Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore is now in "nobel" company

I'm sure you've all heard the news, Al Gore won the Nobel Prize for peace. Gore can add this to his list of meaningless achievements. The MSM is all abuzz over the news, showing their bias, as if he were the second coming. Missing from their praise news, however, was the British court ruling that found 9 scientific errors or omissions in the Gore documentary. But why ruin the party with facts.

The Nobel Prize has lost some of its reverence over the years. Notable past recipients include Jimmy Carter (2002) and Yasser Arafat (1994) for their anti-Semitic global contributions towards peace. Other distinguished laureates have included Kofi Annan and the United Nations "for their work for a better organized and more peaceful world" recognized in 2001. Obviously, running the oil for food scandal had no effect on their ability to con the prize committee. And lets not forget the 2005 winners, IAEA and Mohamed El Baradei, "for their efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes and to ensure that nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is used in the safest possible way". Yes, were still trying to put the genie back in the bottle after the toothless atomic watchdog stalled long enough to allow Iran to pass the point of no return.

I guess the prize committee thought Irena Sendler, a 97 year old woman who saved Jewish children from Nazi death camps, wasn't a peaceful cause in light of what Mr. Gore has accomplished. Saving Jewish children, saving polar bears, I can see the moral dilemma they were faced with in making their selection. Maybe they'll revisit her feat next year. If Gore had a conscience he'd relinquish the award and admit Sendler is more deserving. Then again if Gore had a conscience he would actually be conserving energy instead of buying carbon credits to alleviate his guilt, while padding his carbon offset business portfolio.

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