Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another senator is watching CAIR....

This week Joe Kaufman, Americans Against the Hate and CAIR Watch, attended an event hosted by the Downtown Jewish Center Chabad in Florida. Senator Joe Lieberman was "stumping" for John McCain and Kaufman was able to briefly speak to the senator. After getting his picture taken with the senator and talking to Lieberman about CAIR Watch and AAH, Kaufman got this quote, regarding CAIR activities in America, from the senator; “What I’ve heard about them alarms me.”

Joe Lieberman joins a host of other senators who've come out and stated their concern regarding the actions of this muslim civil rights group. What alarms me, is all but one of these senators are democrats; Senators Barbara Boxer, Dick Durban, Diane Feinstein, and Charles Schumer and now Joe Lieberman. Charles Grassley is the lone republican.

Why haven't we heard from more republicans?

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