Monday, January 09, 2006

islam is incompatible with tolerance

As muslims go off to their hajj, (commanded as one of the five pillars, where they will march to mount Arafat, from there they will parade around the black meteorite in Mecca, concluding with a sprint to throw rocks at the devil) they are ever mindful of their real goal. Iranian TV aired portions of the rally in Mecca where the prilgrims chanted death to America, death to Israel and the phase that strikes fear, allah akbar. Isn't that what you'd expect on a religious retreat? Anyway, that's really not the topic of my rant today. Check it, this nugget was panned a few months ago when a Danish newspaper solicited cartoons of mohammad. (my favorite was the one with mohammed in a turban shaped like a bomb with the fuse lit) Twelve of them were printed in the paper and the jihad began. The cartoonist have gone into hiding, the paper has heavy security due to the death threats and the calls for revenge have not subsided. The Turtle Bay Crime Family, that tower of moral clarity, has now entered the arena. Yes the UN, will again show their anti-Judeo/Christian bias, has weighed and will have their experts on racism look into the matter. What you have here is a muslim minority dictating to the Danish majority. For months the Danish government refused to interject citing free speech and freedom of the press. The OIC is currently meeting in Mecca discussing their joint jihad, I mean action, for the Danish's governments refusal to restrict the freedom of the Danish press. And that's the money quote right there, restrict the freedom. The entire religion is restrictive. Lets review shall we? Sure. No questioning the koran, no homosexuals, no rights for women, no other religion but islam. Islam dictates every aspect of your life, even here in the good ole U.S.A, this website answers all your sharia in your life questions. I kid you not, check it for yourself. The fatwas cover everything from business affairs to marriage and sex to your inheritance. Based on what I read this site is very popular and there are a lot of needy muslims out there and the obvious need for their own islamic bank. But I have strayed from my original rant, which brings me to tolerance. The Book of Daniel aired Friday and I watched about an hour. Again, from what I saw, the folks in Hollywood portrayed the Christian family and Christian leaders in general as completely dysfuntional. With that said, where is the Christian outcry? Where is the call for jihad? We understand that in a civil and free society the way to express displeasure is to turn the channel and refuse to patronize the sponsors.


Anonymous said...

I do not think that you may find comfort in a muslims' thoughts to you, nevertheless As a good islamaphobist as u may be, I would still like to ask you, how you would feel if someone drew a picture of your family in a bad way and posted it in tomorrow's journal?? I think you get the point now.. Our Prophet is dearer to us than our families.. This outrage among danish muslims is expected. However as a muslim, and a true muslim at that, I do not approve of the muslims' reaction, I do not approve of taunting or threatening someone else.The problem, u must understand is not with Islam but with muslims.And if you are sincere, you will agree."Death to America"?? "Death to Israel"?? what do you expect?? If your country's government happens to torture our muslim bros in gautenamo bay. Muslim outcry is understood. Didn't u kno, at hajj yesterday, the imam denounced terorism at the mosque? Y didn't u mention that? Therefore plz change the title from "Islam is incompatible..." to "Muslims are incompatible.."

btw,in case u didn' kno, Allahu Akbar=God is the greatest!

Thanx n Regards :-) ,a fellow blogger..

janice said...

I do agree the problem with islam is the muslims. The entire religion which is comprised of muslims is intolerant. In this civil country our tolerance of your intolerance will bring about the dhimmitude of America. I stand by my post.

Anonymous said...

I disagree.. It is not commonly known that muslims are the most oppressed and harrassed in your country since 9/11. According to the facts:every 1 out of 4 americans think ill of muslims.Your countrymen have no right to talk about tolerance let alone criticise another community.I would also like to point out that every community has its black sheep.One cannot judge an entire community by them. If u get what i mean.regards

janice said...

A few facts that I do know:
1)islam and muslims want to impose sharia / dhimmi on the infadels aka, non-muslims as an ultimate goal.
2)not all muslims are terrorist but all the terrorist are muslims
3)9/11 did not bring about the anti-muslim reaction to your community, Americans woke up and started to really look at the "religion of peace" for what it is, a death cult.
5)Jerusalem is mentioned over 50 times in the Torah and Bible, NOT once in the koran, muslims have no historical claim to the land of Israel

Anonymous said...

