Thursday, January 10, 2008

Texas honor killing....

I've been waiting to see if this story got any traction in the MSM. The Iowa caucus and New Hampshire elections dominated the talking head-lines.

Yaser Abdel Said, 50, is on the run and is suspected of shooting his 2 teen-aged daughters and leaving them to die in his taxi. A 911 call, believed to be placed by one of the girls, alerted police but they were unable to locate the caller. Sarah, 17 and Amina, 18 were found an hour later in a hotel parking lot.

What's the dishonoring deed? Dating a non-muslim.

What's being described as a "domestic issue", by reporters for the Star-Telegram, the murders show all the hallmarks of an honor killing. But in the politically correct environment we now live, the virtues of multiculturalism forbids authorities from speculating on the obvious.

I've been waiting for a response from one of the muslim civil rights groups to weigh in on this tragic event. Their silence is speaking volumes. Who's civil rights were violated and what are they protecting with their silence?

*More Updates*
Gail Gattrell, the victims aunt, has called their murder an honor killing. Debbie Schlussel has an email from her with details implicating Islam Said, their brother, with assisting the elder Said. Debbie was the first to call this what it is, an honor killing.

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