Thursday, January 31, 2008

Savage vs CAIR update

On Wednesday the unindicted terror coconspirator filed a motion to “throw out” the baseless lawsuit citing in part; “Viewed in its entirety, Savage’s Complaint is simply a camouflaged defamation or disparagement claim dressed as bogus copyright and RICO claims."

If you’ve been following the case from the beginning then you know CAIR struck first by issuing “Action Alert 522”. By taking the comments out of context, CAIR went about the business of intimidating Savage Nation show sponsors. Savage contends, CAIR is using a sound-bite of his copyrighted material for fund raising, membership drives and contributions. (the play button is right next to the subscribe-donate link) What CAIR was unprepared for was a lawsuit. Unlike the legions of past CAIR victims, responded to this degradation crusade by taking them to court.

CAIR legal counsel Nadhira Al-Khalili had this to say; “Michael Savage’s frivolous and baseless lawsuit is a direct attack on First Amendment freedoms and on any citizen’s right to comment on public issues,” and “His suit is an abuse of the judicial system and a transparent attempt to punish those who challenge his hate-filled rhetoric.”

An abuse of the judical system only applies to those filing cases against CAIR. The few times when CAIR has been challenged, they end up settling out of court or find themselves on the losing end.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

hamas planned Egyptian border demolition

Egypt has a few more residents thanks to hamas

Israel National News is reporting the Israeli "collective punishment" had nothing to do with the demolition. Abu Usama, hamas terrorist commander, claimed months of planning went into this operation. And Egypt no intentions of honoring Israel’s demands to seal the border.

This exodus from Gaza, for the most part, is to load up on weapons. The scenes of refugees crossing the border mask the terrorist who'll return armed to the teeth ready to rain terror on Israeli citizens.

The State of the Union

Last night we watched some of some of President Bush's speech. I say some, because I couldn't stomach the total disrespect shown to our commander in chief.

Fox News Channel panned the crowd, occasionally focusing on B. Hussein Obama and Ted Kennedy, after all the big story of the day was the drunken murderer had thrown his support Obama's way. Like all the dems, these two appeared to be unimpressed and blase. Speaker, "San Fran Nan", seemed toned down. I expected her to be more expressive with her discontent. Others were not so polite, disgust clearly shown on the faces across the isle.

I found the bipartisanship contemptuous. As republicans applauded the successes of this administration, democrats sat in protest. How juvenile.

One of the issues that impact me, besides protecting our nation, is the tax cuts. I do taxes for family and friends. When I lived in Cleveland, I established quite a clientele. Before the computer was disabled I transferred all the tax files to Cd's. As I gathered those discs this morning I came across one of the folks who truly benefited from the Bush tax cuts. The woman had 2 children and was claiming only one and her ex. claimed the other. The bottom line was she had a negative federal tax rate. The federal tax paid in 2006 was $2600.00. Her federal refund was $6400.00. That's a negative tax rate.

My federal tax rate was 10.72% last year, I am a blessed middle class tax payer. Example after example show the tax cuts made by this administration show the lower and middle class HAVE benefited from this cuts. When the democrats denounce the tax cuts, claiming it profits only the upper class and evil corporations. How can they assert such propaganda when company's are taxed to the teeth and family's making less than 25k a year have a negative tax rate?

The tax cuts are working and profit the middle class and the working poor. Tax cuts for corporations keep them in America and employ Americans. The United States have the highest corporate taxes in the developed world. If you want American company's to stay in America give them an incentive to do so.

And one more thing. No matter who the president is, republican or democrat, there has to be an expression of respect for the office they hold.

Friday, January 25, 2008

CAIR; Action Alert # 530

Another "Action Alert" calling for raised awareness at Friday prayers. In addition to the sample letter urging representatives to end the Gaza blockade, CAIR has appealed to imams across the country to enlist the services of the ummah. There's a lot of local news outlets that need to hear from concerned muslims. The CAIR mock-up letter has sutble threats; "American taxpayers provide Israel with billions of dollars of economic support each year, we have the right to demand that those funds not be used to increase human suffering. Silence on this issue will only serve to increase the perception worldwide that our nation cares little for the suffering of the Palestinian people. This perception that the U.S. abets cruel and inhumane treatment of civilian populations provides fodder for anti-Americanism that may threaten the security of the United States."

Any candidate looking for votes or believe appeasement is a viable war tactic, will put pressure on the president to act.

Yes, the Gazans need your help to end the illegal blockade and restore essential services. Then kasam rockets can fly once again into Israel. Right now, the citizens of Gaza broached the border fence with Egypt and threaten to disrupt their social balance. When hamas isn't blowing up Israelis, they're blowing holes in neighboring country's sovereignty. I guess that's what democratically elected terrorists officials do for their constituents so they can flee the country.

