Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blame Israel for islamic woes

Today's whine-o-gram included an op-ed published in the Wichita Eagle. The author, Maher Musleh, rebuts a July 24th editorial opinion suggesting we leave Iraq because of the civil war.
The op-ed titled "DON'T CAST BLAME ON MUSLIMS" serves to cast blame to the creation of the State of Israel. Musleh claims all this islamic madness was "started by the creation of Israel as a Western solution to the plight of the European Jews, which robbed the Palestinian Arabs (Muslims, Christians and Jews) of their rights to their land." (You must read the comments regarding the op-ed)

It sounds like Musleh attended the Holocaust Denial conference in Iran. The article goes on ignoring basic facts and continues to promote the lie that land was "stolen" from the palestinian arabs for the Zionist cause.

Hundreds of acres of swamp land that was sold to Jews at 10 times market value from private, absentee land owners. The author is either intentionally misleading readers or he's completely ignorant of the truth.

There's no mention of the chaos going on in Gaza since the Jews left. So much for the whole idea of self governing.

Maher Musleh has an agenda, as chairperson of the Wichita Chapter of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, it's his job to defend islam. This statement from the article speaks volumes about the lack of civility in the muslim world; "cultures that conflate religion and government cannot tolerate American-style democracy." By perpetuating the muslim victim mentality, to ignorant masses, reflects responsibility that solely belongs to those who inflict murderous carnage in the name of their god. Placing blame on America's support for the State of Israel is not the cause of islamic bedlam. At some point the islamic community needs realise the culpability is of their own making.

Exploiting "Jew hatred" as a rationale for the violent, intolerant actions of muslims won't solve the issues plaguing the islamic community. From within change is the only way islam can survive. Extending the tolerance they demand and ending the violence is a giant step toward obtaining the goal that all religions can live in peace.

Monday, July 23, 2007

CAIR continues to rattle the islamic cage

The CAIR whine-o-gram arrived in my inbox around 7am. As usual, I perused the headlines, looking for an issue to which I can opine. Most emails, at first glance, appear to to be chuck full of oppression, abuses and racism. If the media headlines are balanced it will be replaced to incite, what CAIR sees, as the truth behind the report. Most times a news item will be listed 2,3 or 4 times (from different news outlets) in the same whine-o-gram and to the untrained eye it gives the impression there really is an assault on the muslim community in America. Many times the article headline will be changed ever so slightly by CAIR, in their whine-o-gram, to further inflate the issue.

One such news item I've been watching is the federal complaint filed (with CAIRs help) against Swift & Company on behalf of muslim Somali workers at the plant in Nebraska. The complaint alleges verbal and physical harassment, by supervisors and coworkers, over the "right" to leave the production line for sunset prayers.

In May 120 muslim employees quit because they were not allowed to take a break and complete the obligatory sunset prayer. Pointing out others were given permission to use the bathroom or smoke as examples of religious discrimination. The company explains that unscheduled breaks are not the norm and those who routinely ask for breaks are reprimanded. 70 of those returned to work the next week.

The company not only has to deal with the muslim "victim hood" environment instilled by special interest groups, but the union as well. The union seems, in this case to be perplexed on how to approach the issue. Its not their typical grievance to say the least. I've seen unions at work, pandering to the workforce, cultivating an atmosphere of an "us against them" mindset and blatant entitlement attitude. The local union president admits an inability solve this dilemma, saying he had not heard of many Somali workers being fired or harassed since May. Prayer breaks are not in the contract, he said, but he hopes to revisit the issue in negotiations in 2010.

One of the victims leading the charge had this to say; "I would never forgive myself and God would not forgive me if I do not pray on time because I want to earn some money," His god would not forgive him.......interesting.

Donald Selzer, Swift & Co. attorney, explained basis surrounding the firing; "These people are absolutely entitled to pray, and they should not be interfered with for doing so. But on the other hand, the only situations that I've been made aware of are people that walk off the job without permission, and that's a different kind of an issue." Kind of sums it up right there.

I have a feeling the union is all to happy to let Swift handle this, maybe by 2010 when contract negotiations begin, one of the problems will be gone.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Jerusalem without the dome

On Friday, Skye Puppy told us of her visit to see the Dead Sea Scrolls in San Diego. I commented on my desire to visit Israel and if the exhibit makes it to Ohio, I'm there.
Well, I found the tour schedule and much to my chagrin, the exhibit had already passed through Columbus last November.

