Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Judgment Day" preparations in the islamic world

Muslims around the world are preparing for war. The Iranian "nutter in chief" has been funding, training and supplying arms to the death cult faithful willing to assist in fulfilling islamic prophecy.
Codenamed "Judgment Day" refers to the terrorist response if the Iranian nuclear facilities are attacked by American, British or Israeli military forces. According to Iran, the latest military plan includes
1) A missile strike directly targeting the US bases in the Persian Gulf and Iraq, as soon as nuclear installations are hit.

2) Suicide operations in a number of Arab and Muslim countries against US embassies and missions and US military bases and economic and oil installations related to US and British companies. The campaign might also target the economic and military installations of countries allied with the United States.

3) Launch attacks by the Basij and the Revolutionary Guards and Iraqi fighters loyal to Iran against US and British forces in Iraq, from border regions in central and southern Iraq.

4) Hezbollah to launch hundreds of rockets against military and economic targets in Israel.

The religion of peace is counting on us to help them usher in the mahdi and bring about a perfect islamic society. Here are the signs indicating the emergence of the mahdi;

"Before the appearance of the one who will rise, peace be upon him, the people will be reprimanded for their acts of disobedience by a fire that will appear in the sky and a redness that will cover the sky. It will swallow up Baghdad and will swallow up Kufa. Their blood will be shed and houses destroyed. Death will occur amid their people and a fear will come over the people of Iraq from which they shall have no rest".
"There will be an insurgence by the Sufyani, a descendent of Abu Sufyan. Abu Sufyan is considered by Shias to have been one of Mohammad's greatest enemies, along with his son, Muawiya I and Muawiya's son, Yazid. According to Shia narrations, the Sufyani's revolution will start from Palestine/Jordan, and his reign of tyranny will span the Middle East from Iraq to Egypt.
A loud call from the sky signals the Mahdi's appearance.

Wikipedia is a great reference tool if you want a quick and unbiased definition regarding this death cult (or anything else).
We are dealing with a religion born out of death and war, submission by the sword. A culture that celebrates death and believes allah rewards those who commit suicide. Martyrdom missions during high muslim holy days are extra special and the denial of pleasures here on earth are given to them in paradise. All things an illiterate bedouin would want. Flowing streams of water, date laden palm trees, protection from the sun's excessive heat and the extreme cold of the moon, and let's not forget the virgins. This myth has been passed down for 1400 years and Iran believes it's coming to a climax right now. I hope and pray we are making serious preparations to defend ourselves.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hizballah child abuse

What would an islamic celebration be if it didn't have an anti-Israel theme?
A Lebanese muslim child carries an effigy of the Star of David with the head of the skeleton of an Israeli soldier where a Lebanese flag and a hizbollah flag were inserted during a rally marking the 10th anniversary of what is known in Lebanon as the "Qana massacre" in front the UN house, in Beirut, Lebanon, on Thursday. Arabic writing on the yellow flag reads "Only the resistance is the answer".
Remember this the next time you hear some sympathizer say "islam is a beautiful, tolerant, peaceful religion", and "our religion has been highjacked by a small number of radicals". We infidels are being doped into thinking this death cult wants to live in peace. It's clear to me, if given the opportunity, they'd murder us all!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Introducing mullah approved beach wear

This may work on beaches in Doha or Jeddah, not so much on Cape Hatteras or Miami. I'm at a loss for words. Here's the link if you care to read it. I just have a few questions:
1) What do men wear while frolicking in the sand?
2) What are they afraid of, do they really believe a man will turn into a raging sex maniac if he sees a strand of hair, ankle or elbow?
3) Wouldn't it be easier to teach self control and interrogate the sexes beginning at, oh say, the dinner table?
4) Will CAIR file a lawsuit if Victoria's Secret or La Bianca refuse to offer it to the modern muslim woman? Can you envision that with angel wings strolling down the cat walk?
5) And finally, what in the world is that bulge on the side of her head?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fitness USA caves as CAIR applies pressure

Today CAIR announced Fitness USA will accommodate muslim privacy concerns by providing separate exercise times and areas for women and men. In a statement released this afternoon CAIR Executive Director Dawud Walid had this to say
"We welcome Fitness USA's decision to continue providing a gender privacy accommodation for customers of all faiths"
All faiths, when was the last time you heard CAIR coming out to defend the rights of a Jew or Christian? Apparently it didn't take long for Fitness USA to realize they were no match for the "terrorist" likes of Dawud Walid when they met last week to "discuss" the women's concerns.

