Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Peace is in Israeli hands?

It never ceases to amaze me how the islamic agenda twist reality to an uneducated populous, mostly those ignorant of history and current events.

Announced in a Tuesday “whine-o-gram” the un-indicted terror co-conspirator felt the need to opine on the upcoming Annapolis summit.

CAIR spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, stated "Unless the Israelis are serious about promoting justice for the Palestinian people and about freedom from occupation, I don't see much coming out of the conference,” Hooper continued to say, Israel's government uses demonstrations by a handful of anti-Palestinian radicals as an excuse to continue its abuse of Palestinians. What? Does anyone else find this distorted? Then again it is a view from the muslim spin-master.

The article titled “CAIR: Peace Burden on Israel at Annapolis Conference” on their website comes from Hometown Annapolis. It's clear Hooper doesn’t see much coming from the conference, then again, if the palestinians wanted a state and peace with Israel they could have accomplished it long ago.

How many times have Israel been down this road? How long will they have to travel to achieve peace?

Gaza really proved to the world how serious the palestinians were about living in harmony with Israel. The world watched as those palestinian terrorists beat their swords, guns, and kasam rocket launchers into plowshares, springing to action to forge a palestinian state thus joining the civilized world. To busy governing themselves, setting up public services, utilizing the greenhouses left behind to plan attacks on its neighbor, Israel. Of course I'm being sacastic here.

All the lack of progress in Gaza certainly has galvanized the global community that Israel is not doing enough to bring about peace. Israeli leaders approach every "middle east peace talk" with hand extended only to discover the palestinians have cut it off. Demands without concessions.

If the rockets stop falling on Israel and a real self-governing state comes into existence, what excuse will OBL, CAIR the Iranian "nutter in chief" and many others who take up arms in solidarity with their oppressed brothers in palestine. Will they too beat their swords into plowshares and join the civilized world? I think not. This about a much larger goal. The people living in the "occupied territories" are nothing but a pawn, used to justify the anti-Zionist violence perpetrated by islamic thugs throughout the world.

Like other attempts to bring about peace, Israel will give them the moon with nothing in return. Promises to stop murdering Jews won't last because Israel has not been pushed into the sea. When are we going to understand, these maniacs don't want peace, the want Israel obliterated, that'll give them peace.

Remember, when they're finished destroying the Jews, they'll be coming after the Christians. Sorry Hooper, peace is in the palestinian hands. Always has been.

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