Anyway, Skye's post was really insightful and pointed to a few instances where political correctness has replaced common sense.

A picture of Jerusalem without the dome of the rock (aka the mosque of omar) is a beautiful site. One day the Holy Temple of God will replace the dome and usher in the Messiah. For Christians this will be the Second Coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He will reign over the world from the seat of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

The mosque of omar, that now occupies the site of the House of God, was build on the rock of Abraham and Isaac. So much historical and archaeological evidence points to the Jewish right to claim the land of Israel as given to them by God. But the islamic death cult followers deny Jewish existence entirely.

The islamic religion believes Jesus will indeed return. However, He will be a muslim and descends to meet the army of the mahdi (12th imam) which will be preparing for battle. The mahdi will ask Jesus to lead the prayers, Jesus will defer instead to the mahdi. In keeping with his islamic identity, he will perform the ritual pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj). According to islamic tradition , Jesus’ sole purpose will be to oversee the institution and enforcement of islamic sharia law the world over.

That’s surely not what you were taught in Sunday school, CCD or PSR. A bit scary huh? This is what muslims believe and it’s why the madman ruling Iran is so dangerous.

Below is a picture of the ruins of Massada, (also spelled Masada) 3000+ years of Jewish history yet muslims deny their history in the region. I came across a great site a few years ago. It explains the history of Israel and dispels many of the myths (and lies) disseminated over the years.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

CAIR's jihad with Dunkin' Donuts

In Friday's whine-o-gram, Americas favorite muslim civil rights group is planning to sue Dunkin' Donuts. It seems "donut" corporate discriminated against Walid Elkhatib (a non-Christian) based on his race (he must be black, yellow or white because islam is NOT a race) by making the sale of breakfast sandwiches with bacon, ham or sausage a mandatory part of his franchise agreement.

The palestinian arab has refused to sell the sandwiches with meat because ham, sausage and bacon are pork products. Elkhatib has been a franchise owner since 1979. In 1984 the stores began selling breakfast sandwiches and because of his religion, the company accommodated him with a sign stating "Meat Products Not Available" for the window of his store. And for 20 years all was well. In 2002 the parent company told Elkhatib he would not be able to relocate a store or renew his franchisee agreements due to his failure to carry the full product line. Period.

What's the problem with this guy? Could it be he's trying to capitalize on the use of our legal system, seeing more and more muslims in this country acquire "special" rights when they threaten to sue, especially when it's written on CAIR letterhead.

I'm so sick of special privileges for this group of folks who come to America to be a part of the "American Dream" but on their terms and within the tenets of their beliefs. The American dream needs to be ammended to fit the middle eastern hole they crawled out of.

This man was able to obtain a Dunkin' Donut store, and this IS America, venture back out there and find a franchise that doesn't conflict with your religion.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Federal court overturns wiretap ruling!

The Good Guys Win One Against CAIR!

The federal appeals court, in a 2 to 1 vote found the plaintiffs could not prove they were harmed by the federal wiretap program. Reporting in the Detroit Free Press yesterday, the 6th Circuit in Cincinnati overturned the Detroit court ruling that the Bush administration’s wiretapping program was unconstitutional. CAIR was seething with this "breaking news" in a late day whine-o-gram. So much for claiming they're "American" muslims living in "patriotic" islamic communities.

The liberal rag Washington Times printed this headline; Court backs Bush's spying, the fairness doctrine would come in handy and help the Times report the news without bias.

Today in CAIR’s daily whine-o-gram, they lamented the decision. Dawud Walid, head of the Michigan branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations, one of the co-plaintiffs, said: “It’s a shame that the court overturned the decision… what the executive branch was doing was unconstitutional.”

Kary Moss, the ACLU Michigan branch head made this brilliant statement; “one of the reasons the plaintiffs had difficulty proving they were being adversely affected was that the government has kept information about the wiretapping program a secret”

Yes, that’s why they called it a “secret program” morons. It’s a great victory for this war on terror.

Friday, July 06, 2007

You can't have it both ways!

Last month, Skye Puppy posted a piece about an Episcopal priest who claimed she was both a Christian and a muslim. Today in CAIR's daily whine-o-gram, they lamented the Episcopal decision that she will not be able to serve as a priest for a year, according to her bishop.

