Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch Salman Rushdie

Would you be afraid of this murderer and his cohorts? Like other jihadis, they've stated their intention to murder you, in a five page fatwa plunged into the chest of Theo van Gogh.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali had just returned to the Netherlands, for (lack of) security reasons, when she was told to go back America, for security reasons. Dutch justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin told Hirsi Ali she was not in any "specific" danger in the US. The Dutch, unlike the British who continue to protect Rushdie, are ending their round the clock security regardless of her address.

For little over a year the former Dutch MP has been living in the US, working for American Enterprise Institute a Washington think tank. Like Salman Rushdie, another critic of the religion of peace, Hirsi Ali fears for her life. She has been under the protection of the Dutch government since the 2004 murder of Theo van Gogh by an offended, muslim immigrant on the streets of Amsterdam. A five page note stabbed into the film makers chest called for the murder of Hirsi Ali. The penalty for contempt of islam and their holy prophet …is death and nothing else.

In her book, Infidel, Hirsi Ali chronicles her life in Somalia, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kenya. The arranged marriage that took her to Europe and her escape to the Netherlands where Ayaan found freedom and broke the chains of islamic oppression. She recounts her rise to political prominence and her life after the murder of Theo van Gogh. In her quest to understand the culture and religion of her birth, Ayaan looked around and asked the question, why couldn't muslims govern themselves and create a functioning government if islam was the answer to everything, the one true path. It's a gripping read that keeps you turning the pages, I read it in 4 days.

A quick Google search will give you the headlines relating to this story from several countries. One such article is Hiiraan Online, a Somali news outlet. The article was short, reporting the basic information about one of Somalia's own. But the thing I found shocking was the comments attached to the article. They have a simple solution to the security issue facing Ayaan Hirsi Ali, renounce past statements criticizing islam and all will be forgiven.

Right, does anyone believe that?

It's quite disturbing when you read comments like these and hear muslim apologists repeat the standard mantra, islam means peace. How can you defend the tag-line, islam is tolerant, and have views like this in our face?

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SkyePuppy said...

I'm sure Islam does mean peace to these people. It's the kind of peace they get after they've eliminated all the infidels...