on taking candy to work the next day to place in the cafeteria for coworkers to enjoy. Most years only a handful of ghouls and goblins would come calling. Those hearty enough to endure the stairs would receive a handful of treats. I figured if you did climb the stairs you deserved a little something extra for your endeavor.

As a tot, Christopher would dress up and venture out for about 45 minutes to an hour. A pumpkin, ninja turtle and batman for a few years. He’s not a big candy eater, butterfingers and peanut butter cups are his favorites, and let’s not forget about the money. He liked the change at the bottom of his bag or Jack-O-Lantern bucket.

Here's Christopher in his first Halloween costume, a puppy dog. His partner for the evening was Brittney, my best friend's daughter, born 12 days before Christopher. September 2nd and the 14th respectively. It was nice being with child with a friend.

Christopher's second Halloween donning a homemade pumpkin outfit. His partner this year was his cousin, my brother's daughter Stephanie. Peeps, a name given by my father when she was born because she had big blue eyes, was wearing the hand-me-down puppy costume.

When he got older and would go out with his friends and the costumes went from cute to ghoulish, as scene here in 2001 with "Broken-Bike-Mike" his school buddy. Here's their attempt at the Insane Clown Posse, a musical group. This night was more for show and maybe they hit a few house's for a snack. It was a night to walk the neighborhood with friends incognito. Good times!
I wish everyone who celebrate this holiday, the old fashioned way that is completely politically incorrect, a safe and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Who's in bed with who?

Yesterday a late day whine-o-gram alerted me to the republican rhetoric on the campaign trail, a right wing attempt to pin terrorism to islam.

CAIR points to this WSJ article alleging the elephants are calling the enemy by name while the asses continue to skirt the issue. A candidates stump speech can make or break their career, just look at howlin’ Howard Dean and his “shout heard ‘round the world” in Iowa. WSJ indicate the disparity between the two groups, focusing on Mitt Romney and his “extreme” language regarding the threat we face today. At least that’s what CAIR would like you to think.

If you compare the two links you find CAIR left out 4 paragraphs or 277 words. Though nothing was added to the WSJ article on the CAIR site, leaving out the context of Romney's speeches, TV ads and town hall events serves their evasive purpose. Every time an imam or islamic spokesman is caught on tape encouraging jihad and death to Israel, we're told it was taken out of context. CAIR has used this tactic many times to influence or inflame the ummah.

Nihad Awad, CAIR’s executive director is disturbed by “the interpretation of jihad as extremist and violent” and says “Mr. Romney's use of jihad legitimizes claims by terrorists that they are fighting on behalf of Islam.” Well, if it blows up like a martyr then it’s jihad.

The feigned outrage never ceases to amaze me. What I can’t understand, however, is how an islamic family living the American dream can be lead around by the nose by this un-indicted terror co-conspirator.

If we listen to the rhetoric coming from OBL, the Iranian nutter in chief and many in the CAIR organization, we’d hear them denounce the west for our promiscuous, immoral ways. A culture that shrouds half of their populous, considered property not people, never to gain full membership in society. A culture where homosexuality and adultery is punishable by death and abortion is unthinkable. Donning the facade of an ultra-pious culture stuck in the 7th century, oppressed by religious tyrants who refuse reformation where religion dictates social policy.

You have to ask why a hyper-conservative community, such as the ummah, would endorse the values held by the democrat party. I don’t believe they’re behind the liberal push for a welfare state, the gay marriage issue and abortion rights.

Code pink, move on dot org and 9/11 “truthers” hanging out on the fringes of the left, they decry this country for humanitarian rights abuses, remaining silent while women are stoned to death and gays are hanged. How can moderate, religious muslims align themselves with such groups? Could they be closer than we think, is there a common objective? The democrat policy of appeasement has been the vehicle of global tyrants. While we focus on the micro they look at the macro, nothing changes over-night. Change comes in dribs and drabs, one step at a time.

Appealing to the UN to legitimize martyrdom operations against the Zionist occupiers in Palestine and their puppet master, the Great Satan now occupying Iraq. Anti-Americanism has reached a fever pitch and moral equivalence has replaced reason.

The quest for globalization is their common bond. As Iran attains nuclear technology to eliminate Israel, the liberal democrats want to cut the defense budget and eradicate our nuclear weapons. Remember John Kerry made the nuclear proliferation pledge and our national security had to pass a global test. Excuse me?

Our culture and traditions are no longer tolerated. The 10 commandments are removed from every civic area while foot baths are being stalled in public restrooms across the nation.

The muslims student association can erect a wall on university campuses to symbolize the occupation of Palestinians, in the name of free speech. Conservative speakers are verbally and physically attacked in an attempt to convey opposing views, in the name of free speech.

Astonished parishioners watch as the sisters of perpetual indulgence violate a Catholic mass and receive communion in clothing that mock the religious habit. Why don’t they don a mocking kufi and violate a mosque. The liberal doctrine of acceptance forbids judgement, and the event was never exposed.

Is it a purposeful alignment with the left in an effort to disrupt our moral compass. Love of country and patriotism is now called xenophobia. Naming the enemy is racist and profiling. Saddam gases his own people and America is immoral when trying to stop it. Israel is constantly condemned by the global community for defending herself from a religious doctrine that wants nothing more than to drive her into the sea.

