Saturday, July 15, 2006

CAIR Canada calls for Graham to be denied entry

I'm a little late posting this whine-o-gram from the Canadian terrorist wing of CAIR. Reverend Franklin Graham has an October crusade scheduled in Winnipeg, Canada and of course the Canadian death cult members are asking the federal government to clarify its position on freedom of speech after the outcry over a planned visit to Canada of a British imam and the official silence about the upcoming entry of a U.S. evangelist who has called Islam "a very evil and a very wicked religion." Well I can explain it, reverend Graham, unlike imam Riyad ul-Haq, has never called for Christians to murder Jews, Hindus or homosexuals. He has never called on Christians to turn their back on Canada, refuse to assimilate and to go on "jihad" against their own country. He never used rabid hate speech to define non-muslims. Reverend Graham has never issued the call to "convert to Christianity or die". And the most important difference, Franklin Graham is not suspected of having terrorist ties.

The left in this country and Canada are again trying to draw a moral equivalence between the two men, calling Grahams comments on islam ( "a very evil and a very wicked religion") hate speech. The reverend has refused to amend his stance on the "religion of peace" despite the pressure from the PC crowd. We should all support this ministry, it is truly making a difference by bringing people to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

"...we'll make a great mistake if we hold back our technology and hold back our weapons and put young men and women in there and sacrifice them because we're scared to use some of our major weapons. And I think we're going to have to use every -- and I hate to say it, hellish weapon in our inventory, if need be, to defeat these people." (CNN, September 14, 2001)

"We need to confess our sins to God, asking for forgiveness as a nation, and seek his wisdom in what we should do in the days to come, especially the president." (CNN, September 14, 2001)

franklin grahm is a total joke, so is christianity. and these gold diggers you call evangelists know they are full of it as well. But the weak minded eat it up, like a fat kid does cake.

janice said...

We disagree 3rd eye, but thanks for weighing in with your comments. Stop back again.