Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Momma moonbat arrested in the senate chamber

Check it, before Cindy Sheehan could become the center of attention at the state of the union tonight, she seems to have been arrested. She was trying to unfold an anti-war banner after she was already seated in the senate chamber. Oh WTF, the conspiracy nuts are really going to be spinning this one. Rove was behind the whole thing!

Did you hear the one about the dead man.......

Who died at an Arlington Texas hospital and when authorities checked his hotel room they found two bombs? Here's one of those nuggets the MSM isn't talking about at all, check it. Deputy Fire Marshal Darin Niederhaus had this to say about what they found, "The purpose of this was to create as much havoc as possible, so that innocent bystanders are hurt, we were lucky."
It also appears he had ties to Oklahoma, ya'll remember Norman, (OK). Home of the first unofficial suicide bombing on American soil, the MSM also watched that one blip right off the radar.

Picture of the day.....

Now, is this something worth a worldwide Danish jihad?

I think not.... However, my daily CAIR email states Executive Director Nihad Awad requesting a "meeting" with the Danish and Norwegian ambassadors to the United States to discuss the publication of cartoons in those nations that Muslims worldwide view as "intentionally insulting" to the prophet muhammad and islam. Is it me or are offended by everything? Well, I've got some advise for CAIR, suck it up and get over it. It's what we in civilized cultures call FREEDOM! Want sharia, move to the sandbox.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Cair has some advise for President Bush

Today in my daily CAIR email, Board Chairman Parvez Ahmed had some words of wisdom for our (kafir) Commander in Chief. It seems the ummah is offended by the "loaded terms" used in his state of the union addesses. Since I can't find the press release on their site, I'll post my email.
MUSLIMS URGE BUSH TO AVOID 'LOADED' TERMS IN ANNUAL ADDRESS(WASHINGTON, D.C., 1/30/2006) - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today urged President Bush to avoid using "loaded and imprecise terminology" relating to Islam in Tuesday night's State of the Union address.In a letter to President Bush, CAIR Board Chairman Parvez Ahmed wrote:"While you prepare for tomorrow's State of the Union address, I would like to offer a suggestion that could serve to strengthen America's image and interests worldwide, particularly in the Islamic world."You have stated repeatedly that the war on terror is not a war on Islam. Unfortunately, the use of loaded and imprecise terminology by our nation's representatives has often served to promote that negative perception."When you describe America's efforts to fight terrorism and spread democracy worldwide in Tuesday's address, I think it would be best to avoid the use of hot-button terms such as 'Islamo-fascism,' 'militant jihadism,' 'Islamic radicalism,' or 'totalitarian Islamic empire.'"As you said in the past, 'this ideology is very different from the religion of Islam.' However, I believe the repeated rhetorical linkage of Islam to terms of violence and extremism is counterproductive and complicates our legitimate foreign policy initiatives."American Muslims stand ready to serve as a bridge of understanding to the Islamic world. We can best fulfill that role by offering advice that can help prevent misperceptions and misunderstandings between different nations and cultures."CAIR, America's largest Muslim civil liberties group, has 31 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its
mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.
- END -

Danish paper bows to the RoP

One would think the murder of Theo Van Gogh would be enough for the Danish government to realize the evil lurking in their midst. Check it, instead of continuing the good fight for free speech and freedom of the press, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten has submitted as it were, to the religion of peace and tolerance and issued an apology to the muslim world.
I, however, will not march quietly into dhimmitude. In a complete and utter act of political incorrectness, this blog will post the cartoons of mohammad. Every other day a new cartoon will grace the pages of "Nuggets of News". And to begin my protest, I present my personal favorite. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Momma moonbat locks lips with Chavez

Though I do not pretend to understand her grief over the loss of a child, God willing I never will. But this behavior is beyond the pale. I'm inclined to think her son would be ashamed of her actions and anti-American rhetoric. She's a sad and twisted soul, seeking attention where she can. This time it's with a dictator and the MSM can't get enough.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Pope to enter into "trialogue"

