Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A white woman enters the jihad

I was cruising the periodicals and panned this nugget from tomorrows edition, Times of London. It seems the jihadis are trying to recruit white converts because they can evade detection before they carry out their attacks. Great, just when you thought you knew who to profile. Read it and know the enemy.,,7374-1898856,00.html


Urgent notice, you may have purchased a "holiday" tree. If you're a Christian and plan on celebrating the birth of our Lord you may want to look at the receipt to be certain you didn't get "hood winked". I'm not kidding, next time you're out take a look at the advertisements. Retailers like Lowes, have been selling fresh cut holiday trees in place of the traditional Christmas tree. Why is this a big deal? If you haven't noticed, war has been declared against anything Christian in this country. The incidents are to numerous to list in this post. Basically it comes down to a company covering their derriere. They hire sensitivity trainers to audit their operation and make recommendations. Task one is erasing any sign of Christianity. If retailers want to be "sensitive and inclusive" (which usually means free from the threat of lawsuits by the ACLU) then don't sell any trees! Let's face some basic facts here and address the elephant in the room. It's a pine or spruce decorated with lights and ornaments purchased in December. It's a Christmas tree. You don't call a menorah a candelabra as not to offend non-Jews, right? Being sensitive and inclusive to Jews, muslims and agnostics regarding the sale of a Christmas tree is hypocritical, they're not in the market to purchase a Christmas tree because they don't celebrate Jesus Christ birth, duh!
Christians or celebrants of Christmas are 85% of the population and I'm offended when I see "Fresh Cut Holiday Tree" signs. I am making it a point to visit those retailers and ask them " hey, where do you keep your Christmas trees?" When they show me to their holiday trees I will tell them they are advertising holiday trees and I want a Christmas tree. Obviously they will not get my business and it is my hope the salesman will be embarrassed enough to challenge corporate authority. Will I bring down the evil secularist who want to destroy the religious heritage of the Greatest Nation on Gods Green Earth? No, but maybe the people that I annoy with Merry Christmas salutations and my season long search for a Christmas tree among the holiday trees will be moved to make changes.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The messiah is here! And he's the Iranian President!

I am not even kiddin'! Check it, while addressing the UN, Iran's president Ahmadinejad was surrounded by "light".
I was hoping it was from a Delta Force laser scope. Read it for yourself.

Black muslims in Oakland

It appears the Nation of Islam has taken to kidnapping and arson. Is this the intafada in America? I grabbed this nugget from a great website, it has a lot of great tidbits you won't see in the MSM. You might want to add it to your fav's and check it!

Black Muslims in Oakland - Last Week: Vandalism

This Week: Kidnapping & Arson

29 November 2005: Last Wednesday, a group of about a dozen black Muslims wearing suits and bow ties - attired in the same fashion as members of the Nation of Islam, brazenly vandalized two Oakland, California liquor stores, terrorizing the store clerks and warning them not to sell liquor to blacks and black Muslims. Using metal pipes, the men smashed cooler doors, swept numerous bottles of liquor from store shelves and knocked over food displays. The attacks took place at the New York Market at 3446 Market Street in Oakland, and the San Pablo Liquor Store, 2363 San Pablo Avenue, also in Oakland. Although attired like the members of the Nation of Islam headed by Louis Farrakhan whose signature garb consists of dark suits and bow ties, investigation suggests that the perpetrators are associated with a group of radical black Muslims once led by now-deceased Yusef Bey (born Joseph Stevens in 1935). Bey's group operates Your Black Muslim Bakery Store Chain located at 5832 San Pablo Avenue, also in Oakland. Bey and his followers have a long history of violence associated with their group, which was allegedly inspired by the Nation of Islam. Just last month, Yusef Bey's son and successor to lead the group of radicals was slain in an assassination-style hit. Bey reportedly discovered the Nation of Islam in 1964 and met with their leader, Elijah Muhammad on numerous occasions, also taking the advice of Muhammad to locate in Oakland. A thorough and extensive historical account of Bey and his group of black Muslims is located at this LINK.

