Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A gift for CAIR

My package is ready for the post office, that is if they're open. (power outages in central Ohio have many businesses closing their doors until electricity is restored)

In my last post, I added an update to include my plans for the free DVD. I'm planning to mail the DVD to CAIR's Columbus chapter along with a respectful letter asking CAIR for an honest critique or rebuttal of the assertions made in the documentary. This is an opportunity for CAIR to address the claims made in "Obsession; Radical Islam's War Against the West" or the pre-release edition.

And I'm encouraging everyone who received this DVD to mail it to their local CAIR office.

In today's whine-o-gram, CAIR is focusing on the DVD distributor list of donors, not issuing a counter message. I really don't understand what CAIR believes they'll accomplish by "outing" those who made donations so this DVD could be mailed or added to newspaper inserts. But, CAIR feels this is much more important than tackling the elephant in the room, with a bomb strapped to his trunk. Then again, CAIR is reluctant to make public their donors list.

So, this may be the last post for a while if CAIR feels my question and gift offended them. My letter is posted below. I'll post updates or any response I receive from the self proclaimed American muslim mouth-piece.

To whom it may concern,

I received this in my Sunday edition of the Columbus Dispatch. I was not offended by the DVD insert, as I would not be offended by a koran or any islamic literature sent to my home. Being “offended” appears to be the new national past-time. Education is the answer to ignorance. I believe in free speech, freedom of or from religion and I’m against censorship. That’s what makes America the greatest nation on God’s green earth!

So much has been made over this “offended” Lemoyne woman no one is bothering to address the contents or the claims made by the documentary. All I’ve heard from groups that disagree with the documentary’s message is “it’s racist” and “anti-muslim hate” spread by “Zionists neo-cons” to “sway the 2008 elections”. But I have yet to hear these same people evaluate the claims or put forth a counter argument.

That said, this pre-release DVD was aired on FOX and CNN a while ago and I purchased “Obsession; The Movie” when it was released. I was wondering if any of your members had viewed the movie or the one hour pre-release edition, (currently being delivered to homes across America), and if you have a rebuttal to the claims made in the documentary or this pre-release edition. I’m very interested in your comments and any refutation you have on the allegations put forth by the producers, author and directors. If you or any of your members have a rational, unbiased critique either on the CAIR website or in print then I could review your analysis and thus get both sides of the story and clear up any false allegations.

Thank you for your time and attention. If you do indeed have a counter-message, it isn’t getting out to the masses. Any comments you have would be very much appreciated.

Janice C******


Malott said...


I love this... And I will stay tuned.

janice said...

Thank you for your support Chris. I hope they do respond and not just offer lip-service.

Can I also depend on you to be the head of the fund-raising agency of the "get Janice out of jail for offending CAIR" group?

Tsofah said...


I wish our newspaper had given this out! I gotta go BUY it. darn.

You will not go to jail for sharing something you feel is worthwhile as a gift with CAIR. There is nothing about it that is detrimental to the recipients well being. If there were, then, you wouldn't send it.

Besides, they can always regift.

janice said...

"Besides, they can always regift." LOL!

But seriously, I have yet to hear anything on the merits of the documentary. Other than spin. Mine is an honest inquiry, I hope they treat it as such.

Dinah Lord said...

"Besides, they can always regift"