Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Jimma" says bypass terror laws and fund PA government anyway

I panned this nugget and wondered why it wasn't being covered by the MSM. Check it, the former peanut farmer turned president turned terror supporter, "Jimma" Carter is calling on the US and the EU to bypass terror funding laws and to be creative in providing monetary support to the terror gang who won a majority of parliamentary seats (listen to me, I'm talking like they're a real country...LOL) in palestine. His statements were made to a group of Israeli news reporters. Nice.... Ole' "Jimma" wants your tax dollars to help ease the suffering of the these poor death cult mongers, saying Hamas will run out of money at the end of the month. Well I say, if he wants to ease the suffering they should look harder for the 300 million, his fellow peace prize winner, Arafat stashed away. Which brings me to how the old homosexual got that much cash. Arafat never owned a business, he never build anything, he never really had a job. The only thing he produced was kamikaze muslims equipped with bombs, fueled by hate. All the money he stashed was foreign aid money. So much for the Turtle Bay Crime Family committee on aid oversite (the UN).

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