Little by little, they are using the threat of a lawsuit to intimidate companies, school districts and local recreation centers to conform to the islamic culture. The last time I checked this was the United States of America, and immigrants assimilate to our culture. If you long for your homeland, use your entrepreneurial spirit and open a restaurant or financial institution.

Italians, Poles, French, Germans and dare I say, Mexicans have yet to form the Council on American Italian, Polish, French, German or Mexican Relations. Okay, I get it now, it's about their religious rights. Why then does CAIR always come out and scream racial discrimination or ethnic profiling?

The more we give the more they'll remake and this country will be unrecognizable.

20 years ago it was Chernobyl

Today it's a ghost town. On the morning of April 26 1986 the USSR was experiencing a nuclear meltdown.
I came across this site a few years ago. It's a journal by a Russian girl on a "motorbike", as she calls it, as she travels thru the ghost town that is Chernobyl. Her pictures and comments are awesome. Everything is still "hot" and remains untouched since the evacuation.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CAIR vs. Robertson - Part II

My inbox was full, again, upon arriving home from abroad. I was visiting the "great white north" over the weekend and an interesting post is sure to follow detailing my observations, but I digress. Anyway, CAIR informed me of an "incitement watch", which is CAIR code for "make calls and write emails to local officials, involving statements made by Pat Robertson. During his April 24 broadcast, Robertson warned viewers that "we are not listening" to what Islam "says," just as we did not listen to "what Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf." He went on to say we are ignoring the threats by "not only the radical Muslims but Islam in general," because "it is not politically correct to believe that any religious group would do what they claim they are going to do."

It sounds like Pat's been reading my blog. I have to applaud the effort put forth by the good reverend. He is willing to speak the truth and take a stand against the evil that is islam.

What I find disingenuous, besides the contact guidelines, is the implication that thousands of "insulted" muslims just happened to be channel surfing and caught the reverend during his islamophobic rant and that these muslims were incensed enough to pen emails and make phone calls expressing their "collective" outrage. Wouldn't the media outlet be more receptive if the feedback was disconnected and non-scripted? I believe if CAIR didn't prompt these "outrage" campaigns their ultimate goal, an islamic United States, could not be achieved.
Take note of the suggestion at the end to be polite and professional. How pathetic....

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pure Evil

Female relatives sob and clutch photos of their hero, a mock burial for the young man who blew himself up in Tel Aviv. The single sacrificial body, a vehicle really, intended to murder and maim as many innocent people as possible.
The methods used by these "holy warriors" is both cruel and horrifying when we know the mechanics of the bomb. Ball bearings and nails, nuts and bolts, packed tightly into crudely fashioned pipe bombs when detonated propel with a bullets speed. Over the years oppressed muslims have perfected the art of murder, metal shrapnel soaked in rat poison, causing the victim to hemorrhage to death before they reach a hospital. Plastic is also used because it's undetected by x-rays thus slowly killing the victim due to lack of treatment.
Sophisticated, no.... Lethal, extremely!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hamas wants apology for Tel Aviv bombing

So much for bridge building in Israel. After the suicide bomber murdered 9 and wounded dozens, PA president Abu Mazen condemned the act. Now we all know this was lip service, an attempt to appear human, and to show the world he has the hamas government under control. Well, today the hamas leaders called on Mahmoud Abbas to apologize for his statement. Surrounded by masked militants, hamas leaders called the condemning an insult to the "martyrs who sacrificed their lives and souls". Quite a press conference spectacle, why aren't these "democratically elected officials" busy creating jobs, educating children, removing the garbage and feeding the refugees they call countrymen.
This is more "blame the victim". They can't fight the planes and tanks so they use their bodies to defend themselves. Poor, pitiful muslims. Time and again Israel has tried to broker peace with these thugs only to see Jews murdered, lives destroyed and the dream of coexisting with the very people who want you exterminated, shattered. Less than a year ago Gaza was evacuated and the IDF withdrawn, not enough. Plans to turn the West Bank over the disfunctional government of the "Palestinian Authority" will bring about a fruitless harvest in the quest for peace. Israel is alone in this fight, a struggle everyday for her very existence. The impotent UN is silent only when the attacks are toward the Jews. Not a word was uttered to rebut the Iranian nutter as he threatens the lives of an entire member nation. Those who call for a "diplomatic resolution" to the conflict really have no solution. When Israel reaches across the table they always wonder if they'll get their hand chopped off. The only solution the muslims want is the destruction of the State of Israel, period. How many more kamikaze muslims will it take to eliminate the Jews?