The far left has this vision of global oneness, a feelings based rational. And the caliphate champions are following in the shadows, waiting to fill the moral void amidst the carnage.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Oklahoma lawmakers say NO to korans

The need for CAIR to create controversy where there is none seems to be a never-ending quest. The latest insult to the RoP came from Oklahoma lawmakers and their decision to return copies of the koran, a gift from the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council.

Rep. Rex Duncan had this to say, in a letter to colleagues, about the offer, "Most Oklahomans do not endorse the idea of killing innocent women and children in the name of ideology,". One can argue the point that islam is an ideology and from what I see, the ideaology is a murderous death cult.

Council chair-woman Marjaneh Seirafi-Pour, herself a muslim, denounced Duncan's assessment, saying "I know he referred to Islam as an ideology. That is not a fact. It is a religion. It is very peaceful, very inclusive,".

I'm in agreement with Mr. Duncan, and I bet these folks are as well. Danny Pearl, Nick Berg, the 4 Blackwater contractors (who were burned, beaten and hung from a bridge in Fallujah) just to name a few victims of the inclusive, peaceful nature of islam.

Today, CAIR is conducting a news conference "with the Islamic Society of Tulsa and interfaith leaders in reaction to Islamophobic remarks by lawmakers in that state who rejected Qurans sent as gifts from an ethnic advisory council." And made this statement, "In rejecting the Qurans, Islam's revealed text, some lawmakers made stereotypical and offensive remarks that falsely linked the faith of Islam to violence."

Instead of condemning the actions of the Oklahoma lawmakers for declining a free koran, perhaps changing the muslim stereotype would go a long way in swaying the hearts and minds in the statehouse and nationwide.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mistrial in HLF terror funding case

After 19 days of deliberations and a two-month trial, jurors in the Dallas federal courthouse remained divided on most of the 197 terrorism-financing charges against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which has ties to Hamas. US District Judge Joe Fish, in accordance with federal law which requires a unanimous decision of the jury to convict a suspect, was forced to declare a mistrial on Monday.

Nihad Awad, CAIR executive director, had this to say "today's declaration of a mistrial in the case against the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation (HLF) Muslim charity a "stunning defeat" for the prosecution." and said the jury agreed with other "observers of the trial who believe the charges were built on fear, not facts." Touting the Texas trial as their latest victory against the government, "failed in Chicago, it failed in Florida, it failed in Texas," You may recall, CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the case.

In early October, nine days into deliberations, jurors indicated that a member of the panel was refusing to vote. There are 3 possibilities for the reluctant juror,

1) Fear of retaliation by the terrorist groups whose financiers are on trial. 2) Religious sympathy with the accused. 3) Some liberal notion of moral equivalence.

The verdicts, which were handed in by the jury on Thursday and read by the court on Monday, were voided after Judge Fish polled the jurors and discovered that three of them disagreed with the verdicts as they were submitted. After the judge allocated time for further deliberations to break the deadlock, 11 of 12 jurors agreed that their decisions were no longer subject to change, leading to the mistrial. Prosecutors said they would probably retry the case against five out of the six defendants from the foundation.

It seems to me the government overplayed their hand. They had so much evidence against the defendants, the jury couldn't see the forest for the trees. I would like to know a little more about the juror who refused to pass judgement on the defendants. Next time the prosecutors need to keep it simple, a cut and dry case.

Monday, October 22, 2007

October book review

I just finished reading "If I did it; Confessions of The Killer" written by Pablo F. Fenjves. It's the book OJ Simpson was going to publish before the Goldman family was awarded the rights and proceeds. Events described prior to the June 12, 1994 murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are as OJ Simpson remembers them, only his side of the story is given. Simpson outlines his relationship with Nicole from the time they met up to and including her funeral and the low speed chase. The narcissistic manner in which Simpson portrays incidents, painting himself the victim, is sickening. Simpson implies Nicole was a drug user and bi-polar to explain her erratic behavior and claims she was jealous and obsessive, not him. One can clearly see he's psychotic. In the chapter detailing with the murders, which Simpson claims is a fictional account, OJ is joined by his friend "Charlie" who stood watch as OJ murdered Nicole and Ron.
I admit, I was sucked in by the media hype and wanted to read OJ's confession. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Goldman family to help satisfy the civil judgement that has risen, with interest, to over 38 million dollars.

The second book I read this month was "If Democrats Had Any Brains They'd Be Republicans" by Ann Coulter. If you're a fan of Coulter you enjoy this book. It is full of her quotes on everything from airport security to the war on terrorism. It's a compilation of her greatest hits, so to speak. Coulter tells the truth, she says out loud what we're all thinking. It's the best free publicity she could get every time they say; "she's gone too far" or "this time she's crossed the line", the liberals have been singing her swan song for the last 5 years while she's appearing everywhere and her books travel to the top. The book is also a quick read and her quotes really make you think. It's witty, cleaver and real. I highly recommend it if you're an Ann Coulter fan or if you want to see what the left has been whining about.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Promoting the education of the ummah!