1)USA allows freedom to religion, so there is nothing wrong in propagation of faith. Christian missionaries perceive it.. err.. differently because Islam is the fastest growing religion, thats y.
2)Can u pls define "terrorism"?.. if it means killing civilians then bush and sharon each are BIGGER terrorists than Bin laden and sadam combined. only ur minds have been too brainwashed to agree with it.
3)have u forgotten what ur christian ancestors did during the crusades?? have u forgotten ur famous "fuhrer" hitler?? these people to chrisians is how bin laden is to us. think.
4)Ur last point is amusing! Nowhere in the bible does it say that USA belongs to the christians, therefore pls persuade ur administration 2 give back all 50 states to the red indians, who were brutally shot down and oppressed...!


janice said...

The Judeo / Christian faith values life and the religion of peace, the death cult if you will, islam, does not. Where, and please show me, are the Jewish and Christian suicide bombers? muslims hold these uneducated, brain washed, "martyrs" in such high regard by plastering their pictures throughout Gaza, Lybia and Syria. How sick and twisted is a people that celebrate death? Explain that to me. An d one more thing, get off the crusades and more your argument and your religion into, at least, the 19th century. Address the events of the 20 years, I have more than enough examples of how islam retards the mind and stiffles free thought and expression.

Anonymous said...

Zionists have No necessity to become suicide bombers.bCoz they are the ones oppressing the others.why r u unwilling to address the crusades? U want 20th century stuff? sure..This is what drives arabs to become suicide bombers

4:29. O you who believe, do not consume each others' properties illicitly- only mutually acceptable transactions are permitted.
You shall not kill yourselves. GOD is Merciful towards you.

So suicide bombings as u see, are not allowed in Islam.hitler was a 20th century tyrant wasn't he? wat about him?.. Do you think these so called 'issues' about Islam have NEVER been addressed before? It's been 14 cenuries now.Do u think no one has ever noticed them, criticised them these 14 centuries? you are wrong, these issues have been addressed and explained many times in the past.we just have to repeat the same things to counter your criticisms. Apologetics think they have discovered something new.. hilarious!

janice said...

If blowing oneself up in forbidden in islam, then why are they doing it? I asked you for examples of Jewish and Christian suicide bombers and you give me Hitler? Hitler was not a Christian, and he was 1 man. Saddam modeled his regime after Hitlers power structure, so who is enamored with Hitler here? Certainly not Christians. There are many suicide attacks by muslims everyday, check this website.

Where are the muslims decrying the suicide bomber? I see no one speeking out against them, only worthless fatahs opposing "the killing of non-combatants". According to the imams I've heard, all non-believers are combatants and soldiers angainst islam, we are fair game.
The arabs in what you call occupied territories that are oppressed and attacked by IDF, why don't they turn on hamas and al asqa martyrs and the rest of terrorist tha cause the IDF to gun down "innocent" arabs? What have they done in gaza since the pull out? Nothing to better themselves and move toward self support and statehood. Only bomb factories, nothing is growing in the "gifted" greenhouses which could have been the base for building an economy. But they choose to fight and live and die in a self pitying, victim state at the mercy of America for aid and support. What say you?

Anonymous said...

If u think Hitler was not a christian, you are wrong. I came across this: ..It only seems that christians dont want him to be labelled that way.

I also showed you, what turns those people into suicide bombers, even though it is forbidden..In a nutshell: It is Attrocities commited upon our brothers and sisters and furthermore keeping the whole thing a secret that drives them to pick up a weapon.Secret oppression, u can call it that! Isnt that treacherous? Visualise: What if u were in their place? wouldn't you cry out to the world?.. Horrible? then how about, you get ignored by the world too? That would be a nightmare.