Monday, April 17, 2006

The "Religion of Peace" strikes again!

Morning broke with the report of a suicide bomber in Tel Aviv. Depending on the news outlet, you may have heard the death cult member described as a "Palestine militant". The reports I've been panning called him what he was, a terrorist. Then again, I got my news from the Israeli web sites. Islamic jihad, in a call to the Associated Press, is taking credit for the murders. No doubt Israel will respond with hell fire missiles and the press will describe it as a "targeted attack" on palestinian militants, depending on the news outlet of course.
This murderous action is not surprising, the leaders of hamas and islamic jihad just received a vote of confidence from the Iranian "nutter in chief" last week when he announced his plans for Israel, and the terrorist have responded to the call. Lest we westerners feel slighted, the TimesOnline reported that Iran has formed battalions of suicide bombers to strike at British and American targets if the nation's nuclear sites are attacked.
The saber rattling is getting loud and their objectives are clear. Death to Israel, death to the West.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

He Is Risen!

He Is Risen Indeed!

Friday, April 14, 2006

CAIR releases statement on Al-Arian deportation

I'm about to log off when, "You've got mail". So what do I do, I open it. A late breaking, for FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE email from CAIR. If you haven't heard yet, Sami Al-Arian is being deported. The all important email released a statement from CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad,

"We welcome the decision not to retry Professor Al-Arian. We are concerned however that the price paid for his freedom is deportation to another country, an additional burden on a family that has suffered tremendously over the past few years. The negative impact this tragic episode has had on the image of our legal system worldwide warrants a complete re-examination of government policies and procedures in such cases."

Hmmm, a complete re-examination of governement policies and procedures. A RE-examination, to me, means an examination of the policies and procedures have already taken place. Right? By whom, CAIR? Why are they examining our policies and procedures?

Ahmadinejad: Israel will be eliminated

I may have to move up my plans to visit the Holy Land. The Iranian "nutter in chief" met with the terrorist regimes, democratically elected and certified by terrorist sympathizer Jimma Carter, hamas and islamic jihad. Before I continue my rant, I want to know how a group of terrorist, elected to lead a non-state, can afford to travel? Anyway, the nutter announced to a glowing crowd his intentions for the state of Israel, again. "Like it or not, the Zionist regime is heading toward annihiliation". What I find amazing is how widely ignored this was by the MSM. It was only a few days ago they were celebrating their membership to the nuclear club, and who knows when they'll have a delivery system developed to carry the nuke. How long are we going to sit back a listen to what many leftist believe are empty threats and argue Iran has the right to develop "nuclear energy"? By his own words, Ahmadinejad is being as open and honest as Hitler was when he wrote Mein Kampf. Is the world going to make the same mistake twice?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Judge Charlene Mekled Elder

I came across this editorial by Douglas J. Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network.
Mr Hagmann brilliantly articulates the Judicial Quandary in Michigan brought on by the appointment of the first female muslim judge. America finds herself in at a crossroads.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

CAIR in the pursuit of "tolerance"

I don't know why I torture myself, I can unsubscribe or simply delete the email, I must be a sadist. As you know I'm on the CAIR email list. Most times I'll pull a nugget from the wealth of information they provide and pontificate. The overwhelming theme this week is tolerance, tolerance for muslims, not of muslims. From hosting a mosque open house to organizing sensitivity training for local law enforcement, CAIR is weaving a "Persian rug" so they can throw it over the elephant in the room.
A car load of muslims are detained at the border after attending a 3 day islamic conference, and CAIR calls on the DOJ to investigate the claims of racial profiling. Muslim family members make false statements to police about their daughters "fender bender" and CAIR is asking why she was arrested if not for their ethnicity. When a 20 year old illegal Moroccan threatens to "blow up" USF, CAIR beat a path to the local papers with this statement "It's just sad that he would be treated as some sort of criminal or terrorist".
What I find sad is the constant guilt trip thrust upon the American public as CAIR and the islamic community embrace the victim status. Insult or assault, CAIR is behind the victim insisting the perp is guilty and the system be dissected and overhauled, never to commit the offence again. Before investigators are called to the crime scene, local catholic and lutheran priests are standing in solidarity with imams calling for an end to the "hate".
If CAIR believes America needs a cultural make-over, why are they opposed to a wall? CAIR and the islamic community must be confused as to the objective of the border barrier, and they're free to leave at any time!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Iran joins the nuclear club!