Every time muslims are involved in nefarious acts we’re told the west needs a greater understanding of the islamic community, America needs to be educated in the ways of islam. Claims that islamophobia is running a-muck in our country whenever a link between the religion of peace and the perpetrator completes the circle. The answer to what ills the ummah, according to muslim special interest groups, always consist of education and understanding, for the kafir. Descent from former muslims are vilified for nothing more than speaking the truth.

The fear of a nonexistent backlash against muslims always lead to placing blame on the victim. Riots in France, cartoonist death threats and endless demands for apologies because somehow islam has been offended. Anytime a muslim is involved, he is portrayed as the victim and law enforcement is coerced into a hate crime investigation. CAIR and other groups claim incident after incident are always racially motivated regardless of the facts.

If progress is going to be made, the bridge-building, education and dialogue needs to be within muslim community. The constant rhetoric painting the ummah as one big “misunderstood” populace entitled to special consideration only serves to encourage the vicimhood mentality and behavior. Western societies have grown used to islamic “temper tantrums” and find it necessary to tippy toe around muslim sensitivities, thus becoming enablers. Negotiating with terrorist only promotes bad behavior. When we’re forced, by muslim civil rights groups, to scrutinize crimes against anything islamic we're no longer a free nation. No one is free from being
offended or insulted, even islam. They all need to grow a thicker skin.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Columbus jihadi pulls a "bait and switch" on school board

Columbus is a hotbed of jihad activity and Patrick Poole has got it covered. Poole is a columnist for Front Page Mag and runs the Central Ohioans Against Terror blog where his investigative reports have put him in the jihadi cross hairs.

Poole just uncovered an unadvertised event to be held at the Ohio State Capitol later this month featuring a known hamas operative with multiple immediate connections to designated terrorists. In his article "HAMAS in the house" Poole discovered that "not only are taxpayers partially footing the bill for the event, but yet another speaker at the event also has multiple terror ties". The October 28th event, "Many Faces of Islam”, is being sponsored by IACO, however, they failed to include it on their event information page.

Poole has a complete resume of one of the speakers, Anisa Abd El Fattah, the chair of the National Association of Muslim American Women based in Columbus, but that's not all as Poole outlines. Fattah also "headed an organization that one convicted terrorist leader described as "the political command for HAMAS in the United States", which was named by federal prosecutors this past May as unindicted co-conspirator in the current Holy Land Foundation terror finance trial; and she co-authored two books with the current spokesman for HAMAS, Ahmed Yousef, who fled the US in 2005 and immediately reappeared in Gaza in his new position within the HAMAS leadership."

But the spider-web is just getting started. In a victim laced letter to the editor that ran in September 15 edition of the Columbus Dispatch, Fattah says Israelis in Gaza aren't civilians. The venomous op-ed drew Pooles attention. In the course of his investigation, Poole discovered Fattah had interviewed for a Columbus School Board position, not as Anisa Abd El Fattah, but as Caroline F. Keeble. How did her terror credentials escape the 15th largest school district in the country?

"Thus far, there is no indication that anyone with the Columbus Public Schools or the establishment media was ever aware of anything in Fattah/Keeble’s political activist background. Even though she was not selected by the school board to fill the open seat (she had also applied for a previous board opening) - by maintaining dual identities and doing most of her work promoting Hamas under her Arabic name, she had been able to evade the scrutiny of local counter-terror researchers" including Poole.

With the terror threat facing our nations schools finally on the security radar, how can we keep our children safe when those responsible aren't doing their due diligence?

I tip my hat to Patrick Poole for a job well done.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore is now in "nobel" company

I'm sure you've all heard the news, Al Gore won the Nobel Prize for peace. Gore can add this to his list of meaningless achievements. The MSM is all abuzz over the news, showing their bias, as if he were the second coming. Missing from their praise news, however, was the British court ruling that found 9 scientific errors or omissions in the Gore documentary. But why ruin the party with facts.

The Nobel Prize has lost some of its reverence over the years. Notable past recipients include Jimmy Carter (2002) and Yasser Arafat (1994) for their anti-Semitic global contributions towards peace. Other distinguished laureates have included Kofi Annan and the United Nations "for their work for a better organized and more peaceful world" recognized in 2001. Obviously, running the oil for food scandal had no effect on their ability to con the prize committee. And lets not forget the 2005 winners, IAEA and Mohamed El Baradei, "for their efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes and to ensure that nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is used in the safest possible way". Yes, were still trying to put the genie back in the bottle after the toothless atomic watchdog stalled long enough to allow Iran to pass the point of no return.

I guess the prize committee thought Irena Sendler, a 97 year old woman who saved Jewish children from Nazi death camps, wasn't a peaceful cause in light of what Mr. Gore has accomplished. Saving Jewish children, saving polar bears, I can see the moral dilemma they were faced with in making their selection. Maybe they'll revisit her feat next year. If Gore had a conscience he'd relinquish the award and admit Sendler is more deserving. Then again if Gore had a conscience he would actually be conserving energy instead of buying carbon credits to alleviate his guilt, while padding his carbon offset business portfolio.