Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wishing away time...

Today is my birthday, I share the day with Elvis. The 8th of January is exactly 2 weeks away from Christmas Day, every year. It kinda stinks. Which got me thinking last night. Wishing away time. We've all done it. Marked off the days on a calender until vacation, holidays or some other special time. When I was little my birthday was not one of those days. Probably because it wasn't made into a very big deal, "we just had Christmas", I was told.

Now I find myself wishing the election season was over and politicians would go back to doing the peoples business. I know we've only just begun, but I can't take it much longer. It seems these folks have been on the campaign trail for the last year. I guess I'm wishing away time.

Other things that have found their way under my skin as the new year begins, those ads telling people they can work from home and become a millionaire. How about those "as seen on TV" gadgets? Billy Mays hocking the latest doohickey sure to make your life easier? Amazingly, all those contraptions cost a mere $19.99 plus shipping and handling of course. The latest tool is Anthony Sullivan and his Swivel Cordless Sweeper. When you order right now you'll get 2 of these miracle machines, all you pay is the extra S&H. How can you NOT take advantage of this offer! And let's not forget the new Infinity Razor. You'll never have to buy another razor, and if you act now they'll send you 2 of them! One question, if this is the only razor you'll ever need, why do you need 2 of them? Wouldn't one last you forever like the infomercial claims?

Back to the primary, I can't wait for this process to end and the serious debate begins. Once the nominees have been elected I'll pay more attention to the details. For now I'm leaning towards Rudy and Mitt. The biggest issue for me is national security and defense. Who's going to extend the "terror free" streak we've enjoyed for the last 6 years.

Until then, I'll have to wait and wish away time.


Rosetta said...

ron paul 08

SkyePuppy said...


Too funny!

janice said...

I agree, Ron Paul is too funny!

Bekah said...

happy happy birthday!!!

janice said...

Thank you Bekah!

I kinda went off on a little rant there. Must be holiday hang-over.