Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My take on the markets....for what it's worth....

The mortgage bailout has been dominating the news cycles, and with good reason. No matter your position on the economic ladder this will affect you one way or another. The “working” man or middle class will see their 401(k) statements fluctuate. Retirees will see their income distributions decline. Our working “poor” will continue to be used by the democrats as pawns in this pork-laden bailout as WIC, CHIPS and Medicare earmark increases are cut and the blame is placed on the “heartless” republicans, again.

And what of the upper class in America? Some of these folks run small businesses. Lines of credit used to make payroll, buy raw material and pay the rent on equipment and space are being called in by cash strapped banks scrambling to increase their value.

Some will stand on the market sidelines with their cash tucked under the mattress while others are going to participate in the Wall Street fire sale, thus driving the markets into a free fall. Our hope lay in those who will take advantage of rock bottom prices and put their money into the system.

It’s been my experience, numbers are black and white. Unlike words, numbers can not be twisted to mean something they don’t. The quotation can’t be manipulated for a desired outcome, there’s only one correct equation.

For more of an inside scoop, take a look at these two posts, here & here, by former Wall Street “player”, Dinah Lord. She opines with the clarity only an insider can. Go take a look…

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CAIR asks FEC to probe DVD distribution

CAIR has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). In an afternoon whine-o-gram CAIR has asked the FEC to investigate the Clarion Fund, “a shadowy non-profit organization” who CAIR believes is a “front for an Israel-based group seeking to help Sen. John McCain win the U.S. presidential election”.

All of this is spin by CAIR, once again they’re dismissing the issues revealed in the DVD. CAIR denounced the Clarion Fund “for funding production, marketing and distribution of ‘Obsession’ may have originated from Israel-based Aish HaTorah International” instead of addressing the contents of the DVD.

Now I must confess, CAIR did address one aspect of the DVD, the commentators. CAIR went straight to character assassination and linked many articles denouncing those who appeared in the DVD and the documentary; “Those interviewed in “Obsession” constitute a veritable who’s who of Muslim-bashers.” The "bashers" include Nonie Darwish, Daniel Pipes and Brigitte Gabriel. All of them have been denounced by CAIR in the past so it's no surprise they would dredge up mud again.

You know what’s funny about this whole FEC filing, the same type of allegations have been made about CAIR only with more evidence. CAIR is a shadowy non-profit group with ties to Saudi Arabia.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Corvette has a name....

A little diversion today so I’m going to post some pictures of the backside of my “Blue Bullet” and her new name tag. Notice the patriotic, God fearing optional plate design......

Now one thing must be made clear, I am in no way vain and I can’t stand vanity plates. I think they’re cheesy and snobbish. I’ve never been a snob and I’m far from being cheesy. However, since this is technically not my car (it’s in Nick’s name) I’m not really responsible, right? Right?

Let’s just go with it mkay.

Anywho, we decided on 08VTTE because everyone who comments on the Bullet asks me what year it is or is it new. So, this was a way of simplifying things and elevates their apparent sports car ignorance. (boy, sure that sounded snobbish didn’t it)

I’ve hit the 500 mile mark and on Saturday night, while driving to a friend's house, the Bullet was flying well above 110 MPH. Nick had no idea we were going that fast, she’s so smooth.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

CAIR not addressing the issues of DVD

Even though I have yet to hear from CAIR, they are doing what they do best. Inflaming the ummah with whine-o-gram statements insisting islam and muslims are offended.

So CAIR addresses the issue by deflecting concerns many Americans may have after viewing the free DVD and donning the cloak of victim-hood. In an islam-oped CAIR's Ahmed Rehab tries to demonize CNN's Glenn Beck for his endorsement, "Obsession is without exaggeration one of the most important films of our time," Rehab asks "Who would accuse Glenn Beck of exaggerating?" Indeed Ahmed, the same question could be asked of CAIR.

Rehab continues with this claim; “The film’s ultimate goal is to lay the grounds for a larger religious war that goes beyond our national security interests and has only two beneficiaries: radical evangelicals who hold an apocalyptic worldview, and war profiteers who gamble at the expense of thousands of American lives and trillions of tax-payer dollars.” Yes, those evil evangelicals and Haliburton are to blame for the images shown in the documentary not the RoP.

CAIR believes the DVD is exploiting ignorant Americans and the hysteria caused by this ignorance will increase the popularity of the Iraq war.
Here’s their 2 point explanation;

First, it exploits Americans’ unfamiliarity with Islam and Muslims to suggest that deviant groups are somehow representative of most, if not all, Muslims. It scours the Muslim world for bizarre incidents and falsely projects them as the accepted norm.
Second, “Obsession” exploits the legitimate apprehension that many feel in this country as a result of 9/11 and attempts to instigate a state of full-blown hysteria. Only widespread hysteria could make questionable military excursions such as the Iraq occupation a possible sell yet again.

