Monday, October 15, 2007

Columbus jihadi pulls a "bait and switch" on school board

Columbus is a hotbed of jihad activity and Patrick Poole has got it covered. Poole is a columnist for Front Page Mag and runs the Central Ohioans Against Terror blog where his investigative reports have put him in the jihadi cross hairs.

Poole just uncovered an unadvertised event to be held at the Ohio State Capitol later this month featuring a known hamas operative with multiple immediate connections to designated terrorists. In his article "HAMAS in the house" Poole discovered that "not only are taxpayers partially footing the bill for the event, but yet another speaker at the event also has multiple terror ties". The October 28th event, "Many Faces of Islam”, is being sponsored by IACO, however, they failed to include it on their event information page.

Poole has a complete resume of one of the speakers, Anisa Abd El Fattah, the chair of the National Association of Muslim American Women based in Columbus, but that's not all as Poole outlines. Fattah also "headed an organization that one convicted terrorist leader described as "the political command for HAMAS in the United States", which was named by federal prosecutors this past May as unindicted co-conspirator in the current Holy Land Foundation terror finance trial; and she co-authored two books with the current spokesman for HAMAS, Ahmed Yousef, who fled the US in 2005 and immediately reappeared in Gaza in his new position within the HAMAS leadership."

But the spider-web is just getting started. In a victim laced letter to the editor that ran in September 15 edition of the Columbus Dispatch, Fattah says Israelis in Gaza aren't civilians. The venomous op-ed drew Pooles attention. In the course of his investigation, Poole discovered Fattah had interviewed for a Columbus School Board position, not as Anisa Abd El Fattah, but as Caroline F. Keeble. How did her terror credentials escape the 15th largest school district in the country?

"Thus far, there is no indication that anyone with the Columbus Public Schools or the establishment media was ever aware of anything in Fattah/Keeble’s political activist background. Even though she was not selected by the school board to fill the open seat (she had also applied for a previous board opening) - by maintaining dual identities and doing most of her work promoting Hamas under her Arabic name, she had been able to evade the scrutiny of local counter-terror researchers" including Poole.

With the terror threat facing our nations schools finally on the security radar, how can we keep our children safe when those responsible aren't doing their due diligence?

I tip my hat to Patrick Poole for a job well done.


SkyePuppy said...

I read her "Israelis in Gaza aren't civilians" letter. Wow, she's a real piece of work! The problem is, she's not alone in her opinions.

janice said...

I couldn't believe it when I first read the piece. The Dispatch is such a liberal rag, it takes every thing I have to go though it to get to the Sunday coupons.

You're so right, she isn't alone, but her nerve in submitting them to the press is unparalleled. Those types of views are usually spouted at rallies, and taped for future jihad enrollment drives.