Redding was scheduled to teach part time as an assistant professor at Jesuit-run Seattle University this fall. Needless to say, plans have changed. One can just imagine how confused her students would be upon hearing her rhetoric?

The Seattle Times reported in an email, from the Rt. Rev. Geralyn Wolf, to Episcopal Church leaders; Redding is expected to "reflect on the doctrines of the Christian faith, her vocation as a priest, and what I see as the conflicts inherent in professing both Christianity and Islam," .

It's about time someone stood up to this nonsense and I applaud the church leaders, however, I see a lawsuit in their future.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The unmolested truth!

Below you'll find the comments section from my latest fan, infidel & kafir watch. The post will undoubtedly be twisted by the blogs creator.

This is the topic du Jour taken from the post I commented at the infidel & kafir watch blog. After posting my comment, I copied them before he goes ahead and changes them to reflect an acceptance of his rhetoric and the islamic tenets.

I find this so amazing. I've never had a comment deleted let alone, changed by the blog curator. If you have some time to kill, take a minute and look at his site. You'll get a glimpse of mindset of those evil monsters whose endeavor was to wreak terror and havoc in the United Kingdom.

1. Ahmed Ismail - July 2, 2007
Zionists are the source of all these atrocities committed against innocents in the Arab world. They`re not gonna rest till they get their so-called Promised Land. And believe me, even if they get that land, it won`t be enough for them. But what I know is that they will never get what they want.
2. infidelkafirwatch - July 2, 2007
They think they are the best of planners, but for sure Allah (swt) is the best planner of all.
3. janice - July 3, 2007
muslims dwell in being the “perpetual victim” never trying to advance themselves. Violence and evil is inbreed in the islamic world. Building the ummah though violence and destruction.
Go ahead and twist the word like you’ve done in the past.

Monday, July 02, 2007

islamic jihad, it's not a "bumper sticker" war either

The UK terror activities this past weekend should be a sobering wake-up call to America and the west. Is there any doubt these islamic death cult followers mean what they say and say what they mean? We've been warned for decades of their ultimate goal and watch in horror each time their threats come to fruition. Still there are those who continue to stick their head in the sand and refuse to see the evil living among us. Drawing a moral equivalence between religions, ever mindful not to insult anyone.

Media coverage of the events in London is so politically correct and bias. I knew immediately these acts were perpetrated by members of the religion of peace. Once the names were released the MSM refused to link them to radical islam. While flames shot from the body of the Jeep jihadi at Glasgow airport, witnesses heard the red hot radical shouting allah al Akbar. Identifying the suspects and linking them by religion isn’t racist its reality (islam isn’t a race but don't tell CAIR that). They themselves proudly admit to committing these murderous, evil deeds in allah’s name.

Taking the enemy at their word seems to be the best course of action. The Internet is full of jihadist sites promoting the destruction of us infidels and our way of life. RoP faithful have set up a network of sites that include bomb making instructions and words of encouragement from the "cave" in Pakistan. Jihadi snuff films and photos of their handiwork are posted for like-minded martyrs in the making. All one has to do is look at sites to see their ultimate goal and what our future holds. Their actions are quite clear, we need to take them at their word.

Fervent sermons encourage followers to cause unbelievable devastation leading to the complete annihilation of our way of life. The imams who spew abhorrence of the west while reaping the benefits of their western host countries. Advancing 7th century ideas and beliefs designed to envelope the socially and economically disenfranchised, or so we're told, but not in all cases. As we witnessed Sunday, two of the suspects arrested in the UK were doctors. I guess we can ignore the concept of only the uneducated and poverty stricken being lured into jihad. Lets not forget OBL's right hand man is a doctor.

Raising terror alerts and again asking the public to be vigilant, to report suspicious activity, we hold our breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. The president and DHS secretary cite the “if you see something, say something” campaign, asking the public to be aware of their surroundings. However, if we see a person of middle eastern descent acting odd and report them, we run the risk of being sued by CAIR for profiling. Because of this threat our government is careful not to offend the thin-skinned islamic faith by continuing patting grandma down and giving Ahmed the OK to board the plane. And heaven forbid our CIA or FBI start monitoring mosques looking for sleeper cells or imams who incite violence.

Radical islam declared war on the west a few decades ago, now we need to start fighting back. We can learn from the past that appeasement doesn’t work. Our leaders need to be courageous enough to identify evil and crush it where it breeds.