Yep, they have it all figured out!

Again, CAIR has failed to honestly critique the documentary, admit the inherent tendency towards violence so prevalent in the muslim world and work to overhaul the image of the religion they follow.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Son of Democrat state rep behind Palin email hacking

Were there really any doubts that a democrat was behind this? David Kernell, the son of Tennessee state representative Mike Kernell, seems to be the one behind the hacking of Governor Sarah Palin’s email account.

David Kernell, 20, is a student at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. The FBI and Secret Service paid him a visit yesterday and started a formal investigation.

You can read about it here and here.

I'm really not that surprised.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A gift for CAIR

My package is ready for the post office, that is if they're open. (power outages in central Ohio have many businesses closing their doors until electricity is restored)

In my last post, I added an update to include my plans for the free DVD. I'm planning to mail the DVD to CAIR's Columbus chapter along with a respectful letter asking CAIR for an honest critique or rebuttal of the assertions made in the documentary. This is an opportunity for CAIR to address the claims made in "Obsession; Radical Islam's War Against the West" or the pre-release edition.

And I'm encouraging everyone who received this DVD to mail it to their local CAIR office.

In today's whine-o-gram, CAIR is focusing on the DVD distributor list of donors, not issuing a counter message. I really don't understand what CAIR believes they'll accomplish by "outing" those who made donations so this DVD could be mailed or added to newspaper inserts. But, CAIR feels this is much more important than tackling the elephant in the room, with a bomb strapped to his trunk. Then again, CAIR is reluctant to make public their donors list.

So, this may be the last post for a while if CAIR feels my question and gift offended them. My letter is posted below. I'll post updates or any response I receive from the self proclaimed American muslim mouth-piece.

To whom it may concern,

I received this in my Sunday edition of the Columbus Dispatch. I was not offended by the DVD insert, as I would not be offended by a koran or any islamic literature sent to my home. Being “offended” appears to be the new national past-time. Education is the answer to ignorance. I believe in free speech, freedom of or from religion and I’m against censorship. That’s what makes America the greatest nation on God’s green earth!

So much has been made over this “offended” Lemoyne woman no one is bothering to address the contents or the claims made by the documentary. All I’ve heard from groups that disagree with the documentary’s message is “it’s racist” and “anti-muslim hate” spread by “Zionists neo-cons” to “sway the 2008 elections”. But I have yet to hear these same people evaluate the claims or put forth a counter argument.

That said, this pre-release DVD was aired on FOX and CNN a while ago and I purchased “Obsession; The Movie” when it was released. I was wondering if any of your members had viewed the movie or the one hour pre-release edition, (currently being delivered to homes across America), and if you have a rebuttal to the claims made in the documentary or this pre-release edition. I’m very interested in your comments and any refutation you have on the allegations put forth by the producers, author and directors. If you or any of your members have a rational, unbiased critique either on the CAIR website or in print then I could review your analysis and thus get both sides of the story and clear up any false allegations.

Thank you for your time and attention. If you do indeed have a counter-message, it isn’t getting out to the masses. Any comments you have would be very much appreciated.

Janice C******

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Did you get one too?

**Scroll Down For Important Update!**

When I sat down to peruse the Sunday ads and coupons this morning, Nick slide this across the table. It’s the one hour, pre-release edition of “Obsession; Radical Islam’s War on the West” as seen on FOX and CNN. We purchased the DVD and this pre-release edition when it was available a few years ago. This isn’t a new documentary.

In a 9/11/08 whine-o-gram, CAIR highlighted an offended Lemoyne woman who received this DVD in the mail. Sally Lopez claims the mail was addressed to her son-in-law. If anyone should be offended I think it would be Lopez’s son-in-law.

Offended why? When I receive junk in the mail it goes in the trash, I don’t run crying foul to any organization that will listen to me. If I received a koran or an introduction to the RoP, I'd toss it in the trash, it certainly wouldn't offend me.

If this DVD offended her, she must really be upset when the 9/11 tributes began to show the result of muslim ire with the WTC, the Pentagon and the field in PA aflame. That’s offensive.

So, with all the liberal wisdom she could muster, Ms. Lopez explains “I’m not stupid. There are definitely radical Islamic cells all over the world, but we also have the Aryan Nation, the [Ku Klux Klan], all kinds of hate groups out there," and “I'm tired of living in fear."

Yes Madame, but the KKK didn’t declare war on America.

