Saturday, July 22, 2006

CAIR whine-o-gram blasts U.S.

Here we have CAIR Executive Director, Nihad Awad, on stage with the hezbollah flag. Who do you think CAIR is loyal to?
You knew an extra special CAIR whine-o-gram would be forth coming once the news broke about America sending bunker busting bombs to Israel. In addition to the myopic view of the war, CAIR called the attacks on "Lebanon's civilian infrastructure targeted and claims to have forced some 500 thousand Lebanese from their homes under threat of death." Well, if the terrorist didn't hide among the civilian population, "innocent" civilians would have nothing to worry about, right? Hiding weapons in mosques and homes is now legal under the military code of conduct?

CAIR chairman, Parvez Ahmed said in a statement:
"It is unconscionable that our government would rush weapons to a state engaged in vicious and indiscriminate attacks on the civilians and civilian infrastructure of a friendly nation. Thousands of our nation's citizens also remain in Lebanon facing death or injury from these American taxpayer-supplied weapons. The baffling decision to assist in the destruction of a nation that has been held up as a model of democratic reform can only serve to harm our long-term interests in the region. Aiding attacks on civilian targets in Lebanon also calls into question our nation's commitment to fighting terrorism in all its forms. America must disengage its Middle East policy from the self-serving dictates of the pro-Israel lobby. Failure to do so will allow Israel to once again drag our nation into its self-perpetuating cycle of hatred and conflict."

Nowhere in the whine-o-gram does CAIR condemn hamas or hezbollah for their attacks on Israeli civilians, perpetuating their own cycle of hatred. Instead of becoming a productive, self sustaining society, palestinians use the now vacant Gaza Strip to launch daily rocket attacks, unmolested, into Israel without a word from the global community. When the IDF is dispatched to defend the itself and a few islamic civilians are part of the collateral damage, the world finally takes notice and expresses outrage. The double standard is laughable. Asking Israel to use restraint when the entire country lives in constant fear, when your commute to school or work could be your last, a country that engages in a daily fight for her very survival. No civilized nation wants war, but sometimes you have to fight. I'm going to use a quote from Dr. Bill Bennett, let's "give war a chance".


SkyePuppy said...

You're absolutely right! CAIR hasn't met an Israel-attacking terrorist they don't like.

I have to wonder if CAIR even realizes that when the terrorists bring their bombs here, CAIR will be in the crosshairs just as much as the rest of us.

janice said...

Great comment
"CAIR hasn't met an Israel-attacking terrorist they don't like"
So true Skye, I think they believe dying in the "crosshairs" would bring those 72 virgins
(or 72 raisins, depending on the translation) upon them.
I also think they should be investigated for treason.

Malott said...

CAIR must realize that "their own tax dollars" are being used to fund Israel, and the only way to stop that is to leave this country and work and pay taxes some place else. I'll help them pack.

janice said...

I believe CAIR is a
501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. So they don't pay taxes save their salary withholdings. Anyway, I think it gulls them to no end living and working in a country with such love and support for the "Zionist project" in the Holy Land.