After a long week of negative posting, I thought I would pan for something to lift our spirits. Much to my dismay, the nugget gods were against me. Check it, it seems the pope is marching toward dhimmitude. The Vatican is exploring the possibility of expanding its Catholic-Jewish dialogue to include muslims, hence, a trialogue. Now don't get me wrong, I think getting these people to open up and talk about their faith, thus exposing their agenda, is a fantastic learning tool for those who truly believe islam means "peace". What disturbs me about this whole idea is the mind set of those involved. Not so much the pontiff but Rabbi Israel Singer who seems to be pushing this on the Vatican. The Rabbi, sounding like a true reformist, indicated mutual respect can override differences that exist between the religions and the need to enter into discussions with the third Abrahamic child, islam. Now, I not so sure we want to validate a religion by bringing them into talks like Clinton inviting Arafat to Camp David. It only leads to acceptance and justification. Traditional islam is the only world religion with a developed doctrine and tradition of warfare against non-believers. The Torah and Holy Bible are compatible and do not contradict each other. Either the Torah and Bible are true or the koran is true. They can both be false but they can't both be true. If the Vatican validates islam and brings them to the table then I say invite the hindus and buddhist too. Hell, just call it "quintalogue" and order vegan take out.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Jimma" says bypass terror laws and fund PA government anyway

I panned this nugget and wondered why it wasn't being covered by the MSM. Check it, the former peanut farmer turned president turned terror supporter, "Jimma" Carter is calling on the US and the EU to bypass terror funding laws and to be creative in providing monetary support to the terror gang who won a majority of parliamentary seats (listen to me, I'm talking like they're a real country...LOL) in palestine. His statements were made to a group of Israeli news reporters. Nice.... Ole' "Jimma" wants your tax dollars to help ease the suffering of the these poor death cult mongers, saying Hamas will run out of money at the end of the month. Well I say, if he wants to ease the suffering they should look harder for the 300 million, his fellow peace prize winner, Arafat stashed away. Which brings me to how the old homosexual got that much cash. Arafat never owned a business, he never build anything, he never really had a job. The only thing he produced was kamikaze muslims equipped with bombs, fueled by hate. All the money he stashed was foreign aid money. So much for the Turtle Bay Crime Family committee on aid oversite (the UN).

palestinian muslims, they're not hypocrites either

Like Joel Stein, muslims living in Gaza and the West Bank voted to follow the terror group Hamas. The various Hamas candidates ran on the terror platform, the destruction of Israel. The people aren't concerned about sewers, schools, employment or the creation of an actual country. If you believe that peace is possible between the new leaders and Israel, think again. Hamas' stated goal since their inception has been to "remove Israel from the map", among other beliefs. It is my hope that the populace will insist issues be addressed and the homicide bombers are recruited to collect trash, build roads and provide other civil services. But the reality is they won't and the movement, with this validation, will continue toward the destruction of Israel and the imposition of shria to the rest of the world. By the simple act of voting to be lead by this terror group, muslims are on board with their agenda. Hence, they too, are not hypocrites and believe in the call to jihad.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yeah, sure, why not, lets give Iran nukes

A late night excursion allowed me to pan this nugget. Check it, those koran loving members of the RoP are rattling their sabers again. This time threatening to "send Israel in an eternal coma, like Sharon". Nice....
And the peaceniks in this country are saying "it's Irans right to obtain peaceful nuclear power under the non-proliferation treaty". Iran is sitting on the 3rd largest oil reserve in the world and they need nuclear power? Only to destory Israel and America.

Michael Jackson sports a abaya

The King of Pop dons a woman's abaya and heads off to the mall. The garment the gloved one has chosen is worn by women in oppressive islamic countries. Perhaps his dress was an effort to ward off the lustful gazes of men. Could there be a sex change in his future? I need to be more careful about the nuggets I pan for, this is scary. Thank heavens he's in Bahrain where he can't do anymore damage to America.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ohio joins the march into Dhimmitude

Hungery? Well here's the WTF du jour. My daily CAIR email was all to happy to announce that a Columbus Ohio high school has (bowed to an inplied lawsuit) agreed to accommodate a Muslim student's right to pray. This in an era when American Christian school children cannot have a Christmas party, religious rights are handed out like candy to the jihadis. That's right fellow "kuffaars", get your jizya ready they're taking over. Welcome to dhimmitude USA. Here's my email, read it and weep.

