Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ADC sues US over war in Lebanon

I have heard it all now! The ADC (American - Arab anti-discrimination committee) and bunch of Michigan muslims are suing the government for failure to protect US citizens in Lebanon. Talk about passing the buck on personal responsibility. One "vacationing" muslim was quoted, "It's sad that we're Americans and got treated like this". Treated like what? Not that the MSM would have reported the flawless (and FREE) extraction of Americans from a country that had 4 travel advisory in the last 2 years. The lawsuit alleges that Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice failed to meet their constitutional obligations to protect U.S. citizens during war. The suit will also ask the court to issue an order compelling the U.S. government to request a cease-fire and stop all military support to Israel until all U.S. citizens are out of Lebanon. That's the underlying motive of this whole thing, support for Israel. You know, the last time I checked travel was a privilege and not a right. I buy travel insurance when I plan a trip. One just doesn't know and who wants to lose all that hard earned money. But I digress. When I purchased travel insurance this year for our Hatteras vacation the policy did not cover foul weather or acts of God. If I roll the dice and choose a week when the Lord thinks the island needs some rain, I am not entitled to a refund. Only if an evacuation order is issued by the State of North Carolina do I receive a fractional refund. No one held a gun to their head and made them travel abroad. These people made a choice to spend their summer in a "hot spot" and knowing full well the potential for a conflict was eminent. Again, travel is a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT. Life is full of uncertainty, and traveling to a political and religious powder keg is just not a smart choice. A choice made by those who ended up in Lebanon and now expect fellow Americans not only pay for their military extraction, but want us to pay for the alleged pain and suffering for a spoiled holiday abroad.


SkyePuppy said...

...but want us to pay for the alleged pain and suffering for a spoiled holiday abroad.

Janice, you got the end of that sentence wrong! They want us to pay for the alleged pain and suffering for a spoiled BRAT!!!

They can stick this one where the sun don't shine.


janice said...

Amen Skye,
I'll be watching to see if it gets thrown out or it goes to trial. I'll keep everyone posted that's for sure!