Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My take on the markets....for what it's worth....

The mortgage bailout has been dominating the news cycles, and with good reason. No matter your position on the economic ladder this will affect you one way or another. The “working” man or middle class will see their 401(k) statements fluctuate. Retirees will see their income distributions decline. Our working “poor” will continue to be used by the democrats as pawns in this pork-laden bailout as WIC, CHIPS and Medicare earmark increases are cut and the blame is placed on the “heartless” republicans, again.

And what of the upper class in America? Some of these folks run small businesses. Lines of credit used to make payroll, buy raw material and pay the rent on equipment and space are being called in by cash strapped banks scrambling to increase their value.

Some will stand on the market sidelines with their cash tucked under the mattress while others are going to participate in the Wall Street fire sale, thus driving the markets into a free fall. Our hope lay in those who will take advantage of rock bottom prices and put their money into the system.

It’s been my experience, numbers are black and white. Unlike words, numbers can not be twisted to mean something they don’t. The quotation can’t be manipulated for a desired outcome, there’s only one correct equation.

For more of an inside scoop, take a look at these two posts, here & here, by former Wall Street “player”, Dinah Lord. She opines with the clarity only an insider can. Go take a look…


Dinah Lord said...

Thanks for the link love, Madam!

(What do you think we should call our new firm?)

janice said...

Anytime Twiny, your posts were great!

I'm gonna think about our firm name. Of course, it has to incorporate fighting the jihadis on the side.

Dinah Lord said...

Hmmm. This whole idea of a financial firm started by two broads who fight terror on the side would actually make a good story line for a novel...hmmm.

(I'm planning ahead - if Obama gets in office I've decided that I'm dropping out and writing the Great American Novel. hah-hah!)