Friday, November 02, 2007

Are you ready for some Mitch Rapp!

The wait is just about over. Today, according to USPS, I will be receiving my brand new copy of Vince Flynn’s latest Mitch Rapp novel, Protect and Defend. I also ordered Lone Survivor; The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, by Marcus Luttrell.

I plan to read Flynns book first. The wait between Act of Treason and Protect and Defend has been the normal 1 year wait for the Mitch Rapp series. But since I can usually read a book that size in a week or two, this is the first time since the series started I didn’t reread the previous book prior to the new edition arrives.

A quick look at the titles available by Vince Flynn will show a scant few. So if you have them in your personal library, keep them. The older titles in hardcover are nonexistent. Or, you can list them on Amazon and fetch a nice chunk of change. They’re literally nowhere to be found. Just a tip if you’re lookin’ to become “debt free”. It's easy to set yourself up to sell one book or hundreds, and it's less of a hassle than eBay. Books are shipped via USPS (the US mail service) using "media mail" which is way cheaper.

I'm sure I'll be reviewing these two books for my newly installed monthly book review for November. I hope all you Mitch Rapp Fans enjoy the book and if you haven't made your purchase yet, may I suggest using Amazon instead of B&N or Borders. You'll pay much less and if you spend $25 (from Amazon, not one of their marketplace sellers) or more, which is usually 2 NEW books, you get free shipping and NO SALES TAX! How great is that? I paid $30.35 for both these books!

At least check it out.

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SkyePuppy said...

My mom and I just started listening to Vince Flynn's "Memorial Day" today. We listen to audio books when we do a lot of driving. It's the first Mitch Rapp book I've "read." So far, so good, but I know there's a lot to catch up on...