More Violence
Yesterday, the owner of the New York Market that was vandalized last Wednesday, Tony HAMDAN, was kidnapped and his store set ablaze, destroying the establishment. HAMDAN was found locked in the trunk of a blue car in the parking lot of the Safeway store on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito about 1:40 P.M. He did not appear to be harmed during the abduction. Although Oakland police have not publicly admitted a direct connection between last week's "attacks" and the arson and kidnapping, sources privately stated that there is a direct connection between the events, the perpetrators are some of the same individuals who terrorized the establishments, and about a half-dozen arrest warrants have been or will be issued for the men identified on the surveillance footage from the stores.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Wacko Jacko building a mosque

Jackson may lose his head to the imams if he thinks he'll be able to continue exploting little ones in the madrasa he's funding. Check it, this little "nugget" won't be told in the U.S.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Momma Moonbat book signing

I picked this "nugget" from another blogger. Click the link and you'll see momma Sheehan waiting for her fans.
At some point you got to feel a little embarrassed for her.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Give Thanks........

Most of us in America will give thanks tomorrow. Many parents will ask their children to recite a prayer before the feast. Others will spout those silly words of grace we've all heard one time or another. And some will skip the pre-meal expressions of gratitude altogether. When I take my seat tomorrow I will be reminded of the many reasons I am thankful. As I look around the table I will be thankful to be surrounded by my family and the meal we will share. I am thankful for this great country and to have been born an American. I am thankful for the alarm clock that rings at 4:30 am everyday, it means I have a job. I am thankful for the mortgage payment every month, it means I have a home. I am thankful the pain I feel in my back, it means I can walk. I am thankful for the church bells I hear, it means I am free to worship in peace.
Across this great nation there will be families with a loved one who has made the choice to serve their country. Those brave men and women will be sharing a meal in a far away land and some will be in communion with Our Lord. In between the turkey and the pumpkin pie, give thanks to those missing from the dinner table.

Happy Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving is upon us and most are not quite ready for what tomorrow will bring. I, for one, will not be doing the cooking this year. At first I was excited, not having to get up at the crack of dawn to start what will be 18 hours of kitchen duty. Then, as the week progressed I got panicky. I kept asking myself, "what am I going to do?" No bird to prepare, no pies to bake, no rolls to watch, no potatoes to peel, nothing to stuff! Finally I felt a rush of happiness came over me, this year I will be able to give my host the same gratification I have been receiving all these years. She will receive the accolades and praise that I so selfishly held onto all these years. So this year I will give thanks to my host and hope she feels the same satisfaction from a job well done! Thanks Care........

What every American stadium needs, a muslim prayer room

Appeasement at it's finest. After a football game broke out at a prayer meeting at Giants stadium on September 19 2005, the offended muslims did what they do best, (besides blow themselves up!) they got CAIR to file a lawsuit. Rather than go through a long expensive trial, the NJ sports and Exposition Authority caved. Here's the story

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Monday, November 21, 2005

Vatican to take possesion of David's tomb?

I've been watching this "nugget" of news for about a year. The following is from Israel National News.
An official Vatican newspaper has reported that during his upcoming visit to the Vatican, President Moshe Katsav will sign an agreement giving parts of David’s Tomb over to papal control.If such an agreement is signed, it will put an end to drawn out negotiations that began in 1998. Israeli and Vatican representatives began discussing issues of jurisdiction over certain sites around seven years ago. These sites include various buildings and parcels of land that the Catholic church claims it used to control. The church is now seeking to reclaim its ownership of these sites. Among the places under debate is an area that the church refers to as the site of the “last supper,” which is situated at the burial site of Kings David, Solomon, Rechavam, Assa, Chezekiyahu and Amatzia.The Vatican newspaper, El Messagero, reports that President Katsav is expected to sign an agreement during his visit that will give the church control over the upper part of David’s Tomb. The church has already shown Israel a trial agreement, according to which the Vatican will receive control over this part of David’s Tomb in exchange for the ancient synagogue in Toledo, Spain, which was converted into a church after the expulsion of the Jews in 1492.In response to the newspaper’s report, an official from the Foreign Ministry states “Israel is not prepared to relinquish its jurisdiction over this area.” At the same time, they admit that a blueprint of a possible agreement with the Vatican has been received.