CAIR-OH: HIGH SCHOOL ACCOMMODATES MUSLIM STUDENT'S PRAYER - (COLUMBUS, OH, 1/24/06) - The Ohio chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Ohio) announced today that a high school in that state has agreed to accommodate a Muslim student's right to pray.CAIR-Ohio says the 17-year old junior wished to perform her mandatory Islamic prayers, but had been told she was not allowed to pray at school.After discussions with the school, a compromise was reached in which the student has a list of teachers who are willing to let her use their classrooms for prayer before and after school and at lunch. The school had originally insisted that the Muslim student pray in the lunch room with other students present."We were concerned that praying in front of so many people would be uncomfortable for the student," said CAIR-Ohio Legal Director Jennifer Nimer. "Fortunately, we were able to reach a compromise with the school that met everyone's needs."

CAIR, America's largest Muslim civil liberties group, has 31 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding. CAIR-Ohio has three offices - Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati.CONTACT: Jennifer Nimer, Legal Director, 614-451-3232, E-Mail: jennifer@cair-ohio.com; Dr. Asma Mobin-Uddin, President, 614-451-3232, E-Mail: asma@cair-ohio.com.

Joel Stein, he's no hypocrite

Joel Stein, LA Times moonbat, comes right out and says it in his oped, "I don't support our troops". Well, he's no hypocrite and lays out precisely what I've said since the war in Iraq started, you can't support the troops if you don't support the war. You can't slap a troop supporting ribbon (which I do not have on any of my cars) on your car along side the "war never solved anything" bumper sticker. If you are one who thinks war never solved anything I suggest you ask a holocaust survivor if war ever solved anything. But I digress. A support the troops ribbon in and of it's self does not support them. Have you been to a veterans hospital? Did you write a check to the USO? How about writing a letter? Did you pack up a care package full of sunscreen, deodorant and body wash to the men in the sandbox? In order to support the troops you must support their mission. If you're against the war then you want their mission to fail and our GI's to lose. I know what you're saying "but I don't want them to lose, I want them to come home". So do I, but I also understand they have a war to win. Coming home prior to victory is defeat, thus, the mission is lost. I also understand that ours is a volunteer military. None of these brave men and women were drafted or "tricked" into service. They knew what they're signing up for and take their responsibility seriously. War is what they're trained for, that's what they do. Someone's got to do the grunt work and America's fighting force deserves our respect. We are the ones they're fighting to protect. Protecting our freedom to assemble and protest them. Protecting our freedom to burn the symbol they carry into battle. Joel Stein may be honest here in his oped, but his honesty is without moral clarity. Abraham Lincoln was speaking of Joel when he said "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt". Joel Stein is spitting on the graves of those we've lost with his "honesty".
Their mission, the war in Iraq, and the troops go hand in hand. You cannot uplift one while suppressing the other.
Update 8:32pm
Hugh Hewitt interviewed this mountain of moral ignorance, you've got to read the transcript.

Monday, January 23, 2006

UK marches toward dhimmitude

Here's the WTF du jour. On the one year anniversary of the July 7th London bombings Great Britain will host an exhibition of modern-day islam in an attempt to eliminate the "myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings. Organizers plan to invite surviors of the tube attacks (nothing like rubbing your nose in it) to the event. The expo will in 3 zones, discover islam, the muslim world and muslim civilization. You'll learn how to pray the muslim way, learn the true palestinian history, religious chants and a gallery of famous converts. Fantastic! This will surely stir up sympathy for the enemy create self-loathing and a "blame the victim" mentality for our allies across the pond. If Britons want to "discover" islam, all they need to do is check out the Finsbury Park mosque. Or better yet, go sit in on the trial of the famed "Hooked" imam of the Finsbury Park mosque. They'll get a real look at the islamic culture, because he's preaching hate from the koran.

There ain't no stinking jihadis in America, right?

I don't know how I overlooked this nugget, but check it. A posting on a jihadi website called for those jihadis (terrorist cells) living in America, Canada or Mexico to attack the Alaskan pipeline. Well, if you listen to the left you'll hear "we ain't got no stinking jihadis" no need to wiretap and listen to them talking to folks back home checking on the camel and goat herds. So I'm safe to assume those sharia loving muslims in this country would trip over themselves to turn the unsavory characters that would do this country harm into the authorities, right...... We'll see.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Clemency for "Jihad Johnny" Walker Lindh

