Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If only this was my biggest crisis…..

Grab a cup of your favorite drink and make sure you’re in a comfy chair, this is gonna be a long one. If only this was my biggest crisis…..

The best part is that it really is the single, biggest crisis in my world right now. I should “knock on wood” just to be safe.

About three weeks ago I pampered myself and purchased an iPod. The justifying purpose of the little blue rectangle was admirable really and was only to be used at work. Instead of constantly adjusting the FM reception I could listen to music or podcasts thereby increasing my productivity. I’m sure I’ll be recognized for my sacrifice and service.

{Editors Note; Everyone who knows me will tell you I’ve never been easy to please. It’s not that I have outrageous expectations, I don’t. I’m sick, I have an illness, a disease. I have ADD. No not the excuse that lazy kid’s bad students use to get away with inadequate scholastic and social behavior. I’ve been afflicted with Affection Deficit Disorder. This self-diagnosis explains my never ending quest for the perfect pair of shoes, my jacket collection and the 17 cars Nick and I have purchased since 1990. This disease only has one symptom, the “newness” of things wear off rather quickly.}

See how nicely the iPod "blue" and the Corvette "Jet Stream Metallic Blue" match.

With spring right around the corner, in the Janice household that means sports car driving weather. So, I made another purchase to further enhance my life, an iPod “cable-thingy” so I could use said iPod in my car.

The Corvette has an “auxiliary-port-do-hicky” that’ll allow me to listen to my iPod in the car. I needed just one more gadget to distract me while driving, you see XM Satellite Radio, 12 FM pre-set stations, 6 AM pre-set stations and a 6 disc CD player are not enough listening options for me, obviously.

Since I generally don’t read instructions I asked Nick to read the owners manual so I would know how to operate the radio when the “cable-thingy” was plugged into the Corvette “auxiliary-port-do-hicky”. With iPod, “cable-thingy” and key fob in hand I ventured into the garage to try out my new toy.

Now this is where the crisis comes in; imagine my surprise when I couldn’t open the door. The lock wasn’t blinking, the anti-theft light wasn’t blinking and I couldn’t open the door. At first I thought the fob battery was dead. I soon found out that wasn’t the problem. I went back in the kitchen and called for Nick to “fix-it” for me.

{Editors Note; At this point I have to tell you, I’m a complete tech-kno-tard and even though I learned to drive 27 years ago, I know nothing about cars. I can’t change a tire, I don’t pump gas and I can’t ever open the hood of my car. It’s not my job, I have no desire to learn such tasks. The same way Nick doesn’t want to do laundry, cook or scrub the toilets. I’m old-fashioned.}

So Nick returns from the garage to inform me that the Corvette has a dead battery. “A dead battery! The car is 6 months old! It’s a brand new car! Get the dealer on the phone!” All of this was said in about 3.7 seconds.

The dealer was completely inept. I realize the service department doesn’t work on Saturday, but the guy who sold us the car (and made a huge commission on 52K) was there. With our car buying history and “golden credit report” (the owners words, not mine) you’d think he’d be tripping all over himself to bring us another crappy AC Delco battery. One would think. Not so much.

{Editors Note; Below is a photo of the battery voltage display on the instrument panel. This will act as my new driving distraction. Who needs an iPod to distract them when one is now paranoid about breaking down, just constantly monitor the battery voltage}

I soon learned what being a Corvette owner was all about. While Nick was in the garage trying to open the car doors, I was googling “dead 2008 corvette battery”. This search yielded plethora of Corvette, Chevrolet and sports car forums complaining about the cheap AC Delco battery that GM continues to use in these 21st century electronic gluttons. Even opening the car door has gone from a primitive mechanical act to an electric function.

When the battery is dead you can still get the doors open. All one has to do is separate the “old-timey-style” key from the fob, then go to the rear hatch and insert the key in the lock under the lip of the rear spoiler deck to open the hatch. Once inside there’s a manual cable latch that will open the driver’s door. Now, if your car is outside you can simply call OnStar and have them open the door. This will not work if the car is in the garage, OnStar can’t pick up the signal. After the door is open you can then open the hood to access the engine.

I spent about an hour reading the forums only to discover the C6’s (6th generation Corvette) are extremely dependant on electronics and new AC Delco battery would only die again. Almost everything on the car draws power from the battery. Power windows, brakes, mirrors, seats, doors, gas cap access, rear hatch, navigation and OnStar just to name a few.

Needless to say we didn’t accept the dealer replacement AC Delco battery. Nick bought a big-ass battery and tender for the car and submitted the bill to the Corvette manager for remittance. Even though the dealership manager said the warranty states a replacement AC Delco, Nick pointed to the scores of battery chargers surrounding the Corvette showroom. Nuff said.

