Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Who's in bed with who?

Yesterday a late day whine-o-gram alerted me to the republican rhetoric on the campaign trail, a right wing attempt to pin terrorism to islam.

CAIR points to this WSJ article alleging the elephants are calling the enemy by name while the asses continue to skirt the issue. A candidates stump speech can make or break their career, just look at howlin’ Howard Dean and his “shout heard ‘round the world” in Iowa. WSJ indicate the disparity between the two groups, focusing on Mitt Romney and his “extreme” language regarding the threat we face today. At least that’s what CAIR would like you to think.

If you compare the two links you find CAIR left out 4 paragraphs or 277 words. Though nothing was added to the WSJ article on the CAIR site, leaving out the context of Romney's speeches, TV ads and town hall events serves their evasive purpose. Every time an imam or islamic spokesman is caught on tape encouraging jihad and death to Israel, we're told it was taken out of context. CAIR has used this tactic many times to influence or inflame the ummah.

Nihad Awad, CAIR’s executive director is disturbed by “the interpretation of jihad as extremist and violent” and says “Mr. Romney's use of jihad legitimizes claims by terrorists that they are fighting on behalf of Islam.” Well, if it blows up like a martyr then it’s jihad.

The feigned outrage never ceases to amaze me. What I can’t understand, however, is how an islamic family living the American dream can be lead around by the nose by this un-indicted terror co-conspirator.

If we listen to the rhetoric coming from OBL, the Iranian nutter in chief and many in the CAIR organization, we’d hear them denounce the west for our promiscuous, immoral ways. A culture that shrouds half of their populous, considered property not people, never to gain full membership in society. A culture where homosexuality and adultery is punishable by death and abortion is unthinkable. Donning the facade of an ultra-pious culture stuck in the 7th century, oppressed by religious tyrants who refuse reformation where religion dictates social policy.

You have to ask why a hyper-conservative community, such as the ummah, would endorse the values held by the democrat party. I don’t believe they’re behind the liberal push for a welfare state, the gay marriage issue and abortion rights.

Code pink, move on dot org and 9/11 “truthers” hanging out on the fringes of the left, they decry this country for humanitarian rights abuses, remaining silent while women are stoned to death and gays are hanged. How can moderate, religious muslims align themselves with such groups? Could they be closer than we think, is there a common objective? The democrat policy of appeasement has been the vehicle of global tyrants. While we focus on the micro they look at the macro, nothing changes over-night. Change comes in dribs and drabs, one step at a time.

Appealing to the UN to legitimize martyrdom operations against the Zionist occupiers in Palestine and their puppet master, the Great Satan now occupying Iraq. Anti-Americanism has reached a fever pitch and moral equivalence has replaced reason.

The quest for globalization is their common bond. As Iran attains nuclear technology to eliminate Israel, the liberal democrats want to cut the defense budget and eradicate our nuclear weapons. Remember John Kerry made the nuclear proliferation pledge and our national security had to pass a global test. Excuse me?

Our culture and traditions are no longer tolerated. The 10 commandments are removed from every civic area while foot baths are being stalled in public restrooms across the nation.

The muslims student association can erect a wall on university campuses to symbolize the occupation of Palestinians, in the name of free speech. Conservative speakers are verbally and physically attacked in an attempt to convey opposing views, in the name of free speech.

Astonished parishioners watch as the sisters of perpetual indulgence violate a Catholic mass and receive communion in clothing that mock the religious habit. Why don’t they don a mocking kufi and violate a mosque. The liberal doctrine of acceptance forbids judgement, and the event was never exposed.

Is it a purposeful alignment with the left in an effort to disrupt our moral compass. Love of country and patriotism is now called xenophobia. Naming the enemy is racist and profiling. Saddam gases his own people and America is immoral when trying to stop it. Israel is constantly condemned by the global community for defending herself from a religious doctrine that wants nothing more than to drive her into the sea.

The far left has this vision of global oneness, a feelings based rational. And the caliphate champions are following in the shadows, waiting to fill the moral void amidst the carnage.


Tsofah said...

It seems CAIR doesn't like the truth to be told...

janice said...

You are soooo right Delta.

I can't wait for Americans to wake up and see them for who they are!