Monday, September 22, 2008

The Corvette has a name....

A little diversion today so I’m going to post some pictures of the backside of my “Blue Bullet” and her new name tag. Notice the patriotic, God fearing optional plate design......

Now one thing must be made clear, I am in no way vain and I can’t stand vanity plates. I think they’re cheesy and snobbish. I’ve never been a snob and I’m far from being cheesy. However, since this is technically not my car (it’s in Nick’s name) I’m not really responsible, right? Right?

Let’s just go with it mkay.

Anywho, we decided on 08VTTE because everyone who comments on the Bullet asks me what year it is or is it new. So, this was a way of simplifying things and elevates their apparent sports car ignorance. (boy, sure that sounded snobbish didn’t it)

I’ve hit the 500 mile mark and on Saturday night, while driving to a friend's house, the Bullet was flying well above 110 MPH. Nick had no idea we were going that fast, she’s so smooth.


Jacob said...

Wouldn't the unedited, original version be more patriotic?

janice said...

It nice to see you Jacob!

No, the standard issue plate for the state of Ohio is plain and has no mention of God or the flag on it.
Go here to see all the special issue plates for the state of Ohio.

Dinah Lord said...

She's such a beauty!

And over 110!


(I actually thought it was kind of nice that the year is on your tag - a lot of times I'll see a hot car and wonder what year it is...don't think of it as being snobbish, think of it as actually helping out the car-challenged! Hah!)

Malott said...

Beautiful wheels!

But some how I now feel rather inadequate.

I hope it's ok if I still comment here.

janice said...

Thank you Chris and Dinah, she is a beauty.

I look at the plate as doing my part to inform the masses, not so much as a snobbish act. It's not like I have "ITS MINE" or "IMGR8" or something cheesy.

And Chris, you are far from inadequate. I've seen your BIG truck!

Jacob said...

No - the unedited, original version of the pledge of allegiance.

janice said...

Jacob, this is the only pledge I've ever known.