And to think, it all started with the purchase of an iPod......

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CAIR invites FBI director to Minneapolis mosque

Guess Who May Be Coming to Dinner?

In the wake of missing jihadis young men from the Somali community in Minneapolis, CAIR invites FBI director Robert Mueller to dinner. No really, the Minnesota chapter of unindicted coconspirators is hosting a community dinner at the Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center. The same mosque that the FBI believes indoctrinated these jihadis lost boys.

Now, let’s examine the statement paragraph by paragraph.

From the whine-o-gram;

The invitation to Director Mueller comes in the wake of remarks
he made yesterday claiming a Minnesota Muslim who allegedly carried out a
suicide attack in Somalia had been “indoctrinated and radicalized” while living
in Minneapolis.

This one’s simple, Shirwa Ahmed was the first (known) American from the Somali community in Minnesota to return to Somalia and become a suicide bomber. Ahmed attended Abubakar As-Saddique mosque.

“We invite Director Mueller to attend the dinner and to help
us build channels of communication between the FBI and the Minnesota Somali
community," said CAIR-MN Communications Director Jessica Zikri. “It is through
open and constructive communication that we can best defend our nation’s
security and protect civil liberties.”

This isn’t going to be a pleasant pot-luck for the FBI or any other law enforcement officers in attendance. It’s going to be a dog-and-pony show, “look how civilized and pious we muslims are.” Mueller (which I doubt will be attending this shin-dig) or any agent will be bombarded with accusations of racism and profiling. The channels of communication will be going one-way.

Dinner guests, including commanders of local police
precincts, will have an opportunity to observe an Islamic prayer before enjoying
Middle Eastern and African foods. Speakers' presentations will be followed by a
question-and-answer session.

Education, education, education! We infidels are ignorant and need to learn about the ummah. Yes, a nice lamb kabob and some rice should smooth every out.

CAIR-MN said the mosque has received an increasing number of
hate calls and e-mails since several Somali youth left the Twin Cities area,
sparking rumors they were going to Somalia to join warring militias. The open
house and dinner are sponsored by the Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center,
CAIR-MN and the Building Blocks of Islam.

Always the victim, no one dons the mantel of victimhood like CAIR. I hope they’re keeping track so those numbers can be used in their annual civil rights and hate crime report.

Question, how did hate calls and hate e-mails spark rumors that these “yutes” ran away to join the circus “warring militias” in Somalia? Whoever started the rumor should be questioned; it’s obvious they know what happened to these missing “yutes”.

Friday, February 20, 2009

CAIR steps in to help Twin City Somalis

Have you heard about the Lost Boys of Minneapolis?

Well, fellow blogger Dinah Lord has been all over this story, here, here, here, here and here. Just to link a few.

It all started this past October when a Somali American ran-away-to-join-the-circus-jihad and blew himself up in
“one of 5 near-simultaneous suicide car bombings that killed more than 20
people in Somaliland and neighboring Puntland.”
It’s been reported that up to a dozen Americans from the Minneapolis Somali community have completely disappeared. In an effort to solve the mystery and find these “lost boys”, the FBI has been questioning, gasp, members of the Somali community in Minneapolis.

Enter CAIR
Ever since news broke a few months ago on the disappearances of young
Somali men from the Twin Cities, local Somali residents say federal
investigators have been randomly stopping people to ask them questions at malls,
college campuses, and the airport. One civil-rights group representing Muslims
in the U.S. has compared the questioning to a fishing expedition.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has
heard directly from 50 to 100 individuals who say they've been stopped by
federal agents in recent months. The council has begun increasing the number of
"Know Your Rights" presentations in the

Lori Saroya, who chairs the state chapter, said religious profiling is
something that all Muslims have faced since 9/11, but some Somalis are just now
beginning to encounter it. Saroya said the FBI's approach has intimidated some
Somalis who have traditionally feared government because of the oppression they
knew in their old country.

"We had one man who was walking on the street, and the FBI agent
invited him into his car," Saroya said. "There was one agent sitting in the
front seat and another agent in the back seat. According to him, he was
bombarded with questions. He just answered "no" to everything. He was just so

Okay, I'm a little confused here. Is CAIR aiding these young jihadist or serving the families and community? Do they NOT want these "yutes" found or just not found in Somalia?

We gotta laugh at some point....

The Nose On Your Face explains the tragic beheading of Aasiya Hassan.

I snagged this video from Debbie Schlussel.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

CAIR Good News!