Why does CAIR feels compelled to jump into this issue? Maybe to take the heat off muslim countries who have done nothing to aid the "occupied" palestinians. Since the State of Israels rebirth, neighboring nations have assisted in only passing out refugee tents and holding out hope that you'll soon use your house keys again. If I were a "refugee" for 60 years in a nation that refuses to offer citizenship, maybe I'd think about moving.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

CAIR; Action Alert # 529

Sound the social alarms, "Action Alert #529", CAIR needs our help to save palestinians and allow them to continue firing kasam rockets into Israel.

CAIR is calling on "American Muslims and other people of conscience to urge their elected officials to immediately intervene to put an end to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza." As with all action alerts, CAIR has all the contact information and talking points at the end of the statement. And remember, be polite....

This is nothing new. Israel has used this to quell the violence in Gaza many times in the past. It's called collective punishment. Once again, the palestinians hold the key to ending the violence and deprivation. One Gaza shopkeeper had this to say; "Do you really believe the rockets will stop because of this blackout?" And hamas spokesman, Sami abu Zuhri, said the group would not halt its attacks. So who's really in control of their future?

This clearly shows the CAIR bias. I have yet to hear them condemn the attacks launched every day by palestinians. Where's the rebuke by CAIR?

Raise the terror alert, it's another muslim holy day!

Nothing to see here people of Queens, NY, it's just another muslim "holy day". What? You've never seen a person perform the shiite ritual flagellation before?

That's right boys and girls, it's time to grab your sharpest set of ginsu knives and head out to the center of town. With your best burka clad girl on the sidelines, giddy with pride, watching as you beat yourself to a bloody pulp.

I have to say, this is my favorite islamic holy day. Bare-chested muslims worked up into a trance like frenzy, wielding swords, chains and devices resembling a "cat of nine tails", thrashing about like wild animals. Yes, it's my favorite....

Last time I posted an islamic holy day terror alert for ashura, I had to pull photos from the middle east. Well this year I got the photos from the al-Khoei Islamic Center in Queens, NY. That's right people, right here in the good ole USA.

Got to throw a "Hat Tip" to Dinah Lord and Jihad Watch. If you got a minute, head over to Dinah Lord's blog. She's got her finger on the jihad pulse. It's a great site and we believe we may be twins, separated at birth.

Enjoy your ashura holy day, don't cut yourself. Just kidding!

Monday, January 21, 2008

CAIR: Israel lobby is blocking mideast peace

The unindicted terror coconspirator, CAIR, has the answer to achieving true mideast peace. In a nutshell, America needs to stop supporting Israel.

Nihad Awad, CAIR's national director, wrote an op-ed titled U.S. DOMESTIC ISSUES BLOCK MIDEAST PEACE. Note; the op-ed was picked up by arab news agencys and and a few lefty blogs. So much for the relevance of CAIR opinions.

Awad, in true CAIR fashion, dons the mantle of victim hood for the palestinian people, placing blame for the violence on Israel. The inability of President Bush to "stand up to a powerful domestic lobby for Israel's continued occupation of Palestinian land offers little justification for optimism." And; It should be clear to any objective observer that resolving the decades-long Mideast conflict is in the best interest of the United States. The major rallying cry of anti-American terrorists based in the Middle East and elsewhere is the perception that the United States has consistently sided with an intransigent Israel against the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

Awad (that name just fits him) continues with this nugget; In a soon-to-be-released survey, (just like the one that revealed 26% of muslims in America supported suicide bombings?) the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) found that 75 percent of American Muslim voters believe that "brokering a just Israeli-Palestinian resolution would improve America's reputation in the Muslim world." So if it is clearly in America's interest to help achieve true peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, what has kept President Bush and past president's from achieving that noble and often-stated goal?

Ooh, I know the answer! It's the inability of the palestinians to behave in a manner befitting a civilized society. Their elected leaders keep them in a perpetual state of destitution, encouraging radical imams to fuel hate and promote violence among the masses. Am I right, what do I win?

Yes, those poor palestinian people. The same ones who voted for hamas, an election certified by the anti-Semite, Jimma Carter, have spoken. In a unified voice, they opted for war and incessant deprivation. It's easier to depend on a hand out from the UN than to build a nation and join the civilized world. It's easier to lob kasam rockets into Sderot than to help build your so desired country. A welfare state hell bent on one goal, pushing Israel into the sea.

