Saturday, July 08, 2006

The end has come, our last day

Here's the partial cast of characters. In the hot tub we have ,from left to right, D2 (Danielle) D (Derek, D2's brother and my future nephew-in-law) and Stephanie (my niece and D's lady) Here we have Happy, (aka Steve, my brother) don't he look happy?
And here's Hershey Bar, keeping (jihad) watch over his domain. Not that he'd save you if you were drowning 'cause he don't do the water thing.

I am the first to wake, not only do I get to make the coffee nice and strong I get to unload the dishwasher from last night's dinner. Today is our last full day on the island. Since my tan still needs some work, I'm hangin' pool side dipped in the NO-AD Australian Dark Tanning Oil. You know the one, it has the warning on the back that says "this contains NO sunscreen". Unlike my brother, who got my mothers German-Jew pale complexion, I was blessed with my fathers dark Russian skin. I tan where he burns, I can get away with 4 sunscreen and he dips himself in 50. Last year my sister-in-law had to take him to the Outer Banks Medical Center because he had 2nd degree burns on his feet. This from a paramedic, he should know better. But not this year, no trips to the emergency room so far, knock on wood.
Anyway, today is our last day on vacation. Around 6pm we'll get dressed in floral shirts and khaki shorts and head to the beach for our group picture. Last year we wore white shirts and khaki shorts and I took black and white pictures too. They came out great. After pictures the kids will go to dinner and the adults will get take out (we can't leave the pampered pooch home alone) from the Mad Crabber. 6 pounds of crab legs, 3 pounds of shrimp, 2 lobster tails (for me and my sister-in-law) 1/2 pound of coleslaw, 5 pounds of jo-jos, 6 ears of corn and a dozen hushpuppies. Ummmmm, I can't wait! Once our bellies are full and the kitchen in clean, the mad dash to tidy up the house will begin. Not that we lived like pigs for a week, but we certainly did let some things slide. The vacuum will need to be run and the fridge emptied save the things that will travel well. Packing is done today because who wants to pack at 6am. A quick stop at the reality office to drop off the keys and we're on the road again. Another fantastic Hatteras Island family vacation has come to an end.


Christina said...

Okay, I'm an original East-Coaster and quite familiar with the local fare, but what in the world are "jo-jo's"? I have to ask!

It sounds like you have had a great vacation with your family. Good luck with your tan. I'm jealous as I apparently look a lot like your brother. No tanning here, just burns.

Have a safe trip!

janice said...

Jo-jo's are fried/baked potato wedges. It's a southern thing just like soda and wet BBQ. Their french fries are jo-jo's.

I got a good tan, I'll post in the morning the last day's festivities.

SkyePuppy said...

A quick stop at the reality office to drop off the keys...

I'm just wondering if this is a typo or not. Do you mean you need to stop at the realty office? Or do you mean that when you drop off the keys, it will jolt you back into the reality that you must return home? It works either way!

janice said...

It was a typo, I must have had too many White Russians while posting. Thanks Skye for clearing it up and not making me feel like an idiot.
(note: one shouldn't drink and blog)