In an act totally void of reality, Frank Lindh whose son was captured in Afghanistan fighting with the Taliban, broke his silence today pleading for clemency. Check it, the morally challenged father of jihad Johnny claims that "In simple terms, this is the story of a decent and honorable young man embarked on a spiritual quest". A quest that included taking up arms? This not the story of a boy studying abroad, he is a traitor and deserves the death penalty. I wonder if he would have been this supportive if ole' Jihad Johnny wanted to embark on the heavens gate spiritual quest? Let's continue shall we, sure. The elder Lindh also implied that after 9/11 we (America) switched sides What happened unfortunately for John is that the United States made an abrupt change after the 9-11 attacks. We switched sides. John was on the ground there when that happened. He certainly didn't go to Afghanistan to do anything against America. He never fought against America. He never fired a gun at an American. He was simply rescued" So what Frank and his treasonous progeny, by their support of the Taliban, believe is little afghan girls should not learn to read or write and those that try to teach them will be decapitated. Women need to be "burka" clad. Homosexuals should be stoned to death. Yes Frank, America switched sides. I had the unfortunate experience to hear Frank Lindhs speech and I must say, the father is a total moonbat and moral retard. He has a minutest absent of the concept and belief in right and wrong. His son deserves clemency because he was following his heart. "It's a wonderful thing for an American kid to go overseas and study, to learn another language, to learn another religion, these are great things" Would be a wonderful thing if it were 1939 and Jihad Johnny hears an Adolph Hitler speech, reads Mien Kampf and decides to head off to Deuchland to learn and study german and if the opportunity presents itself, take up arms for the cause. If he's captured wearing a SS uniform carrying a german rifle is he a traitor? I thought so.

University "muslim only" Bank - update

I panned this islamic banking update nugget today and learned that in the wake of 9/11, apparently while we were still sleeping, this institution was founded in July of 2003. Here's how it works. Let's say a jihadi wants to buy a house while waiting for instructions from OBL and living among the infidels in the land of the Great Satan. He is struggling to remain faithful to the RoP and the bastard capitalist infidel want him to pay interest on a home loan. What is a koran abiding jihadi to do? Viola, welcome to University Islamic Financial Corporation. All he has to do is identify the desired property, go to the islamic financial institution for a modern day land contract type home loan. Instead of traditional mortgages, these transactions are set up as lease-to-own or markup deals. In both cases, the bank buys the home and sells it to the customer; bank profit is built into the payments at an agreed-upon price. So much for assimilation into American culture. You'd be interested to know that this same jihadi can obtain a 7-11 business loan without paying interest as well. All the while the profits, made from stupid infidels buying up spoiled lunch meat and outdated milk, are "donated" to the cause in palestine. Nice!

Hamza defense - He's preaching from the koran

Here's a big WTF to start your weekend off right. I panned this nugget from the UK Times online and was shocked, not so much, to read that the Finsbury Park imams defense team handed out korans to the jurors and explained that "Captain imam Hook" was simply interpretatng the holy book. Defense attorney Fitzgerald continued "It is said he was preaching murder, but he was actually preaching from the Koran itself" . Finally someone willing to step up and tell the truth about this evil holy book.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

CIA Confirms It's Bin Laden

He's back. The CIA has confirmed the voice on the audiotape Al-Jazeera played today is in fact OBL. Check it, I have a few questions about this sudden "state of the war" address by the al-Qaida front man. Why no video address? Could it be his snowy white galabiyya was still at the cleaners? Maybe he isn't looking his best 'cause his kidneys are failing? Perhaps he doesn't want to chance a dinner time bombing, a fate his favored bomb maker met during his hajj ending celebration. But I digress. In addition to threatening attacks on American soil, OBL is offering us a truce on "fair" but undefined conditions. I wonder what those undefined conditions could be, complete dhimmitude? Osama also recommends the American people read a book, The Rogue State by political analyst William Blum. Maybe it's on Oprah's list too, I'll have to check. The moonbat democrats are going to be pleading for our president to "negotiate" with this madman. And why not, Osama says "We do not mind offering you a long-term truce with fair conditions that we adhere to, we are a nation that God has forbidden to lie and cheat", murdering 3000 innocent people on a Tuesday morning in September, that's permitted right. I'm ready, where do I sign?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Warm and Fuzzy TV, Brought to You by Hamas

