Friday, January 25, 2008

CAIR; Action Alert # 530

Another "Action Alert" calling for raised awareness at Friday prayers. In addition to the sample letter urging representatives to end the Gaza blockade, CAIR has appealed to imams across the country to enlist the services of the ummah. There's a lot of local news outlets that need to hear from concerned muslims. The CAIR mock-up letter has sutble threats; "American taxpayers provide Israel with billions of dollars of economic support each year, we have the right to demand that those funds not be used to increase human suffering. Silence on this issue will only serve to increase the perception worldwide that our nation cares little for the suffering of the Palestinian people. This perception that the U.S. abets cruel and inhumane treatment of civilian populations provides fodder for anti-Americanism that may threaten the security of the United States."

Any candidate looking for votes or believe appeasement is a viable war tactic, will put pressure on the president to act.

Yes, the Gazans need your help to end the illegal blockade and restore essential services. Then kasam rockets can fly once again into Israel. Right now, the citizens of Gaza broached the border fence with Egypt and threaten to disrupt their social balance. When hamas isn't blowing up Israelis, they're blowing holes in neighboring country's sovereignty. I guess that's what democratically elected terrorists officials do for their constituents so they can flee the country.

Why does CAIR feels compelled to jump into this issue? Maybe to take the heat off muslim countries who have done nothing to aid the "occupied" palestinians. Since the State of Israels rebirth, neighboring nations have assisted in only passing out refugee tents and holding out hope that you'll soon use your house keys again. If I were a "refugee" for 60 years in a nation that refuses to offer citizenship, maybe I'd think about moving.

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Malott said...

"we have the right to demand..."

And the rest of us have the right to ignore them.