I am encouraging everyone who received a free “Obsession” DVD in the mail or in their Sunday paper, to do what I’m going to do. Don’t just view it and then toss it in the trash. I suggest you throw it in an envelope with a note explaining how you believe CAIR and their members could benefit from watching the hour long pre-release edition of the movie and look forward to a comprehensive rebuttal to the claims made in the DVD. Mail it to your local CAIR office (or any one of their 35 chapters) and see what response you get.

I’ll keep you posted on anything I hear from the muslim civil rights group. And I look forward to hearing if any of you will be joining me in an effort to educate CAIR on the threat we face from the RoP.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin faces the Gibson inquisition

I wasn’t going to opine on the Charlie Gibson inquisition of VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Watching the first disrespectful installment you could clearly see Gibson’s inability to control his own opinion as evident in tone and body language. Phrasing every question as if he were conducting an interrogation and every query was posed with a “gotcha” pretense turning the interview into an ambush.

The entire episode made me angry and embarrassed. Embarrassed for Charlie, not Governor Palin. She handled everything he threw at her with assurance, grace and conviction. And, I have reason to believe poor old Charlie has the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, Gibson asked the same question three times, and Governor Palin said "I don't think that we should second-guess the measures that Israel has to take to defend themselves and for their security", three times.

A couple things did stand out as odd even for the MSM. First was the editing; as fellow blogger Dinah Lord said, “her answers must have been edited by Lizzie Borden. Chop-chop.” Giving the impression she’s incompetent and the appearance that Governor Palin failed to clearly answer his questions.

When Gibson broached the “God” issue his contempt was palpable, as is the norm for the MSM. Referencing a speech she gave (Palin asked fellow parishioners to pray for our service men), Gibson suggested the governor believed our military was fighting a religious war, “a task from God.”

I admit I did not see Gibson interview BHO. But I would bet his shady religious past including his 20 year relationship with Reverand Wright, was never put on the table. And I’m sure Gibson wouldn’t have characterized Obama’s readiness to lead as “hubris”.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Will Never Forget!

I hear people sayin' we don't need this war. I say there's some things worth fightin' for.

What about our freedom, and this piece of ground? We didn't get to keep 'em by backin' down.

They say we don't realize the mess we're gettin' in

Before you start your preachin' let me ask you this my friend

Have you forgotten?

Have you forgotten, how it felt that day?
To see your homeland under fire
And her people blown away,
Have you forgotten, when those towers fell
We had neighbors still inside goin' through a livin' hell
And you say we shouldn't worry 'bout Bin Laden
Have you forgotten?

They took all the footage off my T.V.
Said it's too disturbing for you and me
It'll just breed anger that's what the experts say
If it was up to me I'd show it everyday
Some say this country's just out looking for a fight
After 9/11 man I'd have to say that's right

Have you forgotten all the people killed?
Some went down like hero's in that Pennsylvania field
Have you forgotten about our Pentagon?
All the loved ones that we lost and those left to carry on
Don't you tell me not to worry 'bout bin Laden

Have you forgotten?

The comments I posted are actually lyrics to a song by Darryl Worley , written after that fateful day when this great nation would forever be changed. My 9/11 post was going to be a recounting of my morning, a look back at where I was and what I was doing. In retrospect, what I was doing didn't matter. But I think this post says it all.

May God continue to Bless this country and Let Us Never Forget!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Vacation "whine-o-gram" speed linking

Upon my return from the outer banks, I found the CAIR whine-o-grams piling up in my in-box. As fellow blogger, Dinah Lord describes in this post vacation post, slacking seems to be the order of this rainy central Ohio blogger as well. I'm still in vacation mode.

So until I’m back (mentally) from vacation, I’ll post some of the most interesting and outrageous CAIR email updates.

8/27/08 Action Alert #548
CAIR informs the ummah how offended they are, asking that they contact the Fox Business Network. Why? Because the host didn’t disclose the guests, Allyson Rowen Taylor, pro-Israeli ties when she “linked” sharia financing to terrorism. Well, if it walks like a duck…

9/2/08 – Human Rights Abuser, Narendra Modi, will NOT be allowed in the U.S. for “second World Gujarati Conference in Edison, N.J. CAIR’s Parvez Ahmed is actively advocating on behalf of the India/muslim community that Modi be denied entry. What’s good for the goose Parvez…..

9/2/08 – Breaking News! The terror professor is released from jail just in time for the holy terror month of ramadan, the ummah celebrates as Sami al-Arian is released on bail, prepares to disappear into the great American abyss, awaits trial.

9/3/08 – CAIR calls on the McCain Palin campaign to offer a muslim “inclusive” message and to avoid “divisive islamophobic rhetoric” during the RNC. Because the DNC totally dismissed islamofacist terror during their mile high love-fest.