We muslims do NOT have a voice of our own, we do NOT own the media or any part of it.To make matters worse, the media is owned by Islam hating people. Take CNN for example:Its a zionist organisation, it even showed fake pictures of muslims celebrating after 9/11..Therefore, we muslims cannot voice out our opinions. Secondly, it seems our friend the media, likes to focuss the true picture of Islam, on some radical clerics.No wonder u guys are so brainwashed. Remember all this is in YOUR country.when it comes to Islam, U cannot not trust the media, , i.e if u desire truth.

We not only condemn Hamas and Al-Qaeda, but also Bush the hypocrite, Sharon the butcher, blair the liar, and all their alliances.You ask us to condemn these groups, but do not conemn your own gangsters... I once again request you to ask yourself: what is terrorism? I admit that muslims today have so much hatred towards the west and USA in particular. But you have only yourselves to blame for causing the turmoil.USA has misused its power. It all started with Israel a long time ago and YOUR government supports them.. There are certain things we approve of your country, and certain things we dont. and it so happens that, your evils far outnumber your good deeds.U brought Saddam to justice..Good .. but also in the process, you killed countless civilians in iraq, some children, some of them, newly weds, But u counted only the bodies of your country men..No one in America feels any sort of remorse for Iraqi civlians. U did things that would make hard hearted people weep, and u question WHY we are so different??? If this is your country's attitude Madam, what do u expect but hatred and attacks directed at yourselves?

Have you and your countrymen ever wondered, whether you are on the right track. An Archbishop in England supported the muslims there after the london bombings..why did he do it?? he was living in an all christian society. he had the upper hand.He could have urged his church comers to do the same things you in the states do:Harrass us.The thing is that, he was knowledgable and most importantly honest with himself.. A little knowlege is dangerous, they say.I do not know your intentions Madam, I think you are a honest person. if u wish to prove Islam is a religion of terror just for the sake of spreading your gospel, then i am wasting time writing all this.. because my message will not reach you.

I stress this again: The problem is with muslims and NOT Islam.because Islam is truly a religion of peace.If you want to prove that Islam is a religion of terror, then i expect you to come out with evidence suggesting so, from our authentic scriptures, and not judge Islam by muslims.
Kindest Regards.

p.s- sorry for taking up too much space, but i wanted to make my thoughts clearer, will make it shorter next time.. :-)

janice said...

You covered quite a lot there. First of all, I don't intend or believe I will change your mind. I do not beieve if put in the slums that arafat created while he stashed millions would upset me also. However, there is a way out of continued poverty and that is education and hard work not memorizing the koran and trying to kill Israelis. If you condem hamas tell me why they are going to win seats in the PA government? The people must approve of them, no? Are you telling me the elections are invalid?
I will not change your thinking. I am an American. I was created by a loving, just, merciful and forgiving God. He made me with a "free will". I am free to accept His gift, the salvation that comes from believing He sent His Son, God in the flesh, to be a sacrifice for the sins of all mankind, yours and mine. I also have the option to deny Him. That is free will.
Bush, Sharon and Blair are good men trying to protect their country men from an evil ideaology that preaches hate, death and destruction. Point to an islamic leader that is trying to better the lives of their country men without killing another.
It seems to me muslims have a low self-estem, enjoy victim-hood and are thin skinned and defensive.
If they are such a proud culture, why then are they so angry? And don't give me because my country has treated you badly or because Israel exsists. That is Hogwash!
I do agree the problem with islam is the muslims, my question is how can they be separated, get the extremists weeded out and allow all of us to live together on this planet?

Anonymous said...

You covered some good points there.I shall provide you with the answers. You talked about lack of education and poverty among palestinians.the thing is, if children are prevented from going to school, how can you expect them to be educated.If Children see that their dads are harrassed at check points while going to work, it is human nature that they have a grudge against their oppressors and pick up a weapon, or in this case a sling. This is obvious, any child with affection for his father would take up arms and turn to violence, becoz violence is the only means they have.It seems even that has become limited now, so they are desperately turning to suicide bombings.They are desperate, believe me! No offence, but It seems that you are unaware of what's really going on in Palestine. I suggest you look it up from your side and our side as well.You wanted the name of an Islamic leader who is trying to better the lives of his people.There are many examples i can give, take Malaysia for example:A perfect muslim society..Your last question is the most important one: How on earth do we put an end to all this nonsense? Let me put it as clearly as possible, the reasons for this conflict and the best solution.