Oh we got a special going in the blogosphere tonight. Check it, a second WTF du jour. Leave it to the RoP (religion of peace) to help parents spread the hate. Al Aska TV in Gaza brings you Uncle Hazim who is eager to teach pre-school muslim children the basics of militant palestinian politics.
"I will show them our rights through the history," he said, "show them, "This is Nablus, this is Gaza, this is Al Aksa mosque, which is with the Israelis and should be in our hands". Fantastic, when he's done shaping these young minds they can go out and perpetuate the wholesome values hamas has passed on to them.

koran used to swear in city board member

Well, here's our WTF du jour. Boonton New Jersey used a koran to swear in new planning board member Tajammul "Taj" Khokhar. I reported to you a few weeks ago about the lawsuit filed by the ACLU, of course, in North Carolina superior court. The lawsuit followed an outcry this summer over the inability of Muslims to be sworn in Guilford County courts using the Quran. The matter surfaced when the county's two top judges turned down a gift of Qurans from a Greensboro Islamic center after deciding that an oath on the Quran is not a legal oath. State law refers to someone laying his hand on the "Holy Scriptures," which they interpret to mean the Christian Bible. The law also allows someone to affirm to tell the truth while holding their hand upraised.
It appears to me the south will not go quietly into dhimmitude while the intellectual north "embraces diversity".

No payday for palestinian authority

It's about time! Check it, the EU suspends 35 euros (42 million dollars) in aid to the black hole that is palestine, which is not a country by the way. It seems I'm not the only person who sees they're unable to self govern and have a total lack of financial responsibility. I've asked since Arafat went belly up, "where's all the millions in aid?". While touring palestine, EU commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner noticed half the 70 million euros donated thru the world bank have not been released. The time has come to end the social welfare program. If they needed to work and provide food and clothing to their families perhaps the suicide rate would go down and Israel would be safer. With all the money flowing into that armpit of the middle east one begs the question, why do they live in such slums and self imposed refugee camps. Thank goodness someone is demanding results before handing over some cash.

Bolton blasts Annan

I've been a little behind on my Israel reporting. The American pit bull ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, shows his teeth last week. In a letter to (Turtle Bay Crime Family) Kofi Annan, Bolton admonishes the UN for displaying a map without Israel. The palestinian event, The International Day of Solidarity, was held last November 29 with Annan in attendance. Bolton went on to explain that the map gave the impression of the UN's approval to what the Iranian president's repeated calls for Israel to be "wiped of the map". A spokesman for Annan passed on the blame saying "It was not Annan but the committee that decided in 1981 to display the pre-1948 map at the annual event".
Check it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

CAIR joins ACLU to stop government spying

My daily CAIR email was all to happy to provide the update regarding their eagerness in joining the ACLU in an effort to block our government form gathering terrorist intel by, what else, filing a lawsuit. That's right they're suing the federal government. I don't get it, I don't know what's wrong with the "moonbat" left in this country. American's, I believe, want to be safe from another attack by jihadi nutbags who want to destroy us. If someone had asked you on, oh say September 20th 2001, if you thought we would be attacked again, what would you have said? I answered yes. Why do you think we've not been hit again? The jihadis don't have enough money, bombs or young muslims waiting to get 70 virgins (or raisins depending the translation)? It's the successful intelligence gathering and taking them out before they can strike. The ACLU has been on a crusade to redefine our culture and change our national history by helping to outlaw Christmas parties in school and prayer at football games. I could go but my focus is on CAIR. This organization, founded in 1994, and it's employees have conspired and agreed with many terrorist groups including the Holy Land Foundation and Islamic Association for Palestine. Many of it's leaders and members have held positions in terrorist organizations. This site, check it, has the skinny on the terrorist founders of CAIR. Omar Ahmad, co-founder of CAIR, said in a statement "Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam ... Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."
Are you scared yet? Well take a look at CAIR spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, had to say about turning America into an islamic state "I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future...But I'm not going to do anything violent to promote that. I'm going to do it through education."
Fantastic, imagine the destruction in their wake, these two forces eliminating Christmas from the public square and replacing it, under the ruse of education, with mock jihad, fasting and hajj.
I told you before, if we don't wake up and protect our country we'll find our daughters in a burka and find our sons being fitted for an explosives belt with matching vest.
As far as spying goes, if you've been in contact with terrorist since 9/11, you have a diminished expectation of privacy and we should be spying on you.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Is it racism if you're black?

