Thursday, January 26, 2006

palestinian muslims, they're not hypocrites either

Like Joel Stein, muslims living in Gaza and the West Bank voted to follow the terror group Hamas. The various Hamas candidates ran on the terror platform, the destruction of Israel. The people aren't concerned about sewers, schools, employment or the creation of an actual country. If you believe that peace is possible between the new leaders and Israel, think again. Hamas' stated goal since their inception has been to "remove Israel from the map", among other beliefs. It is my hope that the populace will insist issues be addressed and the homicide bombers are recruited to collect trash, build roads and provide other civil services. But the reality is they won't and the movement, with this validation, will continue toward the destruction of Israel and the imposition of shria to the rest of the world. By the simple act of voting to be lead by this terror group, muslims are on board with their agenda. Hence, they too, are not hypocrites and believe in the call to jihad.

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Malott said...

From what I have heard Hamas is in no way prepared or able to govern. Their one talent will be blaming Israel for the Palestinian troubles that they [Hamas] are unable or unwilling to address.

I hope Israel has that wall finished.