Friday, February 26, 2010

I've been shamed...... by Malott

Yes, it’s true. The “old man” tried to embarrass me, Skye Puppy and to a lesser degree, Christina. And he had the nerve to praise Bekah in the same post. Why you ask? Well we haven’t been a source of enlightenment, news and entertainment. We’ve been neglecting our blog duties, and in my case, it’s true. Chris admittedly has nothing to contribute to the blog-o-sphere so he chooses to attack others. That’s alright, my shoulders are broad and I can take it.

So in an effort to salvage my reputation I’m posting a pictorial, since Bekah loves pictures. Topic; the vein of my new existence, inclement weather commuting in what I affectionately call the

Here we see a fellow commuter who almost rear-ended me. That or he was driving on the soft-shoulder just to say hello.

Yes, Columbus has plenty of heavy rescue vehicles but very few plows and salt trucks.

And we see why so many heavy rescue vehicles are needed......

Almost home. Normally I can be home in 20 minutes. It took me an hour today.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm still here.....

Work is consuming much of my time these days and I either find myself reading blogs or attempting to compose one of my own. You have no idea how many are sitting in my queue unfinished and irrelevant at this time.

Debbie Schlussel continues to be one of the best islam watch blogs around. Timely and accurate, Schlussel reports from the biggest islamic hot spot in America. Check her out.

In other news, CAIR-LA wants the charges leveled against 11 students dropped after they protested disrupted a speech given by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren. Of course CAIR believes their religion caused these muslims to be detained. Check out the video of these asses. Yep, these muslims have a lot of class..... morons.