Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Momma moonbat arrested in the senate chamber

Check it, before Cindy Sheehan could become the center of attention at the state of the union tonight, she seems to have been arrested. She was trying to unfold an anti-war banner after she was already seated in the senate chamber. Oh WTF, the conspiracy nuts are really going to be spinning this one. Rove was behind the whole thing!


Malott said...

Have you heard Who and How Many Democrats were behind having her there?

It makes you wonder if she would have sat there quietly or been disruptive. Happily we'll never know.

janice said...

Mother Sheehan was invited, at the last minute, by California rep Lynn Woolsey. From what I've been able dig up, she was told prior to arriving, any outbursts or anti-war "shinanigans" would not be acceptable. Momma was told to use her "grown up behavior" as it were.