Here's today's WTF! New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin had this to say to a crowd gathered at city hall for a MLK march. And I quote, ""We ask black people ... It's time for us to come together. It's time for us to rebuild New Orleans — the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans," Nagin said Monday. "This city will be a majority African American city. It's the way God wants it to be. You can't have New Orleans no other way. It wouldn't be New Orleans."
Hold on, I gotta pick my jaw off the floor. Could you imagine if a WHITE mayor had said, "this city will be a Anglo -American city 'cause God wants it that way". The ACLU and NAACP would be on him before he left the podium.

Iran invalidates CNN press cards

CNN received a slap on the hand today. The madman they call a president invalidates press cards of CNN reporters in Tehran for violating "professional ethics". Jamie Ruben's wife, Christiane Amanpour, who was covering a press conference misquoted the Iranian leader. Now, it's kinda hard to believe that she really misquoted him because she is an Iranian / Persian native. Could it be the American press is no longer wanted in the "free" Iranian Islamic Republic?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Barbie update!

Oh WTF! I did some more checking on Fulla, the arab solution to the immoral Barbie. In addition to the fashionable veils, Fulla comes complete with a little prayer rug. I also discovered her birth was made possible due to the Saudi Arabian religious police banning of the "Barbie the Jewish doll", whose "revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories and tools are a symbol of decadence to the perverted West." (but they have no problem sending their children here for the best education in the world) As of this writing there are no plans for an arab equivalent of the popular Ken doll because giving her a boyfriend would be inappropriate. I guess giving her the "Fulla Dream Tent" (the Barbie dream house) would be completely out of the question. Allah knows a muslim woman can't own her own "Bedouin estate". By denying her an Ahmed doll she is condemned to a life of poverty and "hut-less-ness". How will she ever support herself? Good thing she's not allowed to drive, can you imagine the embarrassment when the GMAC tow truck pulls up to repo her Corvette?
I can see this has disaster written all over it.

Ever vigilant Walmart associates and profit driven Target associates

I panned this nugget and thought we all need to be more aware of our surrounding while shopping. There has been a spike in the sale of disposable cell phones or tracphones. These are very popular with the jihadis. The uses vary from remote detonation of explosives to chatting with your local imam. On New Years Eve a Target store in California sold 150 of these phones. No red flags went up for this associate. However a Midland Texas Walmart associate alerted police when 6 middle eastern men attempted to purchase 60 of these phones. Once the gig was up, they moved away from the registers and got rid of the merchandise.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

BOLO issued by Highway Watch

Highway Watch,
an organization in cooperation with Homeland Security, The American Trucking Association and TSA, have issued a formal
BOLO (be on look out) alert. They are asking
for assistance in ascertaining the identity and or whereabouts of an individual extremely interested in tanker truck operations and deliveries. The individual in all the reported incidents was video taping the trucks and photographing tanker equipment. The Highway Watch website has additional incident details and contact information.

Again, Behold the RoP

Again an example of the sharia justice system. An Iranian court has sentenced a teenage rape victim to death by hanging. Why you ask? Well, she killed one of the rapists in self defense.
Oh the beauty of islam.
Behold, the RoP, 345 killed in a stampede to stone the devil in an effort to cleanse their sins. This happens every year. If muslims value "life" as they claim, wouldn't think they could figure out a way to avoid these accidents? Check it

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Terror manual targeted western landmarks

At his trial in London, the Captain Hook of imams, prosecutors told the jury about the encyclopedia of afghani jihad found in the clerics apartment. The one eyed, hooked hand islamic leader of the Finsbury Park mosque in London was in possession of 10 of the 11 volumes. Skyscrapers and nuclear power plants were among the targets and went on to name landmarks such as Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. In his defense, Hamza denied his hatred for Jews and Christians, stating "the encyclopedia had been a gift which he had never read." Right..... Who gives you a gift set of encyclopedias absent one of the books? Maybe it was through the muslim Time Life series or islamic book of the month club.

