Thursday, October 04, 2007

Banning Halloween, Christmas and Jell-O!

The slow erosion of American traditions and culture has made its way to the heartland. But parents in Illinois are standing up to an attempt to mainstream islam, via ramadan decorations.

America has one national holiday that is religious, that's Christmas. Other national holidays are secular and with the exception of Jehovah's Witness, are celebrated or recognized by most Americans regardless of their faith.

On the heels of an announcement by Oak Lawn schools banning pork items and Jell-O from the lunch menu to accommodate muslim students, that controversy is dwarfed by the Christmas and halloween debate. Wednesday evening, police had to be called to the Columbus Manor School to intervene in a shouting match among parents, tempers ran high over the issue.

The current debate stems from a request made by parent Elizabeth Zahdan. Zahdan wanted to decorate the school for ramadan. When her request was denied, the muslim community was crying foul, the solution, rename or eliminate traditional school holidays. Halloween will be the Fall Festival and Christmas will be Winter Break. Superintendent Tom Smyth said, "I go back to our policy which says that public schools are to remain neutral in this respect.", however, muslim students are allowed to pray during their lunch period. So much for neutrality.

Resident Bryan Schapiro argued that long-standing traditions are under attack."For a number of years now I've seen something change every year because it goes against Muslim beliefs," and "Traditions that have been beloved by children in America for centuries are now being taken away little by little because the Muslims want the school day, menu and social traditions tailored to their needs."
Is ramadan a holiday or an observance and what are ramadan decorations? A picture of food with a slash though it? Come on!

Only 30 percent of the district pupils are muslim, not the 50 percent cited by CAIR executive director Ahmed Rehab. Appearing on the Glenn Beck show last night, Beck asked Rehab about a comment he made describing the parents and residents; "Some of the locals don`t come across as incredibly educated. There`s Budweiser anger there." Rehad elaborated and came out and called them racist. I bet that comment won't be debated on the senate floor. There won't be a letter telling CAIR to fire Rehab or at least issue an apology for his remarks.

Beck had a great comment closing out the segment, "If we`re going to put foot baths in our schools for Muslim students, which we are in some colleges, we should be able to put the Ten Commandments in the front of our courthouse."

Why are we contorting ourselves to accommodate the 30% minority instead of demanding they assimilate to our cultural traditions. 70% is still a majority.


velvethammer said...

Majority or not. It should not matter. This is America!

The hell with their dietary needs.
This preferential treatment is sickening. Muslims need to quit their bitchin'!
I have a clue to any whiny muslims that may see this.
When a muslim is living in a western country that has a long history of consuming pork, who are they to all of a sudden feel offended by pork?? If muslims would bother to drag their asses out of the 7th century long enough to realize, that the risk of trichinosis from uncured pork is no longer an issue. They could ease up and join the rest of us in the 21 st century. Gawd! Problem solved.

janice said...

Couldn't agree more Velethammer,
I too am sick of the back flips this country continues to perform to avoid offending the muslims who came here of their own free will.

Assimilate or go back home to the sandbox!

ksdjf!!!!! said...

Majority or not. It should not matter. This is America!

The hell with their dietary needs.

what a red neck you are. I bet you have a tatoo on your wrist that reads, "This is america, love it ore leave it"
jesus christ, this country is said to be the greatest natiob, but we say that because why? because we are free, and open to other's beliefs. greatest city in america? new york, also the most diverse.
its right wingers like you that stop this nation from evolving, whether it be muslim bashing, or blocking stem cell research. america was founded by liberals and terrorists. boston tea party was a terrorist act, revolutionary war was just that. a revolution.

open up your ears, and clean out your eyes