Thursday, December 06, 2007

CAIR opposes NYFD & DHS anti-terror partnership

For many years now, CAIR has been very outspoken in their claims of patriotism. They can be seen and heard touting the concerns of the muslim community on every social issue. The latest crisis for the unindicted co-conspirator just so happens to involve New York city firefighters and the department of homeland security.

Since 9/11, mailmen, meter readers and cable installers have been asked to report anything suspicious. It's the unofficial post 9/11 edict "if you see some thing, say some thing". Well this too could be hampered by law suits if CAIR believes a "John Doe" fireman insulted islam because he reported seeing bags of ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel in the living room of a Brooklyn apartment.

CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper agreed firefighters should report on anything they encounter that's clearly illegal. "But you don't want firefighters as spies, so to speak, who are using almost warrantless searches to enter homes and to look for things that they're not really supposed to be looking for," and "You have to be able to trust firefighters, that they're not coming there to do you harm, to spy on you. They're coming there to save you. And this policy could break down that link."

Who, in the islamic community, will be afraid to call the fire department after this policy is fully operational? Law abiding citizens, be them Jew, Christian or muslim, have nothing to fear if you're playing by the rules. We already have laws in place to punish those who discriminate or bring false charges. CAIR peddles the victim-hood mentality, Jesse Jackson style. What CAIR and Hoop seem to forget is America's a nation of laws, unlike the tyrannical muslim states in the middle east.

I hope the Michael Savage lawsuit against this terror front group can put a dent in their ability to terrorize our efforts to safeguard this great nation.

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