Monday, October 08, 2007

Israel and palestinian peace talks

Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, is wasting time. Peace talks between Israel and the palestinian terror leaders will lead to nothing. Abbas, speaking at a ramadan fest breaking meal,
"I don't want 'peace at any price, but rather a peace as called for by legitimate international [UN] decisions." He then laid down some of his conditions: "There won't be a [Palestinian] state without Jerusalem... We want, without word games, an end to the conquest of the lands from 1967..."

And, Abbas also wants the "right of return" for those refugees living in camps (where host countries have refused to allow them to emigrate, instead freely providing them tarps and bags of flour, sitting idle waiting to use their house keys) since 1948. So much for this set of talks.

Is should be clear, these refugees and the terrorist who represent them don't want peace with Israel. If they did, Arafish would have taken the deal in Oslo. The victim mentality of the ummah garners more global financial support than actually creating a self-governing nation. When your GDP is young muslim men with bombs straped to their bodies its hard to acquire worldwide compassion. But the loony left has rationalized the suicide bombers plight as their only weapon against the Israeli war machine.

If the arab refugees and their descendants are allowed to return, it would be a demographic disaster for Israel's decreasing Jewish majority.

Also on the table, the future of Jerusalem. Abbas claims there can only be one capital for the palestinian state and that's Jerusalem. And it seems the Olmert government all to happy to hand it over to the terrorists.


SkyePuppy said...

Ugh! Olmert should be run out of town on a rail. And then he should be replaced by someone who actually values Israel's security and borders.

are you paranoid or what? said...

Man what a vile paranoid blog. The establishment have got you well and truly sucked in! You don't think there are just as militant Christians who wish to harm Muslims?
There are only a few extremist muslims anyway. Go on crap on about 9/11.... how many innocent Iraqis have been killed because of your crusade? More than on that date let me tell you right now. So what's the difference terror is terror and America are the leaders in state sanctioned terror.
Why should Palestine give up their land for Jews? Because God said it was theirs? Delusional at very best.

OH and anyone who puts anything, especially a made up entity, before their family should have their head read!! I am glad I am not your kids.

janice said...

aypow, thanks for stopping by. But, you only attacked me and haven't addressed the issues I raised. Why?

If 1% of the 6 billion muslims in the world are what you call a "few," then I think the handful of Christian "extremist" are outnumbered by the 6 million muslim extremist.

I'm opposed to the entire islamic doctrine. I think it's a false religion and a threat to the world.

I believe Ahmadinejad because he, and his many like-minded followers, believe what he says, and that's dangerous.

I don't believe this 7th century, nomadic cult has any place in the civilized world, and time and again muslims world-wide have proven their lack of civility and contradict everything they claim islam stands for.

And yes, Israel belongs in the land, not only because God promised it to them, but the coveted UN says so.