Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin and dems that should have withdrawn

I’m on vacation, but it doesn’t mean I’m out of the loop. That said, this is going to be quick. There’s a pool raft with my name on it waiting for me to emerge.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been the favorite MSM topic since John McCain announced her as his VP choice last Friday. Once it was revealed her 17 year old daughter, Bristol Palin, is in the “family way” liberal pundits have been calling for Sarah to withdraw from the race. Questions regarding her “mothering” skills, how the VP job will take her away from her children and their special needs child, have been appearing in every news rag in the country.

Hearing all this has made me sick. This question was never asked of B. Hussein Obama concerning his small daughters. Michelle is a working mom and never once did it occur to anyone to ask if he could effectively parent the 7 and 10 year olds if he were elected to the highest office in the land.

Then there’s what I’ve dubbed the Teddy factor. Was Ted Kennedy ever asked to step down amidst all the skeletons in his family closest? From beating the murder rap, a nephew on trial for rape and another enters rehab before investigators can get to the bottom of his DC hit and run. Oh the Kennedy clan has many skeletons and it never entered or crossed his mind to step down and tend to family business.

Whether it’s a double standard, media bias or because she’s a woman; I have a feeling Sarah Palin is a lot stronger than Teddy and can weather this storm.


SkyePuppy said...

The normal liberal line would have Sarah Palin stick Trig into daycare and get on with things. Funny how they don't really want strong conservative women getting their jobs done...

The "D" in Democrat stands for Double-standard.

janice said...


The pictures of John-John and Caroline Kennedy playing in the oval office were "cute", for Sarah Palin, not so much.

Dinah Lord said...

Hi my vacationing Twinster!

Hope you are having a good one, my friend. You better be on that float right about now!

Bingo! You are soooooo right on about that old reprobate, Teddy Kennedy! How big of a get out of jail free pass has he gotten throughout his life?

And Skyepuppy, the normal liberal line would have Trig already being aborted, don't you think?

The abject fear and desperate loathing of the libs when it comes to Gov Palin is an amazing thing to watch. The Maverick really set them back on their heels, didn't he?

Heh. I'm loving this.

SkyePuppy said...


You're absolutely right. But once the "inconvenience" has already been born, then they prefer that he's in one of their indoctrination centers.

Jacob said...

I never heard anyone calling for her to withdraw. That would have been comically optimistic of anyone rooting for the Democrats this year, Janice. I'm gathering this is another fact gleaned from Fox News or similar?

Anyhoo, I think you missed the point of the criticism aimed at Sarah Palin. I think most liberals are sympathetic to the plight of women in both Bristol and Sarah Palin's situation - but we do see a kind of hypocrisy in her pro-abstinence position. Clearly she clings to this idea which doesn't work in reality, a fact which was perfectly demonstrated within her own family. That's the whole point, Janice.

And regardless of Bristol and her "fucking redneck" boyfriend, this isn't nearly the most disturbing thing about Sarah Palin. She's a perfect caricature of every irksome right wing stereotype - and because she's pretty and a woman she gets away with being clearly insane.

I was also VERY put off by her attitude regarding Barack Obama's experience as a community organiser. She moaned about how the awful media was looking down its nose on her experience as a small-town mayor, but did exactly that to Obama. Bitch, get your story straight.

In conclusion, I am WAY TOO INVESTED in this election for someone who has never actually set foot in America.

Malott said...


Good to hear from you... Hope you're well.

As soon as the mud was starting to fly towards Palin, a British newspaper began speculating on when she would leave the ticket.

Jacob said...

But "a British newspaper" hardly counts as "every news rag in the country" as Janice stated.

(I know she's on vacation, so I'll cut her some slack for that)

I'm very well. Kind of frustrated with the lack of coverage of the US elections here in the Lamest Hemisphere Ever, but I suppose it's quite the opposite over there, no? I work in a news room but still am starved of it.

janice said...

Hi Jacob, I'm glad to hear you're well. I miss you and happy you've come around to comment on this.

No, I didn't hear the calls for her to withdraw from FOX. It was in the local paper while I was in North Carolina. CNN and MSNBC talking heads WERE questioning McCain and asked when she would bow out.

As far as experience goes. Obama has NONE. He was a community organizer, a legislator in Illinois, then in the senate for 138 days when he hit the presidental campaign trail. Clearly Palin has more experience especially for the VP spot, he's even less qualified to be VP let alone president.

As far as Palin's comments, the "job" of VP in American politics is to be the attack dog for the presidental candidate.

I hope you return to the blog-o-sphere. I really enjoy your reading you take on the world around you. Wishing you the best of luck.