Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jesus' life on trial

Check it, two Italians debate the existence of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I am not even kidding. These childhood friends, now in their 70's, one a priest the other an atheist will have an Italian court decide whether the Catholic Church and the defendant priest are in violation of 2 laws. One against swindling people and the other is impersonation. Maybe I could bring a lawsuit against the RoP. I would surely have a much better chance to prove islam is a false. It might bring an end to the ridiculous notion that there is a moral equivalence between our Judeo-Christian values and those of the death cult that is islam. Either the Torah and Bible are correct or the koran is correct, both can be wrong but they both can not be correct. Like it or not evil exist in the world and not all things are relative.

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