Both we and the west, have our black sheep, our heretics.. Muslims wish to do our part by stopping our terrorists, and putting an end to it all.(yes, it's true!).Even though the west desires that muslims put an end to it all, it seems that they (west)are no different either.. when they attack muslim countries, they are terrorists themselves when killing innocent people.The same way we condemn our groups, you MUST condemn yours.It upsets me, when i hear you call these people "good men".. Therefore, when we see all these attrocities going on.. we feel anger, we feel pain.and when we just intend to expel these terrorists, we force ourselves to welcome them back..WHY? to fight the terrorists of the west.You can see many muslims today, they are confused.. they do not know whether to support these terrorists groups or not.When they feel like condemning them,and when they feel like going into the street in protest against them, they turn on the TV and watch Israeli soldiers kill babies.. and then.. they realise that both these groups are terrorists, not just one. We intend to do our part, but you are not doing yours.If you can get your government to stop the killing, oppression etc, then I guarantee you can expect the same from our side as well.we are on the defensive (contrary to what you think).. If u can get Bush and Sharon to stop killings, and even after that.. if we do find extremists on our side, plotting attacks against the west, we will hunt them down!! But for now, the ball is in your court.

Madam, When i had read your post, i found nothing wrong, maybe a few harsh words, but that did not bother me.What upset me, was the title of your post. And I wanted to inform you that Islam has nothing to do with it.You would feel ashamed, if we project the image of hitler as a good christian.But this is precisely what you and your people are doing to us.stop the and peace is what we all desire.Regards.

janice said...

Thank you for continuing the thread of debate with me. You say the ball is in our court, if killing these muslim terrorist is causing the islamic world community to embrace them, explain to me how the inaction of the Clinton administration prevented America from being attacked on 9/11? The Clinton era did not retaliate in 1993 after the 1st WTC bombing, nothing happened after the Cole, again we did not act after the duel embassey bombings in Africa. The military barraks that were targeted in Beruit. 8 years of passive inaction and the arab world did not stop the killings. America sends millions in aid to the palestinian people, why aren't children going to school? Why are the text books and maps missing the state of Israel? Your leaders, it seems to me, want your young men to continue this cycle of murder by encouraging hate. I believe Israel and America has the right to defend themselves. You say America and IDF target women and children, what do you call strapping a bomb to your waist, jumping on a bus and killing innocent men, women and children?

My faith and my God does not command me to murder people who do not accept my God. My church leaders do not call for our young men to commit suicide and murder innocent people. Our reward is not with virgins in paradise. I am sorry, that is twisted and sick and not of God. My Lord teaches vengance is not mine, but His.

Again, I can not see where islam teaches tolerrance when your examples are retaliation and vengance. Is that what it teaches you?

janice said...

One more thing, traditional islam is the only world religion with a developed doctrine and tradition of warfare against non-believers. Please don't invoke the crusades, my Bible did not bring about the crusaders who, by the way, were employed to protect Christian pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem that were being attacked by muslims.
The koran teaches warfare against non-muslims until the convert or are subjicated as dhimmis. Is this correct and is this what you believe?

Anonymous said...

Firstly I apologise for not being in touch these past two weeks. I was extremely busy.. It is only my pleasure to continue this interesting and friendly dialogue..

I cannot believe that USA is sending millions in aid to palestine! But what use is it all? USA is also sending aid to Israel as well, and that too in the form of weaponry. The Middle east would have been a peaceful region a long time ago, if it were not for the emergence of israel. 60 yrs ago, Christians, Jews and Muslims rubbed shoulders on the streets of Jerusalem. It looks like that brotherhood has been wiped out by selfish and inhuman zionists.All we want is to live the way we once lived together. That's not too hard is it? Yet, as days become decades, it's becoming more and more impossible! When Palestine was divided under the eyes of UN, the Zionists gave a small portion of infertile land to the arabs and expected them to live on it. Still feeling inadequate, they occupied more and more palestinian land and still do so today.Now, they want all of syria, and parts of jordan as well.To top it all, they are administering the current Palestinian elections!