Swimwear policy to accommodate religious requirements

The threat of a lawsuit in the country is enough to change policy and that's how sharia will come about in America, unless we stand up and fight back. My daily CAIR email was all to happy to inform me of this nugget. It seems a muslim girl in Michigan wore sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt into the pool. She was ordered out of the pool because her clothes violated health and safety regulations. Well, once the ACLU realized she was humiliated a letter was sent to the recreation commissioner explaining the girls rights were violated, the vote to change the swimwear policy is expected to pass overwhelmingly tonight. Just like the prayer room at the football stadium, our tolerance of their intolerance is going to end up changing our culture. If she wants to cover her entire body and swim, build a pool at home or move to Saudi Arabia, don't change my country.

Barbie converts to islam

Oh here's a big WTF! The American icon dons a hijab and a veil. No arab "Ken" equivalent and I bet you'd have a hard time finding a bathing suit for her. Read the article, I can not do it justice with my mouth hanging open like this.

Border agents find tunnel from Mexico

Check it, more proof we need a wall on the border. You've got to ask yourself, how many jihadis are enjoying the California sun thanks to our friends south of the border?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Bomb found in San Francisco Starbucks

The San Francisco police diffused a bomb found in the bathroom of a Starbucks this afternoon. Details are slim as this news is still breaking.

Recruiting AIDS victims for Jihad against US troops

Here's a super huge WTF. Documents revealed to The Sunday Mirror indicated Al Qeada is seeking potential jihadis infected with AIDS, Hepatitis and other blood borne diseases. Jihadi researchers have found that bones and other blood-spattered fragments from a suicide bomber could penetrate the skin of a victim 50 meters away and infect them. They've figured this out but they can't seem to find a way to feed the refugees. What a wonderful religion!

islam is incompatible with tolerance

As muslims go off to their hajj, (commanded as one of the five pillars, where they will march to mount Arafat, from there they will parade around the black meteorite in Mecca, concluding with a sprint to throw rocks at the devil) they are ever mindful of their real goal. Iranian TV aired portions of the rally in Mecca where the prilgrims chanted death to America, death to Israel and the phase that strikes fear, allah akbar. Isn't that what you'd expect on a religious retreat? Anyway, that's really not the topic of my rant today. Check it, this nugget was panned a few months ago when a Danish newspaper solicited cartoons of mohammad. (my favorite was the one with mohammed in a turban shaped like a bomb with the fuse lit) Twelve of them were printed in the paper and the jihad began. The cartoonist have gone into hiding, the paper has heavy security due to the death threats and the calls for revenge have not subsided. The Turtle Bay Crime Family, that tower of moral clarity, has now entered the arena. Yes the UN, will again show their anti-Judeo/Christian bias, has weighed and will have their experts on racism look into the matter. What you have here is a muslim minority dictating to the Danish majority. For months the Danish government refused to interject citing free speech and freedom of the press. The OIC is currently meeting in Mecca discussing their joint jihad, I mean action, for the Danish's governments refusal to restrict the freedom of the Danish press. And that's the money quote right there, restrict the freedom. The entire religion is restrictive. Lets review shall we? Sure. No questioning the koran, no homosexuals, no rights for women, no other religion but islam. Islam dictates every aspect of your life, even here in the good ole U.S.A, this website answers all your sharia in your life questions. I kid you not, check it for yourself. The fatwas cover everything from business affairs to marriage and sex to your inheritance. Based on what I read this site is very popular and there are a lot of needy muslims out there and the obvious need for their own islamic bank. But I have strayed from my original rant, which brings me to tolerance. The Book of Daniel aired Friday and I watched about an hour. Again, from what I saw, the folks in Hollywood portrayed the Christian family and Christian leaders in general as completely dysfuntional. With that said, where is the Christian outcry? Where is the call for jihad? We understand that in a civil and free society the way to express displeasure is to turn the channel and refuse to patronize the sponsors.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jesus' life on trial

Check it, two Italians debate the existence of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I am not even kidding. These childhood friends, now in their 70's, one a priest the other an atheist will have an Italian court decide whether the Catholic Church and the defendant priest are in violation of 2 laws. One against swindling people and the other is impersonation. Maybe I could bring a lawsuit against the RoP. I would surely have a much better chance to prove islam is a false. It might bring an end to the ridiculous notion that there is a moral equivalence between our Judeo-Christian values and those of the death cult that is islam. Either the Torah and Bible are correct or the koran is correct, both can be wrong but they both can not be correct. Like it or not evil exist in the world and not all things are relative.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Oh Jerusalem