The path to peace and a two state solution is and has always been in the hands of the palestinians. It's very simple, denounce terrorism, recognize Israels right to exist and stop trying to destroy the Jews. CAIR shares the palestinian objective and use their spin doctors in an effort to influence American policy. Their threat of nationwide muslim disenfranchisement makes for a strong alliance. I pray we don't buckle under the pressure.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

CAIR optimistic in Indiana, second muslim congressman

Filling a seat left vacant by his grandmother, former rapper "Juggernaut" got the party's nod Saturday in a special election. Julia Carson served as representative for the 7th congressional district from 1996 until her death on December 15.

Andre Carson had this to say after caucus goers made their voices heard, "I'm an Indy 500 Hoosier. I'm a Covered Bridge Festival Hoosier. I'm a Black Expo Hoosier. I'm a Muslim Hoosier. But I am an American, and I love America,"

Well let's hope so. The giddiness CAIR is showing doesn't give me much hope.

The seat is Carson's to lose. Many of those he defeated plan to oppose him in the May primary. Marshall Middle School Principal Jeffery White, who received 8 caucus votes, said no one should be anointed to run for office. "It's becoming a mockery of democracy around here".

We'll have to keep an eye on the Hoosier State primary, and hope CAIR is woefully disappointed.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another senator is watching CAIR....

This week Joe Kaufman, Americans Against the Hate and CAIR Watch, attended an event hosted by the Downtown Jewish Center Chabad in Florida. Senator Joe Lieberman was "stumping" for John McCain and Kaufman was able to briefly speak to the senator. After getting his picture taken with the senator and talking to Lieberman about CAIR Watch and AAH, Kaufman got this quote, regarding CAIR activities in America, from the senator; “What I’ve heard about them alarms me.”

Joe Lieberman joins a host of other senators who've come out and stated their concern regarding the actions of this muslim civil rights group. What alarms me, is all but one of these senators are democrats; Senators Barbara Boxer, Dick Durban, Diane Feinstein, and Charles Schumer and now Joe Lieberman. Charles Grassley is the lone republican.

Why haven't we heard from more republicans?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

CAIR; Head of Racist Group to Bash Islam at Congressional Briefing

I posted about the "muslim only banks" last year, here and here. These financial institutions adhere to sharia law regarding loans and investing opportunities, under the radar they’ve been operating in the United States for a very long time. The University Islamic Financial located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been offering 0% home loans to faithful muslims in America since the late 1970's. It's only taken 20 plus years and 4 passenger planes turned in WMD's, for congress to finally assemble a presentation to investigate, question and address the legality of their business practices.

Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA) is heading up the briefing, "The Truth Behind Sharia/Islamic Finance" . Broun recently circulated a "Dear Colleague" letter inviting fellow representatives and their staff to attend the briefing, the letter claims islamic finance "violates U.S.laws" and "has supported Islamist extremists and sponsors of terrorism." Presenters David Yerushalmi and Alex Alexiev will expound on islamic finance regarding US financial laws.

Well, our favorite muslim civil rights group, CAIR has come out in an effort to silence any type of probing by our government, citing racism and islam bashing, before the event even begins. Using the "Pay to Play" news wire service, PR Newswire, CAIR issued this bulletin hoping it'll be picked up by a legitimate news source.

In short, CAIR is calling on Rep. Paul C. Broun (R-GA) "to add a balancing perspective" and "Any fair presentation of Islamic finance should exclude those who hold racist or anti-Muslim views and include actual experts on Islam," said CAIR National Legislative Director Corey Saylor. "Elected officials deserve accurate and unbiased information, not thinly-veiled bigotry." I agree, but facts are facts, and if islamic/sharia banking practices are in violation of US law, our elected officials need to know. When it comes to money and the transactions there of, there is no grey. It's clearly black and white, it make no difference who presents the information.

The briefing is so contentious it has the CAIR spin doctors attacking the presenters in an all out character assassination. CAIR claims the briefing "features two individuals known for their hostility to Islam and Muslims". Their press release is full of past associations, opinion statements and published articles painting the presenters in a less than steller light. But nothing negative regarding their ability to illustrate the facts relating to islamic finance.

Just another rant from this unindicted terror co-conspirator as the onion continues to be peeled.

An old post for a new day...

I posted this observation in March, 2006. In going through my archives, I read it and felt it needed to make another appearance. Perhaps I'll create a "best of" side bar like the one seen at Malott's Blog.