Iranian "nutter in chief", Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, announced today (mohammad's birthday) the nuclear technologies club has a new member. This new found ability puts Iran on the fast track to a "nuclear power station". A country sitting on the world's 3rd largest oil reserve needs nuclear power? OK...
Ahmadinejad is a madman with a nuke and MAD (mutually assured destruction) does not apply. These people are ready to die for their faith, yes I said faith. This is not about a peaceful nuclear program in the hopes to supply the oil rich nation with electricity. No, this is about ushering in the 12th imam of islamic prophesy. Shortly after his election, Ahmadinejad spoke of his strong belief in the second coming of muslims' "hidden" 12th Imam. According to shiite muslim teaching, Abul-Qassem Mohammad, the 12th leader whom shiites consider descended from the prophet mohammed, disappeared in 941 but will return at the end of time to lead an era of islamic justice. Chaos will usher in the arrival of this eschatology figure, the redeemer of islam who will change the world into a perfect islamic society.

Here's a link so you can educate yourself on the islamic doomsday prophesy.

Iranian clerics, Ahmadinejad and his cabinet members have signed a contract pledging themselves to work for the return of the Mahdi.
This is the mind of the man with a nuke!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Beginning of the end for Michigan?

Today's CAIR email was "swelling with pride" as they announced the appointment of America's first female muslim judge to sit on the 3rd circuit court in Wayne County. We all know Michigan is the home to this nations largest muslim population touting the first city to have 5 daily calls to prayer broadcast from loud speakers atop the mosque minaret. But I digress, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm made the appointment and we'll just watch and see how things play out in the years to come. Personally, I'm perplexed. On the one hand I believe if islam has any chance of a secular reformation it will be the devout and educated women leading the charge. On the other hand, I go back to the CAIR quotes and the teachings of the koran. Every muslim country proves the incompatibility between islam and democracy. We only need to rewind a couple weeks when an Afghan court nearly executed a man for leaving the faith.
Am I being a chicken little on this issue? Maybe, but you put all these issues together and this great nation will no longer be the land of the free!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Inmates have a right to oxen & camel

The insanity keeps flowing from the dismal state of "Taxsachusetts". Check it, a muslim prisoner sued the state because his religious rights are being violated. The fact that he is being housed and fed for the balance of his natural life is not enough for one Rashad Rasheed, an inmate serving a life sentence at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center. Rasheed, a nation of islam member, sued in 2000 when the prison changed food service providers and muslim prisoners started receiving lamb and fish on the two holy days to which Rasheed deemed inappropriate. The state court agreed and found no reason why the prison could not comply with the request. The court also ruled that poor old Rasheed could in fact have a bulky prayer rug and scented prayer oil. The attorneys for the prison said contraband could be hidden in the rug and the oil masked the smell of marijuana. So let me get this straight, a convict serving life has more religious rights than Massachusetts public school children? Nice..... The lifer gets a camel for eid al-fitr and the school kids get "winter break".

Say good-bye to Karnak

Last week the grand mufti in Egypt issued a fatwa declaring the exhibition of statues in homes as unislamic. This edict has art lovers and historians rushing for clarity in an attempt to prevent the destruction of millennia old statues by crazy jihadis. Now this fatwa trumps an edict issued more than 100 years ago that permitted the private display of statues after the practice had been condemned as a pagan custom. The grand mufti did not include the many temples and statues that litter the Egyptian landscape, but, the mind of a over zealous jihadi is dangerously unpredictable. Moderates in the country say this fatwa could throw islam back into the dark ages. If they want to move islam out of the dark ages, issue a fatwa condemning female genital mutilation.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

NBC trying to make UP the news again - Target: NASCAR

Alright, this is going to far. Michelle Malkin has email correspondence from a muslim activist looking for arab men willing to attend non-muslim events such as NASCAR, and film the reactions of those attending. It appears NBC contacted Tarek El-Messidi, a Tennessee muslim activist, looking for willing participants.

They want to do the same thing 2 or 3 other times (in various parts of the USA) with one or two Muslim men in each setting. They are looking for men who actually "look Muslim". They want a guy with no foreign accent whatsoever, a good thick beard, an outgoing personality, and someone willing to wear a kufi/skullcap during the filming.

