Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our nemesis belonged to Israel first!

Does anyone believe Israel will see peace after the summit in Annapolis?

I don't.....

Today Israeli National News is reporting an interesting little nugget of news from those "who only want to live in peace". The death cult known as hamas declares him ( Mahmoud Abbas, aka abu Mazen) a "traitor" to his people and all but placed a fatwa of death on his head.

Why you ask? It's the peace agreement he's about to sign, and will never enforce while being on vacation at tax payers expense, in Maryland.

The INN had a link to the al qassam brigades website where the quote from official spokesman Abu Obieda as saying, "Abbas is an enemy of the Palestinian nation." These "democratically elected murderers are turning on their own. Not surprising and not the real point to my post.

I looked around the hamas site. The pure evil made me wince.

Proudly touting their accomplishments and noting the monthly number of mortars, RPG's and bombs hurled into Israel. The number of ambushes are also recorded.

We're told the plight of these poor palestinians is so grave because of the evil Israeli occupiers. This organization does not represent the view of all palestinians.

I beg to differ. This is not the first site used by the jihadist I've perused. One I came across a few years ago after the Beslan school massacre. It's the kavkaz center, (The Caucasus Center) operating in eastern Europe, Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. I received an email with their link shortly before the attack on the Russian school. I dismissed it and hit the delete button. After the attack I received another email detailing the martyrs in the school, again, pure evil.

This new technology has become a tool for the enemy to spread their message. I hope the people who protect us are also monitoring their communications via the net. And I'm sure the arabic and english translations don't quite line up.

No, the impending charade in Annapolis won't yield any fruit. The masses in Gaza and the West Bank will emerge from their mosques after Friday prayers with their weekly dose of hate ready to murder and be killed. They don't want a two state solution. They don't want a nation, if they did the streets wouldn't be full of trash, children go uneducated and hungry, while they purchase arms to murder Israelis. But the people voted them into power and "Jimmah Carter" (the tower of incompetency) validated the elections. If ya can't trust the anti-Semite to over-see islamic democracy who can ya trust!

The issues plagueing the State of Israel are at our shores. Do we have to wait until we're hit by RPG's from Islamberg before we wake up?

Our leaders need to understand, just because we play by the rules the enemy will play by those same rules. We need to adapt to the new environment of this war on islamofascism. Our nemesis belonged to Israel first!

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