So without further ado, the post.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Salvation is a Gift

I'm going to divert ever so slightly from my normal commentaries on islam today to share an observation of wanting and sadness. A co-worker confided in me, (and anyone else who would listen I later found out) his pregnant wife left him. I expressed my sympathies and asked what happened. As the story progressed I learned the separation occurred in January and attempts on his part to reconcile (to make her love him again) only resulted in a restraining order issued by the estranged wife. Now, I realize I've only received one side of the story. But as I listened, much longer than I would have liked, I drifted in thought trying to grasp the concept of a love so enormous it borders on harassment. This man is a mess, almost a shell of his former self. Weight loss and sleepless nights are evident in his appearance. My heart goes out to him. We've all loved and lost, but we go on. Time heals the wounds and memories fade. As the day progressed I thought of his desperation, and the restraining order. To what extent was he willing to go to gain the object of his affection? I pondered further, did he want her even if she didn't want to be there, eliminating her free will?

Later that night while in reflection, I thought of the pain our Lord feels every time someone passes away without Him in their heart. God being God, he could have made us mortals totally devoted to Him, could he not? Total obedience to the Creator in a world he made perfect. But He didn't. He gave us free will and the ability to accept or reject Him. God knows all of His creations and I'd imagine His heart breaks every time one of us reject Him. But God will not keep us against our will and we, like the pregnant wife, are free to refuse the gift of His Salvation. Like this acquaintance of mine, the Lord is longing for the return of His loved ones, not by force but of our own free will. True love and devotion.Just an observation.

posted by janice at 3/19/2006 09:52:00 AM

I left the comments out as not to bias future comments.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Obama Iowa theory

Since Iowa, BH Obama has been the media darling with NBC practically donning pom-poms when reporting on this candidate. I heard an interesting reason this Senator from Illinois won the caucus and was predicted to win New Hampshire. Every poll had Obama leading the former first lady.

The theory I heard made a lot of sense and when I compared it to the liberals I know, it’s accurate. No one wants to be labeled a racist or bigot, especially the liberal democrat.

When democrat folks in Iowa come out to vote it’s quite an event. One doesn’t vote in Iowa, they caucus. You and your neighbor go to the local high school gym or church basement and join with like minded folks to be “counted” affirming your support for a certain candidate, out in the open, no secret ballot. Your friends, family, coworkers and boss may be supporting a different candidate. In the process they try and persuade you to jump ship and unite with the popular people.

Peer pressure at its finest. You don’t want to look like a bigot or racist, so you’re counted with the tolerant and progressive folks. The stigma will last long after the satellite trucks and candidates have hit the road. One has to think about their life after the caucus.

Enter New Hampshire. Riding the wave of victory, Obama rode into the granite state with a false sense of dominance. Rallies were standing room only and Obama mania had taken Manchester’s popular Elm Street by storm. Everyone wanted to be a part of the progressive vehicle for change. The answer was “I’m voting for Obama!”. Pollsters, media talking heads and analyst alike projected an Obama landslide. That was until the folks got behind the curtain to cast their vote and reality set in. This guy has no experience, he’s ill-equipped to be president of the United States.

It’s not about race, it’s about experience. Obama hasn’t even finished his first senate term. Let’s wait and see if he makes a difference there before we put him in the oval office.

NIN compares islam to "Planet of the Apes"

Is this what the caliphate has in store for America?

One of the sites I frequent had an interesting commentary after watching the sci-fi flick, The Planets of the Apes. Northeast Intelligence Network independent analyst, Randy Taylor, draws a great parallel between the teachings of islam and the "sacred scrolls" used by the apes in the movie. Taylor also compares the "lawgiver" ape to islam's prophet Mohammad. Finally Taylor shows how moderate muslims cast a striking resemblance to Zira and Cornelius.

I think I'm going to take another look at the Planet of the Apes series this coming weekend, and come to my own conclusion.

It's a great commentary and I cannot do it justice, you have to read it for yourself.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Maybe they are listening....

The Department of Defense has postponed an event featuring Ahmed Bedier, the Tampa area CAIR director. Bedier was to present his perspective on the following Islamic beliefs: the six articles of Faith, the five pillars of Islam, demographics of the Muslim world, culture vs. religion, etiquette and diet, the role of women, Islamists vs. criminals, what is Jihad really? Shaheed (i.e. Martyrdom), Religion and state - does Islam clash with democracy, the Ummah, the Caliphate and Dhimmi (i.e. non-Muslims living under Muslim rule).

Well, it's not gonna happen now.

What, no "whine-o-gram" announcing this islamophobic act by our DoD. Perhaps tomorrow. Lecture information was first posted on the Savage Nation website.

CAIR Watch founder and Americans Against Hate chairman, Joe Kaufman, has been busy. On Thursday Kaufman contacted the Department of Defense: Central Command (CENTCOM) regarding an upcoming event where CAIR -Tampa Executive Director Ahmed Bedier was scheduled to speak. The event was canceled or "postponed" with no future date planned, according to CENTCOM.

