Saturday, January 07, 2006

Oh Jerusalem

The hamas candidate in the upcoming palestinian elections has a clear and aggressive objective if he is chosen to the dysfunctional state of palestine, a united Jerusalem as it's capital. I think they would be better served by focusing on the challenges at hand. Their refusal, in 1948, to accept the 2 state compromise, in the words of Vivian Ward (Pretty Woman), "Big mistake, huge". This action of course led to the arab refugee problem and after over 50 years their arab host countries have yet to give them citizenship. A great site chronicles the history, check it. For now let's take a look at their successes thus far since losing their murderous leader, Yasser Arafat. Their inability to locate the billions of aid money the old homosexual, pedophile in a kaffyah, stashed away in Swiss accounts. Arafats "wife" and child reside in a Parisian flat while the refugees exist in slums. I wonder what they've done with the 1.5 billion American aid dollars since 1993? Time and time again "peace" talks with various American heads of state have ended in violence and intifadas, no palestinian state. With the Gaza disengagement and a 3rd party gift of the Israeli greenhouses to the arabs a celebration, ala muslim style, broke out and they looted the high tech structures and set debris aflame. They're not growing roses, strawberries or tomatoes. They're not trying to build a tourist resort on the coast. They're not even trying to get along. They're building bomb factories. Nice! Their latest march toward statehood involved a bulldozer and the barrier between Gaza and Egypt. Again, nice. On Christmas Eve in Bethlehem terrorists stormed the mayors office demanding jobs in the government. So much for that updated resume and a new suit opening doors of opportunity.
After all the Israeli giving I ask you, did the attacks subside? No. Were the Friday hate feast sermons replaced with calls for peace and tolerance? No. At what point do you say, "fut" it? The reward for bad behavior angle isn't working. The Israelis continue to compromise security in an effort to change the inherent loathing that cripple palestinian advancement. The Gaza pull out and leaving them to their own demise plan has a few kinks in it. Civil people expected them to take the ball and run with it, instead they're showing the international community how truly twisted the RoP is at it's core.

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