Saturday, December 01, 2007

CAIR responds to the Sudanese teddy bear

The religion of peace? CAIR believes the west needs to be educated about islam!

I'm sure you've all heard the news story about Gillian Gibbons. Miss Gibbons is being held in a Sudanese jail after her students voted to name the class teddy bear, Mohamed. The punishment for "insulting" the prophet of islam, (yawn) as Miss Gibbons did, is 40 lashes. World attention played a big part in commuting her sentence to 15 days in jail and deportation, to which Miss Gibbons is grateful.

I ask all of you who believe in God, do you ever leave Saturday or Sunday services, with sword in hand, and take to the streets looking to avenge your religion? I know me and my fellow Catholics don't. Never once has our Priest worked the congregation into such a frenzy. But I digress. Following Friday prayers muslims converged on Khartoum's "martyrs square", near the presidential palace, and began calling for Gibbons' execution.

Again, I find myself looking for even one women's group to speak out on Gibbons behalf. None are to be found. Not a shock there.

CAIR however has weighed in with an op-ed by Ibrahim Hooper. The 691 word article dedicates a meager 40 words to Gibbons plight. Stating an "inappropriate use of Sudan’s legal system" to settle a "disagreement between parents and a teacher". Compassionately, Hooper ends his op-ed with this non-condemnation, "Ms. Gibbons should never have been charged. She should be released immediately". That's it! Where's the outrage Hoop? Where's the condemnation for the Sudanese government and the Sudanese muslims themselves? Hooper's op-ed is fraught with koran and hadith quotes. Educating us on the prophet's "restraint" when dealing with insults and abuse. Well I'm sorry Hoop, the koran and hadiths are full of examples of the prophets vengeful savage manner when dealing with those who offended him.

The Sudanese, Dutch, French and Palestinian muslims are only acting the way their prophet has, they learn this from the imams who preach it in the mosques.

Ibrahim Hooper and CAIR are on a crusade to educate the wrong people. All the publications CAIR has made available to the American public need to be sent overseas. Every time a muslim uprising occurs, ship a pallet of books and pamphlets to those rioting in the name of islam, let them know "What Mohamed Would Do". Those of us living in the 21st century know what to do, and it's a bit different than what those rioting muslims are doing!


SkyePuppy said...

I heard that the little boy in her class, whose teddy bear it was, said they named it Mohammed after HIM, the little boy. Sheesh!

At least CAIR's Hooper didn't join in with the lynch mob. That's a bright point, I suppose. Still, CAIR's response to everything is to educate the infidels.

janice said...

You got that right Skye.

When the whine-o-gram arrived and was titled "US muslims responds to jailing teacher" I have to admit, I thought they would have admonished the (sharia) Sudanese government. Then again, they did support the radical muslim take over of Sudan.

Malott said...

What kind of idiot willingly relocates in the armpit of the world?

I think the wise thing to do is keep our people over here... And keep the religious sadists... over there.