Bravo Joe!

In an email sent to subscribers, of which I am one, Kaufman details the actions he took to encourage CENTCOM to reconsider their invitation to the terror supporter. “[I]t would be wrong for CENTCOM to host Ahmed Bedier from CAIR this coming Tuesday, given CAIR’s extensive ties to terrorist organizations... Please reconsider allowing Mr. Bedier to speak to your personnel on Tuesday the 15th or anytime in the future. CENTCOM should be fighting terrorists, not embracing their friends.

June 2006, CAIR was privy to a VIP behind the scenes tour at Chicago O'Hare airport including access to customs screening operations and other sensitive information. This was just the tip of the iceberg leading to CAIR provided sensitivity training for Homeland Security, TSA and Customs and Border Offices employees.

This time, thanks to Kaufman, those responsible for protecting America and Americans have replaced political correctness with common sense.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Texas honor killing....

I've been waiting to see if this story got any traction in the MSM. The Iowa caucus and New Hampshire elections dominated the talking head-lines.

Yaser Abdel Said, 50, is on the run and is suspected of shooting his 2 teen-aged daughters and leaving them to die in his taxi. A 911 call, believed to be placed by one of the girls, alerted police but they were unable to locate the caller. Sarah, 17 and Amina, 18 were found an hour later in a hotel parking lot.

What's the dishonoring deed? Dating a non-muslim.

What's being described as a "domestic issue", by reporters for the Star-Telegram, the murders show all the hallmarks of an honor killing. But in the politically correct environment we now live, the virtues of multiculturalism forbids authorities from speculating on the obvious.

I've been waiting for a response from one of the muslim civil rights groups to weigh in on this tragic event. Their silence is speaking volumes. Who's civil rights were violated and what are they protecting with their silence?

*More Updates*
Gail Gattrell, the victims aunt, has called their murder an honor killing. Debbie Schlussel has an email from her with details implicating Islam Said, their brother, with assisting the elder Said. Debbie was the first to call this what it is, an honor killing.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wishing away time...

Today is my birthday, I share the day with Elvis. The 8th of January is exactly 2 weeks away from Christmas Day, every year. It kinda stinks. Which got me thinking last night. Wishing away time. We've all done it. Marked off the days on a calender until vacation, holidays or some other special time. When I was little my birthday was not one of those days. Probably because it wasn't made into a very big deal, "we just had Christmas", I was told.

Now I find myself wishing the election season was over and politicians would go back to doing the peoples business. I know we've only just begun, but I can't take it much longer. It seems these folks have been on the campaign trail for the last year. I guess I'm wishing away time.

Other things that have found their way under my skin as the new year begins, those ads telling people they can work from home and become a millionaire. How about those "as seen on TV" gadgets? Billy Mays hocking the latest doohickey sure to make your life easier? Amazingly, all those contraptions cost a mere $19.99 plus shipping and handling of course. The latest tool is Anthony Sullivan and his Swivel Cordless Sweeper. When you order right now you'll get 2 of these miracle machines, all you pay is the extra S&H. How can you NOT take advantage of this offer! And let's not forget the new Infinity Razor. You'll never have to buy another razor, and if you act now they'll send you 2 of them! One question, if this is the only razor you'll ever need, why do you need 2 of them? Wouldn't one last you forever like the infomercial claims?

Back to the primary, I can't wait for this process to end and the serious debate begins. Once the nominees have been elected I'll pay more attention to the details. For now I'm leaning towards Rudy and Mitt. The biggest issue for me is national security and defense. Who's going to extend the "terror free" streak we've enjoyed for the last 6 years.

Until then, I'll have to wait and wish away time.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Years Sausage Roll...

I was able to snap some shots of the making of my New Years sausage roll. This first picture is the sausage on top the pizza dough.

Next, you layer the American cheese. Not to much because it'll ooze out as it melts and makes a mess.

Then you wrap the dough around the sausage and cheese. Fold the ends in first then the sides. Pop it in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes or so and.....

Viola! Let it cool for and slice.

I've been told it tastes like a McDonald's Sausage McMuffin. I think it's better and even better the next day.

I didn't get a photo of the ranch potato salad. Again, it's real easy to make. Boil a few red skin potatoes, whole with the skins on. Once they're cool enough to handle peel the skins off and cube. I also slice a red onion in as well and a cup or so of ranch dip. If you make your own Hidden Valley Ranch Dip use that if not ranch dressing will work. Mix and let cool before you refrigerate.