The whine-o-gram title that greeted me this morning announcing Action Alert #568. It seems the unindicted co-conspirator stepped in to defend the rights of muslim students to wear kaffiyehs, thus furthering the intimidation of Jewish students.

"Students will be permitted to wear the
said Cara Ann Zanella, communications director for Gateway
High School.

The Monroeville school said the scarves would be allowed
after a meeting Wednesday involving students, one of the Muslim students'
mothers, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the American Civil
Liberties Union.

According to CAIR, the school principal said his
initial ban on the scarves was an attempt to "diffuse tension" between Jewish
and Muslim students.

Tension? What’s this about tension, you ask? Well, it seems these same muslim students wore “RIP Israel” t-shirts to school during the resent palestinian ass-kickin’ conflict.

A school district spokeswoman said three students recently wore T-shirts saying
"RIP Israel" and 35 Jewish students responded with a petition saying they felt
threatened. She said Al-Abbasi, Al-Sadr and the Jewish students will sit with
counselors and discuss their cultural differences

And we all know how well those Israeli/palestinian sit-downs turn out; I mean they’ve been “sitting down” for at least 50 years now. Maybe these counselors are much smarter than the previous peace negotiators. Who am I to say that these suburban school counselors couldn’t hold the key to middle-east peace? They are, in fact, armed with the CAIR published booklet “An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices,” designed to help school administrators understand Muslim beliefs and to promote a positive learning environment.
I still have one question; will the ACLU or ADL stand with the Jewish students regarding the “Rest In Peace, Israel” t-shirt issue? I think we all know the answer….

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The ummah responds to beheading, not CAIR

And now a word from our sponsors.....

In a late day whine-o-gram, CAIR included a response to the violent beheading of Aasiya Hassan. However, the “open letter to the leaders of the muslim community” was written by Imam Mohamed Hagmagid Ali and published by ISNA (islamic society of north America), not CAIR.

The “letter” has all the usual noise we’ve come to expect from the ummah. Expressing a collective sadness and shock at the loss of one of their sisters. Prayers and sympathies are with Aasiya’s family and the muslim community of Buffalo.

The imam goes on to decry domestic violence (in general) and says this incident should be “a wake-up call to all of us”. It’s a duty to protect victims and shame the perpetrators; “Women who seek divorce from their spouses because of physical abuse should get full support from the community and should not be viewed as someone who has brought shame to herself or her family. The shame is on the person who committed the act of violence or abuse. Our community needs to take a strong stand against abusive spouses. We should not make it easy for people who are known to abuse to remarry if they have already victimized someone.”

Is violence the ONLY acceptable, shameless reason for divorce?

After more double-speak, the imam suggests a priority be placed on teaching young men how to be husbands and women how to be wives. “We must make it a priority to teach our young men in the community what it means to be a good husband and what the role the husband has as a protector of his family. The husband is not one who terrorizes or does harm and jeopardizes the safety of his family. At the same time, we must teach our young women not to accept abuse in any way, and to come forward if abuse occurs in the marriage.”

It’s my opinion, this statement still places a semblance of responsibility on the woman for the violent ills plaguing the ummah. Throughout the proclamation emphasis is placed on social status, family wealth and the husbands standing in the community, that these issues shouldn’t be a deterrent to seeking assistance; "Community and family members should support a woman in her decision to leave a home where her life is threatened and provide shelter and safety for her. No imam, mosque leader or social worker should suggest that she return to such a relationship and to be patient if she feels the relationship is abusive. Rather they should help and empower her to stand up for her rights and to be able to make the decision of protecting herself against her abuser without feeling she has done something wrong, regardless of the status of the abuser in the community."

"A man’s position in the community should not affect the imam’s decision to help a woman in need. Many disasters that take place in our community could have been prevented if those being abused were heard. Domestic violence is not a private matter. Any one who abuses their spouse should know that their business becomes the business of the community and it is our responsibility to do something about it. She needs to tell someone and seek advice and protection."

If all the aforementioned applications were put into practice and imams suddenly transformed themselves into the spiritual leaders they should be, I believe nothing would change. We’d still see news blips of honor killings and domestic abuse. This sick culture of honor is much stronger than the American rule of law.

On Thursday February 12th, Muzzammil Hassan calmly entered the Oak Park police station and confessed to murdering his wife. He did not run or try and hide the crime. The culture this death cult teaches is higher than any manmade law, his honor was at stake, and Aasiya must die….

