Sunday, November 30, 2008

SunRise Equities scam

As I perused my favorite blogs this morning, Skye Puppy posted some words of wisdom on our economy from AQ number 2, Ayman al-Zawahri. Skye linked to an old islamic banking post of mine from March 2008. The post gave an overview of SunRise Equities, based in Chicago, one of many sharia compliant financial institutions to pop-up in the United States.

Today, SunRise Equities and is no longer doing business. Why? Well it seems the sin of greed isn’t limited to Christians and Jews, muslims fall victim as well. In August of this year the pious muslim businessman Salman Ibrahim disappeared with upwards of 50 million dollars belonging to 200 north Chicago investors.

(As a side note, since this came to light during the holy month of terror ramadan, do you think he’ll receive extra raisins?)

However, in researching articles for this post, I came across a very interesting post that is fraught with conspiracy, murder and politics. Rehan Sheikh, a Chicago cabbie and part-time radio host, knew too much about SunRise and paid the price. But, before he died he talked, a lot. On a site dedicated to the SunRise victims, Grammar Gal conveys what he was told by the now deceased Rehan Sheikh. Links to president elect Obama, a radical imam Nawal-ur Rehman (who was also president of the Shariah Board of America) and Tablighi Jama'at (part of the same organization I posted about here and here a.k.a Islamberg).

In short, Gal believes his source (Rehan Sheikh) was murdered for what he knew. This story would make a great suspense novel or movie of the week, if only it wasn’t true.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Subpoenas Served at CAIR Banquet!

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email and see CAIR officials were served with subpoenas. Last night during the annual banquet, CAIR national director Nihad Awad was served a summons to appear in court.

Dave Gaubatz head of the “Mapping Sharia Project” personally served Nihad Awad with his subpoena. The dramatic moment caught on tape as Congressman Larry Shaw (NC-D) was addressing the crowd in Arlington VA.

Four CAIR clients have filed a federal civil complaint alleging criminal fraud and racketeering against CAIR, a self-described public interest civil rights law firm. The lawsuit also names CAIR's national leadership as individual defendants.

The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, alleges that Morris Days, the "resident attorney" and "manager for civil rights" at the now defunct CAIR MD/VA chapter in Herndon, Va., was in fact not an attorney and that he failed to provide legal services for clients who came to CAIR for assistance and who had paid for CAIR legal services.

The suit charges CAIR officials purposefully concealed the truth about Days from their clients, law enforcement, the Virginia and D.C. state bar associations and the media. When CAIR got irate calls from clients about Days' failure to provide competent legal services, CAIR is charged with fraudulently deceiving clients about Days' relationship to CAIR, concealing the fact that CAIR had fired him for criminal fraud.

Now I must add in the interest of full disclosure, a couple months ago Dinah Lord forwarded an email to me regarding donations made to CAIR. Later I was contacted by Andrew Whitehead of Anti-CAIR asking if I had donated to CAIR, either money or time, between a specific time period earlier this year. I replied that I had “donated” to CAIR in an attempt to receive a “free” koran along with the date and the donation amount. A few days later I was asked if my information could be forwarded and used, to which I had no objection.

I'm sure CAIR HQ is buzzing this morning, the spin doctors are in overdrive and 'real' lawyers are trying to turn this to their advantage. I'll post the whine-o-gram response when it's sent.

Friday, November 21, 2008

CAIR quiet on al Zarahri quote

Yesterday Dinah Lord remarked on the lack of response from CAIR regarding Ayman al-Zawahri labeling president-elect Obama a “house negro”. And after I did a bit of searching I found that this idiom is very common for muslims. Once again Debbie Schlussel has the 411 on how the American ummah feel about using the word.

So back to the CAIR response. In all honesty I was waiting for the standard terrorist distancing whine-o-gram, seeing how the ummah overwhelmingly supported Obama. So imagine my surprise when the email announced “CAIR: Zawahri Does Not Speak for Muslims” and the only rebuff was a tired old link to the CAIR anti-terrorism page.

The Associated Press article link didn't even have a CAIR official quote. Then again, what could they say? How could they rebuff the good Egyptian doctor? He is after all a muslim brotherhood member in good standing.

