Monday, July 03, 2006

We made it!

This is the view from the upper deck of the house. Just past those houses is the Atlantic Ocean.

Actually we got here yesterday around 5pm. After a rocky and later than planned start, we were on the road at 5:30am. Everything was on schedule, the Jeep was packed and we were off to meet everyone at my brother's house at 4:30am. We live 25 minutes away from them so we were under the gun to keep the "train on time". After the morning salutations and a refill on the coffee, we returned to our respective vehicles for a 12 hour drive. But, the best laid plans often go a rye. Just before our caravan hit the turnpike, my husband realized he forgot his wallet. His wallet of all things. Needless to say I was not happy. Being the lead car, I called my brother and gave him the news that we had to return home. This just put us an hour behind schedule.
Once we were on the road, everything went smooth. After a few hours of driving, we stop in Breezewood Pennsylvania to have breakfast and top off the tanks. Then it's over the border for a short drive thru Maryland. Once we're in Virginia the traffic jams around D.C. that are ever present, weren't. (the vacation gods were with us) Then is on to North Carolina where we stop at the Border Station for gas, bathroom break and cheap cigs. From here it's on to the Chesapeake Bay tunnel. Very cool, it goes under the water. You can also see the ships being unloaded before you enter. Next it's on to Currituck County, that's when you know you're close. At this point we're still about 100 miles away, but you can smell the ocean and signs are everywhere telling you to visit this in Kitty Hawk or visit that in Nags Head or Kill Devil Hills. (or KDH as we say here on the island) It's a quick 60 minute drive thru the gambit of putt-putt, gift shops and go-kart tracks then a left turn to the southern shores, route 12, over the Oregon Inlet, past the Pea Island wildlife reserve and the Bodie Island lighthouse to finally Hatteras Island. Home sweet home for the next 7 days.

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