9/8/08 – ramadan mubarak! Raise the threat level the holy month of islamic terror is upon us. CAIR proclaim muslims mark ramadan with charity and service. Debbie Schlussel has a great example of islamic charity and service in the “city of brotherly love”.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hatteras Island meets Hanna

We made it home safe and sound. The outer bands of Hanna reached Hatteras about an hour before our noon departure Friday. By the time we topped off the gas tank and turned in our house keys, highway 12 was covered with 2-3 inches of water. Gusts were 18-20 mph coming off the Atlantic and made steering the SUV a bit challenging. With a steady stream of vacationers leaving the island, our self-imposed evacuation was uneventful and without incident. We can't complain about leaving one day early, five perfectly beautiful days preceded our departure.

Here's a few pictures from our week and exodus.

An eastward view of the Pamlico Sound. I snapped these two pictures from our upper deck on Tuesday and Wednesday. I loved the house with the mock lighthouse (below) overlooking the sound.

On Monday we ventured south to Buxton where the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is located, to do some body surfing and boogie boarding. We discovered this little beach on our third trip to the island in 1997 and have been going there to play in the ocean during every trip since.

The "point" as the locals call it, Diamond Shoals is also known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic", is pictured below from my beach chair vantage point. It's about a mile or so from where we were on the beach.

This was the calm before the storm. On Thursday it was clear we were going to get hit. Hanna was still about 800 miles south, but the sky told us how close she was.

The moon to our southeast on Thursday evening.

Wednesday evening sundown over the Pamlico Sound.

This was about 11am on Friday. We'd decided Thursday night to leaving a day early before Hanna hit the coast, however, the northern outer bands hit Ocracoke and Hatteras well before the eye made land-fall.

The surf was kicking-up and a lone kite-surfer could be seen doing his best to keep control as Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel broadcast live from the beach in Rodanthe just across highway 12 from our rental house. We were on "Cross Of Honor Way" and the first time we rented a house with such wonderful sound and ocean views.

When I snapped this shot of the windshield, the flash made Nick and Eddy think the truck was hit by lightning. I guess I should have warned them.

The storm coming off the coast.

A sign of God's promise, His covenant with humanity. Just outside Richmond we could see this rainbow. The weather improved as we continued to travel northwest though Virginia into West Virginia.

As we continued it was clear that Hanna was coming ashore and the outer bands were reaching us as we traveled.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Hanna is on her way!

We’re leaving today, a day early, so we don’t run into heavy traffic as we make our way through NC and the Virginia coast. Hanna and her friends have forced us to rethink our exit from the island. The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore is broadcasting across highway 12 here in Rodanthe NC. They’re saying the storm surge along with high tide will cause flooding and make leaving the outer banks difficult.

Just over the dune, Jim Cantore is broadcasting live reports from the beach here in Rodanthe.

These are the weather views of the Atlantic (above) and Pamlico Sound (below)

It’s currently 81 degrees and cloudy with wind gusts up to 18 mph. After 5 perfect weather days one really can’t complain about a little tropical storm or hurricane.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin and dems that should have withdrawn

I’m on vacation, but it doesn’t mean I’m out of the loop. That said, this is going to be quick. There’s a pool raft with my name on it waiting for me to emerge.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been the favorite MSM topic since John McCain announced her as his VP choice last Friday. Once it was revealed her 17 year old daughter, Bristol Palin, is in the “family way” liberal pundits have been calling for Sarah to withdraw from the race. Questions regarding her “mothering” skills, how the VP job will take her away from her children and their special needs child, have been appearing in every news rag in the country.

Hearing all this has made me sick. This question was never asked of B. Hussein Obama concerning his small daughters. Michelle is a working mom and never once did it occur to anyone to ask if he could effectively parent the 7 and 10 year olds if he were elected to the highest office in the land.

Then there’s what I’ve dubbed the Teddy factor. Was Ted Kennedy ever asked to step down amidst all the skeletons in his family closest? From beating the murder rap, a nephew on trial for rape and another enters rehab before investigators can get to the bottom of his DC hit and run. Oh the Kennedy clan has many skeletons and it never entered or crossed his mind to step down and tend to family business.

Whether it’s a double standard, media bias or because she’s a woman; I have a feeling Sarah Palin is a lot stronger than Teddy and can weather this storm.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hatteras vacation

We made it! Because of a later than normal start, the drive was a little longer than most years, but we got here in 12 hours, give or take. The house is great, the pool is great and as you can see from the pics the view from the upper deck is great. We stayed house bound on Sunday, making the most of the pool. Monday we ventured to Buxton beach and the waves weren't as wild as they look in the pictures.

Eddy and Nick are somewhere in the surf, they said the waves were tame.

This is the view from my beach chair, blue sky's and blue water.

This was sundown on Saturday night from the upper deck.