Apparently NBC already filmed 2 turbaned sikh men attending a football game, and they had a couple of burka clad sisters, a.k.a. arm candy, for the lucky candidates.
What really irks me is that they're targeting NASCAR because fans are stereotyped as rednecks. Well, I'm a NASCAR fan and have been since the early 70's. Maybe these fans are more patriotic and God fearing. If you tune in to the opening moments, prior to the famous "gentlemen, start your engines", you'll hear the national anthem and an invocation from a local pastor. This is the only sport with it's own religious outreach, The Chapel at the Tracks, as it was called in the "olden days". Today it's known as Raceway Ministries.
It seems NBC is trying to capitalize on the poll results showing Americans see islam in a negative light by staging these muslim props in non-muslim events. How desperate are they for ratings?
This isn't the first time NBC has set up the news. Do you remember the canoe girl?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Suicide bomber at Tim Hortons

Details are being suppressed surrounding an explosion at a Tim Hortons coffee shop in Toronto yesterday. Employees and patrons observed a man entering the popular donut & coffee shop at the intersection of Yonge and Bloor streets and then going directly to the restroom. A number of witnesses described seeing something strapped to his upper body or otherwise visible through his outer clothing, a bomb perhaps? Hmmmm. It gets better. There's a strong indication the explosive material was TATP the same substance used by Joel Henry Hinnrichs, you remember him, he was the guy who blew himself up outside Oklahoma University stadium October 1st, 2005. It seems the OPP are taking a page from the FBI's "nothing to see here" play book. The official statement is the suspect's objective was arson (even though there was very little smoke) or suicide. Well, I'd say he succeeded. Always PC, the OPP aren't even commenting on the national origin or racial makeup of the bomber. What are the odds he was a disgruntled Jewish baker seaching to retaliate for lost business? Look out Krispy Kreams.

5 Saudi woman get sex change

Oh what's an uma to do when you've had enough of a male dominated society? You become a man. It'll be interesting to see what sharia has to say about this loophole. Will they be able to receive full inheritance? Will their testimony still be 1/2 that of real men? Is this a 21st century solution to a 7th century problem? Surely mohammad didn't see this coming, perhaps we should
ask the imam!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Borders Waldenbooks Boycott

Friends of mine know I'm the boycott queen. I don't shop at Target, I don't buy Yoplait and I refuse to patronize Starbucks just to name a few of the causes that make me feel better. That being said, my new crusade is against Borders Waldenbooks. Bowing to the threat of islamic reprisals, Borders / Waldenbooks are electing not to stock a magazine that has published the dreaded mohammad cartoons. The Free Inquiry published four of the cartoons in the April / May edition and a Borders spokesman said "For us, the safety and security of our customers and employees is a top priority, and we believe that carrying this issue could challenge that priority" Translation, "we are afraid, very afraid!" This is not the only type of submission Borders engages in, and I challenge you to check for yourself, the koran is located on the top shelf in accordance to islamic law. Nice...

You would think a company that makes it's money off freedom of press wouldn't be actively censoring itself out of fear and the threat of violence. Who is going to stand up for free speech if we can't count on a book store? No other group commands more rights and tolerance, not out of past repression but out of fear. Boycotts, law suits and the threat of violence are the weapons muslims use to gain rights and respect. And businesses cave, who want bad press?

Where does this islamic activism stem? I have a theory. The muslim community has low self esteem. We all know the muslim faith is based on deeds, works and total obedience to the stringent laws in the koran. If allah commands it and I fail how can I ever be worthy to enter paradise? If it wasn't possible to achieve why would allah command it? In the eyes of allah I must be a horrible creature because I continue to fail in my obedience to his requirements. A muslims entire life is centered on gaining entrance to paradise. Everything I need to know in relation to ones life is based in the koran. How, where and when I pray, what I can wear, when I can have sex. You're even allowed to tell a lie, kill and take slaves. How's that for a moral compass? Is it any wonder they can't live up to those types of expectations? There is no saving grace, no forgiveness. You can't even have a personal relationship with the god of islam, it's blasphemy. If everthing you did was based on whether or not you went to heaven it would make one angry and insane. What muslims fail to see, or aren't allowed to believe, is that we are imperfect beings prone to temptation and failure. Where does a muslim go when they sin? Hell, Christians go to God and ask to be forgiven.