Friday, January 13, 2006

Barbie update!

Oh WTF! I did some more checking on Fulla, the arab solution to the immoral Barbie. In addition to the fashionable veils, Fulla comes complete with a little prayer rug. I also discovered her birth was made possible due to the Saudi Arabian religious police banning of the "Barbie the Jewish doll", whose "revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories and tools are a symbol of decadence to the perverted West." (but they have no problem sending their children here for the best education in the world) As of this writing there are no plans for an arab equivalent of the popular Ken doll because giving her a boyfriend would be inappropriate. I guess giving her the "Fulla Dream Tent" (the Barbie dream house) would be completely out of the question. Allah knows a muslim woman can't own her own "Bedouin estate". By denying her an Ahmed doll she is condemned to a life of poverty and "hut-less-ness". How will she ever support herself? Good thing she's not allowed to drive, can you imagine the embarrassment when the GMAC tow truck pulls up to repo her Corvette?
I can see this has disaster written all over it.

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