Friday, January 20, 2006

Clemency for "Jihad Johnny" Walker Lindh

In an act totally void of reality, Frank Lindh whose son was captured in Afghanistan fighting with the Taliban, broke his silence today pleading for clemency. Check it, the morally challenged father of jihad Johnny claims that "In simple terms, this is the story of a decent and honorable young man embarked on a spiritual quest". A quest that included taking up arms? This not the story of a boy studying abroad, he is a traitor and deserves the death penalty. I wonder if he would have been this supportive if ole' Jihad Johnny wanted to embark on the heavens gate spiritual quest? Let's continue shall we, sure. The elder Lindh also implied that after 9/11 we (America) switched sides What happened unfortunately for John is that the United States made an abrupt change after the 9-11 attacks. We switched sides. John was on the ground there when that happened. He certainly didn't go to Afghanistan to do anything against America. He never fought against America. He never fired a gun at an American. He was simply rescued" So what Frank and his treasonous progeny, by their support of the Taliban, believe is little afghan girls should not learn to read or write and those that try to teach them will be decapitated. Women need to be "burka" clad. Homosexuals should be stoned to death. Yes Frank, America switched sides. I had the unfortunate experience to hear Frank Lindhs speech and I must say, the father is a total moonbat and moral retard. He has a minutest absent of the concept and belief in right and wrong. His son deserves clemency because he was following his heart. "It's a wonderful thing for an American kid to go overseas and study, to learn another language, to learn another religion, these are great things" Would be a wonderful thing if it were 1939 and Jihad Johnny hears an Adolph Hitler speech, reads Mien Kampf and decides to head off to Deuchland to learn and study german and if the opportunity presents itself, take up arms for the cause. If he's captured wearing a SS uniform carrying a german rifle is he a traitor? I thought so.

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