Saturday, October 20, 2007

Promoting the education of the ummah!

Every time muslims are involved in nefarious acts we’re told the west needs a greater understanding of the islamic community, America needs to be educated in the ways of islam. Claims that islamophobia is running a-muck in our country whenever a link between the religion of peace and the perpetrator completes the circle. The answer to what ills the ummah, according to muslim special interest groups, always consist of education and understanding, for the kafir. Descent from former muslims are vilified for nothing more than speaking the truth.

The fear of a nonexistent backlash against muslims always lead to placing blame on the victim. Riots in France, cartoonist death threats and endless demands for apologies because somehow islam has been offended. Anytime a muslim is involved, he is portrayed as the victim and law enforcement is coerced into a hate crime investigation. CAIR and other groups claim incident after incident are always racially motivated regardless of the facts.

If progress is going to be made, the bridge-building, education and dialogue needs to be within muslim community. The constant rhetoric painting the ummah as one big “misunderstood” populace entitled to special consideration only serves to encourage the vicimhood mentality and behavior. Western societies have grown used to islamic “temper tantrums” and find it necessary to tippy toe around muslim sensitivities, thus becoming enablers. Negotiating with terrorist only promotes bad behavior. When we’re forced, by muslim civil rights groups, to scrutinize crimes against anything islamic we're no longer a free nation. No one is free from being
offended or insulted, even islam. They all need to grow a thicker skin.

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