Thursday, October 02, 2008

Where's the islamic Jimmy Hoffa?

JThe JBS Swift Company, in Colorado and Nebraska, has been at the center of a religious rights controversy. And CAIR is claiming this work walk-out to be a “grassroots Muslim labor movement in the United States” and predicts more on the horizon.

This holy terror month of ramadan has sparked an islamic labor movement. Because muslims have accepted employment hours that happen to coincide with prayer time, fast breaking and head-to-rug thumpin’, some American companies must bend and twist to accommodate this minority.

CAIR sees this as an opportunity to move islamic rituals into the American cultural mainstream. For decades religious minorities have adapted to our Christian culture. Jews, Mennonites, the Amish, Jehovah's Witness and atheist have accepted Christian holidays at work, school and in the public square without compromising their beliefs. A girl in my class since first grade would always go and sit in the library or office during classroom parties. She was a Jehovah's Witness. Was I sad for her? Yes, but it would have been much more tragic for the other 20 children to relinquish our cultural traditions. (And I can bet you her father never gave the Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas bonus back to his employer, you know, on behalf of his beliefs.)

For now “the disgruntled Muslim workers will continue working within the union to educate co-workers about their needs, rather than form a separate bargaining organization”. Christina Abraham, civil rights director for CAIR in Chicago, continued saying; “They shouldn't separate themselves from the other employees in requesting fair working accommodations," she said. "There hasn't been any kind of movement to create a Muslim workers union, because we feel this is an issue that potentially any employee of any religious background will face."

It’s the divide and conquer tactic. Most unions indoctrinate members to believe management is only there to oppress them. So the ummah will pull out all the stops to “educate” fellow union members, convince them that they too have a stake in their plight against “the man”. Then they'll all be head thumpin', fast breaking Mecca praying fools, because they collectively "stuck it to the man".

This just a small step, but the ummah takes every victory and moves toward the next battle.

The entire article is here, I suggest reading. It touches on other union battles and the woman behind this push for equality, Kim Bobo.


American Angle said...

Excellent post! It is a continued effort to erode American traditional values.

Keep posting the truth! I'm right with you.

janice said...

You're right on that AA.

Thanks for stopping by with the kind words.

Dinah Lord said...

"head to rug thumpin"


I knew that CAIR had to be in the pigpile when I saw this had happened. And it is clearly part of their concerted campaign to introduce head to rug thumpin' into our corporations, schools and government.

It ain't over.

Weekends Off said...

I'm just stopping by to see what's up with you and how you are doing. As far as this post goes, I'm one of those "when in Rome" types of people. Majority rules so to speak. It's America and therefore it should be the American way when it comes to these sorts of things.