Upon reading the translation, I was pleased to read most of the drivel was a recruitment tool for al qaida wannabes. The number 2 terrorist went on to discount the Obama victory saying; “America has put on a new face, but its heart full of hate, mind drowning in greed, and spirit which spreads evil, murder, repression and despotism continue to be the same as always,".

Continuing on Ayman said the Obama plan to beef up troop levels in the Afghan theater would result in failure and the “dogs of Afghanistan have found the flesh of your soldiers to be delicious, so send thousands after thousands to them”.

Regarding the Obama photo-op at the Wailing/Western Wall during his world tour and his professed support for the State of Israel, the good doctor opined that "confirmed to the Ummah (Islamic world) that you have chosen a stance of hostility to Islam and Muslims".

Now, it is my opinion that these three points are closely held by CAIR officials and the American ummah. The anti-war, anti-Israel and anti-American capitalistic way of governance is deemed contemptuous for many in the islamic community in America.

Perhaps that’s why CAIR attached that sorry anti-terrorism link without an original assertion denouncing the terrorist statement. You know, just for show, kind of an inside joke. We’re making an attempt to distance ourselves, but not really.

Friday, November 14, 2008

CAIR still hot on the "Obsession" trail

Just because the election is over CAIR continues to hunt down those who funded the Obsession DVD distribution. It seems CAIR officers still refuse to address the contents of the DVD and are focusing their efforts on discrediting the messenger, once again donning the cloak of victimhood.

Many a whine-o-gram has kept the ummah outraged regarding this issue and the latest email included a link to a Jim Lobe website. In my opinion, Lobe is a liberal, anti-Semitic, America hating, citizen-of-the-world journalist. So it’s only fitting that CAIR would embrace the analysis published on one of his sites.

There’s really nothing new in this article, just a rehashing of this Zionist led conspiracy to sway the presidential election.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Obama Selective Service Shenanigans

I must give big kudos, once again, to Debbie Schlussel.

Today Debbie uncovers some shenanigans regarding president-elect Obama’s selective service registration.

Debbie has a photocopy of BHO’s registration and runs down the irregularities point by point. Once again Debbie Schlussel is doing the work the MSM won’t. Will anything come of this, will the liberal press pick the story up and continue the vetting? Did it make the front page of your local paper? How about the evening news? I didn't think so, but I'm grateful folks like Ms. Schlussel are willing to do the heavy lifting and making us aware.

Great job Debbie!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Whine-O-Gram speed linking

It’s been a very long campaign season and I’m so glad it’s finally over. Even though my party had their clocks cleaned, I’m an American first and I’ll continue to pray for our elected leaders.

For the last 2 weeks or so I’ve been ignoring the CAIR whine-o-grams, so today I’m going to do some CAIR speed-linking. So let's buckle-up those seat belts and replace your tray-tables to the up-right position;

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Road to Victory Rally, Senator John McCain in Columbus Ohio

We arrived at the John McCain rally on Friday around 3:15pm. Doors opened just before we found the end of the line and as you can see more tickets were available for this event than the Governor Palin event in Chillicothe.

The spirit of the free market was everywhere, students selling campaign buttons, hats and nObama T-shirts peddled their wears up and down the sidewalk prior to the rally.

I was really encouraged to see so many young people, Columbus, Ohio is very liberal.
As the line moved towards the entrance it seemed this member of one of the "big three" networks (NBC) refused to listen to the crowd calling for him to pull up his pants because crack kills.

When we approached the security booth, Batman's Joker made an appearance in the office window above Nationwide Arena.

They drove the "Straight Talk Express" right up to the stage.

Hank Williams Jr. got the crowd going before Arnold and John McCain came out to the round. Performing campaign versions of "All my Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down" and "Family Tradition".
Here we have California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger introducing Senator John McCain, calling him the "True Action Hero".

This was the scene of the controversial comment made by the "Governator" regarding Obama's skinny legs and arms.

Joining the Road to Victory tour in Columbus was South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and Cindy and Megan McCain.

Senator McCain rallied the crowd and I'm always amazed at how humble he is, I think if he wasn't the McCain/Palin ticket may be further ahead in the polls.