Tuesday, July 25, 2006

CAIR compares vacationers in war zone to Katrina victims

It never stops! Today the Detroit Free Press published an op-ed by Dawud Walid, a CAIR executive director in Michigan, where he made the absurd comparison between the military extraction of vacationing Americans and the federal evacuation of New Orleans residents in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Playing the race card for sympathetic effect doesn't make the case for his analogy. Walid wrote;
While the government rushed to proclaim that Israel had the right to protect its borders, it sluggishly stated days later that planning was under way to evacuate Americans trapped in Lebanon.Obviously, the delayed evacuation of primarily Arab Americans and American Muslims from these hostile fire zones invokes genuine concern, similar to that raised by African Americans after the evacuation debacle of Hurricane Katrina. Was the response delayed because of a poor contingency plan for evacuation, or was the response delayed because of who the evacuees are? Would the evacuation have been quicker for American citizens if the Israeli infrastructure had been decimated as Lebanon's currently is?
What don't these people understand about making the choice to vacation in a military hot spot and being the victim of an act of God? How is the American government responsible for your safety once you leave our borders? Again I have to say it, "travel is a privilege not a right", these people made the choice to disregard the American travel advisory. They made a personal decision to travel abroad and then relinquish responsibility when things get ugly and uncomfortable. True to form and with unbelievable gull, these people expect, no demand, fellow Americans bail them out physically and financially.
Playing the victim is a constant for CAIR, but trying to latch on to the painful memories of the
over-dramatized catastrophe in New Orleans is beyond the pale even for CAIR.


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janice said...

Busy, stuff going on. Not doing to good. I'm there/here today. See ya downstairs later.

Anonymous said...

CAIR is fighting their own war with America. I hope people see it and defend our values and culture from these 7th century crazies. If not, get ready for sharia law.

Malott said...

Surely America as a whole has little sympathy for these idiots that decided to vacation next door to Hezbollah. It annoys me that other Americans have to risk their safety to pick them up.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention we Americans are going to pick up the tab for the military extraction from a "powder keg".
And what really "frosts my donuts" is the lack of appreciation expressed by those rescued by "Americas Finest".

Malott said...

Good point JT!

Their lack of appreciation exposes the contempt in which they hold our government and the United States people in general.

And now, why are these humorless losers still allowed to immigrate to this country?