Tuesday, January 22, 2008

CAIR; Action Alert # 529

Sound the social alarms, "Action Alert #529", CAIR needs our help to save palestinians and allow them to continue firing kasam rockets into Israel.

CAIR is calling on "American Muslims and other people of conscience to urge their elected officials to immediately intervene to put an end to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza." As with all action alerts, CAIR has all the contact information and talking points at the end of the statement. And remember, be polite....

This is nothing new. Israel has used this to quell the violence in Gaza many times in the past. It's called collective punishment. Once again, the palestinians hold the key to ending the violence and deprivation. One Gaza shopkeeper had this to say; "Do you really believe the rockets will stop because of this blackout?" And hamas spokesman, Sami abu Zuhri, said the group would not halt its attacks. So who's really in control of their future?

This clearly shows the CAIR bias. I have yet to hear them condemn the attacks launched every day by palestinians. Where's the rebuke by CAIR?


SkyePuppy said...

CAIR would never issue a rebuke. Remember, one of the Muslim rules is to never speak ill of another Muslim to an infidel.

Dinah Lord said...

I say block the Palis from coming back in, continue the blackout and blockade then let the Egyptians, take care of them all for a change.

Isn't charity one of the pillars of Islam? Perhaps CAIR should be calling on Egyptian Muslims to urge their elected officials to immediately intervene to put an end to the "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza.

I'm sorry Pali thugs going into Egypt to get motorcycles, big screens and kitchen supplies doesn't constitute a humanitarian crisis in my book.

A reporter in Gaza was on FNC yesterday and said food was plentiful in the stores and no one was going hungry...but that people were taking advantage of the break in the wall to stock up on material goods in short supply since the blockade.

Just sayin'.