Newdow strikes again!

Right on the heels of the controversial "Under God" decision by the ninth "circus" court in California, self proclaimed atheist, Michael Newdow "ain't lettin no moss grow under his feet"! This pathetic little man is attempting to strip our religious heritage from our currency. "The phase In God We Trust excludes people who don't believe in God", claims Newdow.
This, man, is so very sad. He must have been ignored or beat up in school. Why would he spend all this time and money fighting the clear majority in this country? Have you ever been to court? Do you know how much it cost to file a lawsuit and appeals? Lots of money! I have an idea for the ACLU and folks like Michael Newdow, instead of worrying about stripping the cross from the LA county seal and taking God out of our pledge, they should use their funds and create organizations that promote their values. If their views are so widely held then the support should be enormous, no? Gather signatures, get your agenda on the ballot and let the people decide. Sure would be far less expensive. However, they wouldn't obtain the desired results. The only way for them to win is through litigation not legislation.
I wonder what Newdow is using to pay for these legal filings? He's not excluded when he cashes his pay check or has his hand out and accepts donations (as meager as they may be) from like minded folks. Or does he say no thanks, I'll take mine in coconuts!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Kofi "Don" Annan puts the squeeze on the U.S.

After the "Oil for food scram" you'd think Kofi would want to fade into the shadows. But like any good patriarch he's taking care of business.
With this issue now on the agenda for the UN one can only suppose they ended that pesky little genocide and hunger problem over in Africa. And thank goodness thay put Iran in check and longer seeking nuclear weapons. And it's wonderful to see everyone displaced by the tsunami in Indonesia has a home. NOT!
I pick this nugget from yahoo news,

The renovation, now expected to cost $1.6 billion, has been slowed by political wrangling in the New York State Legislature, which refused to approve one element of the plan. It has also become a popular target for U.N. critics in Congress, who claim the project is emblematic of a bloated bureaucracy.
Louis Reuter, the American who was appointed in June to lead the stalled project, said the price for his new proposal was a good deal — about $411 per square foot, compared to average Manhattan prices of between $550-$650.
"The only thing that has happened to us is time," Reuter told the media after his report was released. "The costs are completely competitive. They're dependable, they're reliable."
Because U.N. member nations will have to pay for the renovation, Reuter's plan must gain approval from the U.N. General Assembly.
But it could face resistance in Congress.
The United States, which pays 22 percent of the U.N. general budget, would have to pick up about $350 million of the renovation.

Definitions to help you

Good day bloggers. Last night I could hardly sleep wondering what I would post today. I had at least 20 different topics to pontificate. As I formed the outline in my head, I began to realize some of the words or phases might be confusing and may prevent you from getting IT. Then it hit me, I can post some definitions to help us understand where the thread is going. So here we go,
Thread - Topic discussions and comments
Blog - it's a WEB LOG
RoP - This is the "Religion of Peace" Islam
Moonbat - Refers to someone sooooo far left they're to the right of the right
Fever Swamp - This is where the moonbats live and breed
AraFish - This is of course the former leader of the palestinians
Turtle Bay Crime Family - None other than the UN secretary general and his cohorts
This should be enough to get us started. Have a great day and don't forget to visit our ads!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Welcome to my space

Welcome to my blog. This little space on the web will be my intellectual outlet and maybe I can pass on some news that you won't see or hear from the MSM. (mainstream media)
This is NOT my day job, so I apologize now if this venture is mediocre. With time and your help we'll have fun and if we're not careful, we might learn something.