Friday, January 27, 2006

Pope to enter into "trialogue"

After a long week of negative posting, I thought I would pan for something to lift our spirits. Much to my dismay, the nugget gods were against me. Check it, it seems the pope is marching toward dhimmitude. The Vatican is exploring the possibility of expanding its Catholic-Jewish dialogue to include muslims, hence, a trialogue. Now don't get me wrong, I think getting these people to open up and talk about their faith, thus exposing their agenda, is a fantastic learning tool for those who truly believe islam means "peace". What disturbs me about this whole idea is the mind set of those involved. Not so much the pontiff but Rabbi Israel Singer who seems to be pushing this on the Vatican. The Rabbi, sounding like a true reformist, indicated mutual respect can override differences that exist between the religions and the need to enter into discussions with the third Abrahamic child, islam. Now, I not so sure we want to validate a religion by bringing them into talks like Clinton inviting Arafat to Camp David. It only leads to acceptance and justification. Traditional islam is the only world religion with a developed doctrine and tradition of warfare against non-believers. The Torah and Holy Bible are compatible and do not contradict each other. Either the Torah and Bible are true or the koran is true. They can both be false but they can't both be true. If the Vatican validates islam and brings them to the table then I say invite the hindus and buddhist too. Hell, just call it "quintalogue" and order vegan take out.

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