The bombings and attacks on the embassies you mentioned are acts of terrorism.But as i said,the ball is in your court.For a recent example, I'm sure u r aware of what happened in pakistan a few days ago.. 18 civilians were killed. Now, is this an act of terrorism or not? this is what drives Al-Qaeda to bomb embassies. I'd like to hear your opinion on this.

Your Faith is a very humane one.I know that, because I have an entire shelf in my room dedicated to studying christianty.Even though it has a horrible history, i will not criticise ur faith, for the actions of its adherents.Bcoz that would not only be foolishness, but similiar to what the west is doing to islam.

Retaliation in Islam is legal only as a means of self-defence.I already mentioned the verse prohibiting suicide under any cirumstance, but here's more:

Narated By Thabit bin Ad-Dahhak : The Prophet said, "Whoever swears by a religion other than Islam, is, as he says; and whoever commits suicide with something, will be punished with the same thing in the (Hell) Fire; and cursing a believer is like murdering him; and whoever accuses a believer of disbelief, then it is as if he had killed him."

Anonymous said...

Regarding your last question:

I think you are referring to this verse :

Tell those who disbelieve that if they cease (from persecution of believers) that which is past will be forgiven them; but if they return (thereto) then the example of the men of old hath already gone (before them, for a warning).

And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is all for Allah. But if they cease, then lo! Allah is Seer of what they do.

And if they turn away, then know that Allah is your Befriender, a transcendent Patron, a transcendent Helper! (2:28-30)

The verse itself confirms that, its only a means of self-defence as evident from the words.." But if they cease"...

My Lord does not teach vengeance, but he also does not tell us to be cowards letting, our families die at the hands of our enemies.He tells us to fight back until there is no more persecution and no more oppression. He does not tell us to turn the other cheek, when our women are raped. All this, because Our Lord understands our right to Live on this earth and do more good deeds. Even Jesus implied one's right to self defence. It is not vengeance, it is our right to live, and our right to freedom. Islam allows freedom to religion:

There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error. And he who rejecteth false deities and believeth in Allah hath grasped a firm hand hold which will never break. Allah is Hearer, Knower.(2:256)

If there is anything else you would like to get clarified, pls don't hesitate.


janice said...

Welcome back.... I did see what happened in pakistan. 4 of those dead were terrorist. I think you may have miss spoken there before you know who we killed. The bombing was justified. We are at war and if you invite terrorist to dinner you should expect to be bombed.. Please check out my other posts. I think you'll find something else to post a comment on. Thank you for commenting

janice said...

Also.... why not identify yourself, create a blog id so I know it's you, thanks again for the diolage

Anonymous said...

lol! ok i'll stop posting, i'll make this the last one.I know i's gone a bit too far. Ok so u say the bombing was justified, because those civilians harborued terorists in the village. there are 3 things i'd like to point out.1)the civilians MAY not even kno that terrorists were residing in their village, 2) even if they knew that there were terrorists, were ALL of those killed, knowledgable about this matter? 3) what if children had died or missed being dead?.. In any case, i feel what The US did was wrong. When wtc collapsed everyone cried out, but when pakistan is bombed, no tears are shed from ur side.y?

It's good to see ur blog stats rising. i'll post my blog id soon enough.take care.

janice said...

I do mourn the loss of the innocent. Loss of a child is sad and sensless. But, you cannot tell me they did not know these guys were wanted terrorist. My faith values life and islam seems to value death. Thanks for the comments, let me know when your blog is up and please continue to post comments. The diologe has been enlightening.

Anonymous said...

I sure do hope u will understand some day. One's mind must not be biased.If Islam really values death as u say, then there's no reason I would be a muslim today.. But Here is my blog address, made some finishing touches to my latest post.

bbye and take care.