Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The State of the Union

Last night we watched some of some of President Bush's speech. I say some, because I couldn't stomach the total disrespect shown to our commander in chief.

Fox News Channel panned the crowd, occasionally focusing on B. Hussein Obama and Ted Kennedy, after all the big story of the day was the drunken murderer had thrown his support Obama's way. Like all the dems, these two appeared to be unimpressed and blase. Speaker, "San Fran Nan", seemed toned down. I expected her to be more expressive with her discontent. Others were not so polite, disgust clearly shown on the faces across the isle.

I found the bipartisanship contemptuous. As republicans applauded the successes of this administration, democrats sat in protest. How juvenile.

One of the issues that impact me, besides protecting our nation, is the tax cuts. I do taxes for family and friends. When I lived in Cleveland, I established quite a clientele. Before the computer was disabled I transferred all the tax files to Cd's. As I gathered those discs this morning I came across one of the folks who truly benefited from the Bush tax cuts. The woman had 2 children and was claiming only one and her ex. claimed the other. The bottom line was she had a negative federal tax rate. The federal tax paid in 2006 was $2600.00. Her federal refund was $6400.00. That's a negative tax rate.

My federal tax rate was 10.72% last year, I am a blessed middle class tax payer. Example after example show the tax cuts made by this administration show the lower and middle class HAVE benefited from this cuts. When the democrats denounce the tax cuts, claiming it profits only the upper class and evil corporations. How can they assert such propaganda when company's are taxed to the teeth and family's making less than 25k a year have a negative tax rate?

The tax cuts are working and profit the middle class and the working poor. Tax cuts for corporations keep them in America and employ Americans. The United States have the highest corporate taxes in the developed world. If you want American company's to stay in America give them an incentive to do so.

And one more thing. No matter who the president is, republican or democrat, there has to be an expression of respect for the office they hold.


unlawflcombatnt said...

The Bush Administration hasn't had any "success"—that's why no one applauded it.

goin with the flow said...

Bush's "tax cuts" have put this country in a deficit of over 10 trillion dollars. Our tax dollars now go to pay the interest on these "loans" I wont applaud that

janice said...

Like President Bush said, the IRS does accept checks and money orders. If you feel you pay to little taxes, by all means, send them a check.

Dinah Lord said...

Hey Twin, your commenters are a real kick in the pants! Glad I stopped by...

The Bush Administration hasn't had any "success"—that's why no one applauded it.

unlawfl- your nic made me laugh - and so did your comment. That's like saying Lincoln didn't have any success! Good one. That's a real knee-slapper there, bud.

Our tax dollars now go to pay the interest on these "loans" I wont applaud that

GWTF - I guess that means you wouldn't have applauded the deficits in WW2 either, which dollar for dollar as % of the economy are WAY larger than the current deficit. In fact, this is the only the fourth largest deficit on record, just sayin'.

Not that it makes me happy, either BUT I'm just glad it's not WORSE.

Let's take a little trip down memory lane to 2001, shall we? The US was in a downward spiraling recession (brought on by the collapse of the Clintonian bubble) when it suffered the worst attack since WW2 - an attack that went right to the heart of our capitalist economy - WALL STREET. So all things considered...it could be worse, much worse. Why, it could be downright Carter-esque!

Cheers - Dinah

goin with the flow said...

increasing the federal deficit by 5 trillion during your term in office will definitely leave a lasting memory for all Americans

janice said...

GWTF, some of the reasons for the defict
1)we're at war
2)impending recession in 2000
3)9/11, as intended, had a bit of an impact on the economy

And what don't you understand about the facts of the tax cuts regarding the working poor in my post? Prior to the cuts the same woman had a 8.8% federal tax rate. She'd tell you who benefited from President Bush's tax cuts.

Don't let your hatred of the man cloud the truth in that regard, it makes you look small.

goin with the flow said...

Who said anything about hatred?My complaint is with the unwarranted accolades you pour out for the Bush administration. History speaks for itself. We have escalating health care costs,billions of lives and dollars spent on a never ending war and the need for emergency economic stimulus pushing this country deeper into the red. Are we truly better off with him or without him?

janice said...

Billions of LIVES? What war are you fighting?

I'm sure you can clearly see from my post, I believe we're better off with him.

goin with the flow said...

cmon Jan what are you doing up at 6:25 am counting the money you're saving on your taxes?

Tsofah said...

I didn't like the President's plans to contribute to the destruction of Israel, in his speech.

As for his economics, 9/11 would have put ANY president's administration into a downward spiral. That was part of the plan the terrorists had when attacking WTC.