The hamas candidate in the upcoming palestinian elections has a clear and aggressive objective if he is chosen to the dysfunctional state of palestine, a united Jerusalem as it's capital. I think they would be better served by focusing on the challenges at hand. Their refusal, in 1948, to accept the 2 state compromise, in the words of Vivian Ward (Pretty Woman), "Big mistake, huge". This action of course led to the arab refugee problem and after over 50 years their arab host countries have yet to give them citizenship. A great site chronicles the history, check it. For now let's take a look at their successes thus far since losing their murderous leader, Yasser Arafat. Their inability to locate the billions of aid money the old homosexual, pedophile in a kaffyah, stashed away in Swiss accounts. Arafats "wife" and child reside in a Parisian flat while the refugees exist in slums. I wonder what they've done with the 1.5 billion American aid dollars since 1993? Time and time again "peace" talks with various American heads of state have ended in violence and intifadas, no palestinian state. With the Gaza disengagement and a 3rd party gift of the Israeli greenhouses to the arabs a celebration, ala muslim style, broke out and they looted the high tech structures and set debris aflame. They're not growing roses, strawberries or tomatoes. They're not trying to build a tourist resort on the coast. They're not even trying to get along. They're building bomb factories. Nice! Their latest march toward statehood involved a bulldozer and the barrier between Gaza and Egypt. Again, nice. On Christmas Eve in Bethlehem terrorists stormed the mayors office demanding jobs in the government. So much for that updated resume and a new suit opening doors of opportunity.
After all the Israeli giving I ask you, did the attacks subside? No. Were the Friday hate feast sermons replaced with calls for peace and tolerance? No. At what point do you say, "fut" it? The reward for bad behavior angle isn't working. The Israelis continue to compromise security in an effort to change the inherent loathing that cripple palestinian advancement. The Gaza pull out and leaving them to their own demise plan has a few kinks in it. Civil people expected them to take the ball and run with it, instead they're showing the international community how truly twisted the RoP is at it's core.

Friday, January 06, 2006

America, a paper tiger?

Osama's number two man has been in the studio and has released his latest rant which al-Jazeera is all to eager to show. Ayman al-Zawahri says Bush's troop withdrawal indicates Americas defeat in Iraq. I have read the transcript and al-Reuters news report and I can't for the life of me understand why there are still some people in this country who believe we must withdraw troops and bring the disenfranchised fraction of muslims to the table and understand their position. From what I've read, this religion wants islam to be the rule of global law. The cut and run crowd should be very happy with the progress they've made in getting us war mongers to understand them!

Sharons health the subject of Saudi cartoon

Our friends the Saudis have a wonderful little cartoon depicting how the RoP feels about the Israeli leader. Now remember Saudi Arabia is the religious center of, what muslims would love for us to believe, a peaceful and beautiful faith. The prayer request must be hidden somewhere in the picture. WTF!
The arab news article also captures a photo of harmless members of fatah's mini parliament passing out flowers and candy in celebration of Ariel Sharons illness. Nice!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Free booze makes you healthier?

Here's the big WTF of the day. For all you socialist who believe Canada has the right solution to the health care crisis, this buds for you, free!

We must wake up and procreate, says Mark Steyn

I panned this nugget from the WSJ Opinion Journal yesterday. Mark Steyn makes an awesome point, void of political correctness, and articulates precisely the ultimate goal of islam and how they are winning the war to impose the RoP on the world. As you will read, Europe is one generation away from becoming entirely islamic. Click the link, print the article and read the entire piece.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The islamic bank of America?

Here's a great big WTF! An all muslim only financial institution. That's right people, a muslim only bank. Isn't that just wonderful. Here's the skinny. These institutions offer the usual loans and banking options with an islamic twist, they're interest free. They also offer investment options in Islamic Mutual Funds. Information regarding those funds will be forthcoming. It sure seems like while we were sleeping they crept right in and made themselves at home. Where's the ACLU on this one?

Iran continues it's slide into the dark ages

Happy New Year!
I'm back in the stream and the first nugget I panned brings the RoP back into focus. Check it!
Iran, not satisfied banning western music, closes down a newspaper and a woman's magazine. Yep, they sure are enlightened folks. I wonder how long Will and Grace would last in the islamic cradle of peace and tolerance? They are, after all, islam's watchtower and center for revival of the Islamic identity.