Friday, June 30, 2006

CAIR condemns kidnapping

When I received my CAIR daily whine-o-gram yesterday I thought I was going to have to eat crow and post the statement by CAIR in which they condemn the kidnappings. But as they say, the devil is in the details. The kidnappings being condemned are the palestinian terrorist captured by the Israeli Defense Forces, not the 2 civilians and 1 soldier abducted by the democratically elected government in the Gaza Strip. When you read the statement issued by the terror linked muslim civil rights group, you'll see there is no mention or condemnation of the actions by the palestinians that started this retaliatory action by Israel.

The gull of this organization boggles the mind. I can not understand how they are allowed to operate in the United States when they clearly support terrorist.


Anonymous said...

It's clearly not about right and wrong. The anti-Israel, anti- Jew stance by this terrorist organization is bold and unapologetic. Can't say they're hypocrites.

Malott said...

I wonder how we could go about enlisting the Israeli Army to come here and target CAIR?

janice said...

Great idea Chris, they surely need to be eliminated for the good of the nation.