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New Name but the Players & Agenda Remain the Same

Joe Kaufman and his group, Americans Against Hate and CAIR Watch, are calling on Florida legislators to distance themselves from the newly formed United Voices for America. Many of you may recognize the founder, Ahmed Bedier, the former representative for the Hamas-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and “unofficial spokesman” for Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist Sami Al-Arian, will be holding an event in Tallahassee, Florida, under the banner of his newly formed group, United Voices for America (UVA). The UVA was created, according to Bedier, to lobby the Florida legislature and to “empower” Muslims “to change Florida.” Americans Against Hate thinks there is an alternative sinister agenda.

Kaufman said in a statement; “For over seven years, Ahmed Bedier has been involved with groups and individuals tied to and in support of anti-Israel terrorist groups, such as Hamas, PIJ and Hezbollah. The change Bedier is looking for is a threat to America and Israel. We call on all of Florida’s lawmakers to ignore the innocuous sounding name and nature of the UVA and to distance themselves from Bedier.”

In this Bedier bio titled "The Dual Life of a Pro-Terror Activist” in Front Page Magazine, Kaufman chronicles the many nefarious groups Bedier has been linked to and their radical agenda for America.

The song remains the same

Monday, February 16, 2009

A New Look for a New Outloook

Do not adjust your browser, you’ve reached

You Heard it Here, Nuggets of News the MSM Won’t Report!

It’s just that I’ve done a bit of spring-cleaning.

And with spring comes a renewed commitment to keeping an eye on those that would do us and our nation harm.

You know who you are…..

And I’m watching….

Sunday, February 15, 2009

NY businessman beheads wife; CAIR is silent

I read this story over at Stilettos in the Sand. An Orchard Park businessman chops his wife’s head off.

Let me repeat, a New York man cut his wife’s head off…an islamic act of unspeakable violence, a deed reserved for captured coalition soldiers, Jewish reporters and American contractors.

The perpetrator, Muzzammil Hassan, launched Bridges TV in 2004 to counter the violent and barbaric muslim stereotype. According to Chief Andrew Benz, Muzzammil Hassan came to Orchard Park Police Headquarters at 6:20 p. m. Thursday and said that his wife was dead. Aasiya Hassan was found at the Bridges TV office building.

Aasiya Hassan had filed for divorce and was granted a protection order on February 6th, barring Muzzammil Hassan from the home. “There had been problems before — there had been prior incidents of physical abuse,” said Corey Hogan, whose law firm, Hogan Willig, represented Aasiya Hassan in the divorce proceeding.

It’s been 3 days since this story broke; CAIR has yet to come out and condemn the brutal murder of this mother of 2 young children. CAIR is much more concerned over the maltreatment of hajib-clad bank customer and mayor Bloomberg’s uncritical support of Israel. Where’s the outcry and condemnation of Muzzammil Hassan?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The virtues of islamic investing

In what the new administration is calling “the worst economy since the great depression”, today’s whine-o-gram is touting the virtues of islamic market indexes. In an article published by the San Francisco Chronicle, it seems the Dow Jones islamic market indexes are outperforming the heathen market.

But all one has to do is google the funds and its clear the overall islamic indexes have been down for the last five years.

The two funds mentioned are the Amana Income and Growth funds and appear to be doing well according to the Amana website. However, the DJ islamic market has not been doing well, for the last 3 years if not since their inception.

I find this article to be misleading and for the SFC to pick only two funds from the tens of thousands of mutual funds and make an example of the elevated merit of sharia investing is dishonest.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Collective punishment, UN style

On Thursday hamas thugs robbed, at gunpoint, a UN convoy. Now the UN has suspended relief to Gaza. The UN is penalizing the whole for the actions of a few. The few who were democratically elected to lead the whole. Where’s the outcry of collective punishment? Or is that outcry only reserved for Israel?

The UN agency expressed it’s “disappointment” with the group’s actions. Wow, the UN sure was harsh in their condemnation of hamas; they’re disappointed with the actions of a terrorist group. Because the trucks have that powder blue insignia on the side do they believe they’re immune, will it keep them safe?

Last week president Obama released 21.3 million dollars in emergency funds to the UN agency. UNRWA was set up 60 years ago to take care of the permanent palestinian refugees created when the state of Israel was born. For 60 years and a new generation, the UN has adopted those who choose to live on the global welfare system. Their host countries believe, someday, Israel will cease to exist and those confined to fenced camps will return to their homes. It’s been 60 years, and Israel made the desert bloom while hated and revenge fester in these camps.

CAIR was among those thanking the administration and 63 members of congress for addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Shimon Peres' impassioned speech offends Turkish PM

This is the best thing to ever come out of Davos.

From Little Green Footballs; At about 39:20 into this video from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Shimon Peres launches into an impassioned defense of Israel’s actions against Hamas—provoking an angry outburst from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who then stalks off stage as Washington Post moderator David Ignatius sputters and the audience sits stunned.