Friday, September 05, 2008

Hanna is on her way!

We’re leaving today, a day early, so we don’t run into heavy traffic as we make our way through NC and the Virginia coast. Hanna and her friends have forced us to rethink our exit from the island. The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore is broadcasting across highway 12 here in Rodanthe NC. They’re saying the storm surge along with high tide will cause flooding and make leaving the outer banks difficult.

Just over the dune, Jim Cantore is broadcasting live reports from the beach here in Rodanthe.

These are the weather views of the Atlantic (above) and Pamlico Sound (below)

It’s currently 81 degrees and cloudy with wind gusts up to 18 mph. After 5 perfect weather days one really can’t complain about a little tropical storm or hurricane.


Dinah Lord said...

Oh Janice - it's coming right for ya!
Sorry to hear your vacation's been cut short.

Travel safe and keep us posted, kiddo.


Dinah Lord said...

Wondering where you're at this morning twinster!

Hope it's someplace safe and sound.


janice said...

We're made it to C-bus around 12:30 this morning. The storm seemed to follow us home. As we made our way on hwy 12 to 64 at noon yesterday, the road was already covered with 2 inches or more of rain/water. Wind gusts made steering the SUV a challenge, but we got to higher ground without much trouble.

I would hate to have to be caught up in a mandatory evacuation, single lane traffic full of panicing folks would made for a few accidents for sure.

Thank you Dinah, for your prayers and good wishes. I'll post storm photos after I'm settled.